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Vexren4000 May 12
Alphabet soup,
And phonetically sounding,
The voices of preschoolers,
Echoing a teachers lead,
Learning skills,
For something not yet known,
All that was known,
Was the comfort of family and home.
Did we know then?
Our sense of peace would be taken away to crookedly rot?
I suppose ignorance was bliss.

Gale L Mccoy May 5
you poisoned the tree
now eat its rotting fruit
the maggots in your stomach
must eat
lila Mar 30
did you know
1 in 5 women
will be ***** during her lifetime
but every 1 has a name
and every name has a story
and no one story
is ever the same
mine isn’t any exception

it didn’t happen at all
like u think it did
there were no shadowy figures
reaching out rough hands
to pull me into an empty alley
as i walked the streets alone at night
8 out of 10 rapes are by someone you know

my body wasn’t a rag doll
to be thrown against a brick wall
while ****** objections flew
from my mouth like cannonballs

it was just us
in a space that was ours
a hushed no living and dying on my lips
the scary sweet nothings
whispered in my ear
must have drowned out the tides
rolling in and streaming
down my cheeks
because your hand never once left my throat
and you didn’t stop

i was nothing more than a shiny object
laid out on a dingy sheet
for you to devour
made to please

but when i rusted
i was abandoned
right where u took me
a corpse to rot
amongst the flowers
but if u squint hard
i may be pretty enough
to use again
Graff1980 Mar 8
There is a fresh hole
on the threshold
of our property,
a perfectly
proper spot
where they
buried me.

Safe distance
from the old quarry,
so my corpse
doesn’t have to worry
about being
by the bigger

What a figure
I make,
and undressed
before death.

Nothing there that
would impress
other then
the danger
of smelling
my rotting flesh.

So, I am safely stowed
in a small hole
in the property
that I owned
while my killers
ransack my home
in the middle of the night.
Steve Page Mar 7
The apple sits
and waits
and once its mates
have given it up as past it's best
once the rot sets in
and it starts to lose its ripeness
that's when the aroma rises
the fruit flies arrive in droves
and they feast on what's left
as the apple dreams
of pressed cider sisters
as the flies persist
in their feast
and it sits
at its core oblivious
of the fermenting opportunity missed
An image prompted by a line from Bohemian Rapsody
They’ve taken my arms,
Taken my legs,
Taken my eyes,
Taken my head,
Taken my mind.
Now I am just a vegetable.
An armless,
Mindless freak!
Left to rot and decay,
While I can still feel it all slipping away.
Max Feb 7
Memories trying to survive.

But you know what?
I don't need them no more.
People left me, and now I do the same with the memories I had with them. I leave them to rot.
Elinor Dec 2018
i truly hope that your skeleton festers beside mine
and our dirt clogged fingertips mould together
even after we lose the ability to grip.
wouldn't it be nice to rot with you.
decay with me
A Simillacrum Nov 2018
In a minute,
I'm a *** smirk.
A shiny fang to show.
This pleasure, bundled
into nerves,
will decompose.

There isn't one chance.
Not one savior.
it still takes
its molasses-sweet-***-time.

I won't pray.
I won't wait.
As I am
& I shall be
the anti-divine.

I'm a literal *******.
I've long since comes to terms,
to terms with it.
I'm a depiction of the pits.
I've long since loved my worst,
my worst and best.


In a minute,
I'm a lost eye.
A stab wound, deep & old.
This sadness, bound
in my synapses,
wants me to know:

There is no escape.
No dissuasion.
it wrestles
my ill logos for control.

I won't pray.
I won't pray.
As I am
& I shall be
funny chemicals.

I'm a literal *******.
I've long since comes to terms,
to terms with it.
I'm a depiction of the pits.
I've long since loved my worst,
my worst and best.
Brynn S Nov 2018
Bite your tongue off
Produce no more screams
Melting away
Everlasting dreams
You ****** creature
Each word a mist
Spraying and spouting
Lies of the wrist
I have found no light for all is dead
Writing down terms of those who have said
Once before you’ve shown me light
Never again will I not fight
Break your bones
Grind them to powder
Wash them away
Seep and become prouder
You salt of the earth
What a delight
I see you near
No need for the fright
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