Rosie Apr 2016

My name isn't Rosie
It's Rose.
That's what it says on my birth certificate
That's what everyone calls me.
That's what I introduce myself as.
My name's Rose.

But when I was younger everyone called me Rosie.
When someone was annoyed with me, they'd call me Rose.
All my memories of someone calling me Rosie are nice.

Rose sounds grown up to me.
It makes me more accountable.
Which sounds really dumb.

Honestly, I like the name Rose more.
But sometimes I just want to be little girl again
I want to be Rosie.

Clockwork Aug 2015

I'm weak, I'm pathetic
You left me and I fell
Into someone else's arms
But they felt so magnetic
Unavoidable as the hell
That waits
For me now I've lost you

I am so sorry to you
So sorry that I hurt
And made you sad
I tried so hard
But all I had
Clearly wasn't enough
And so I pick up the shards
Of a shattered heart
Made brittle by love
And smashed by a letter
A truth
That maybe you're just better
Off without me...

But I'm not better without you

So I ran to her
Crying and screaming
Denying and reeling
Trying to stop feeling
All the pain
Like I'm bleeding
All my sane
And happy thoughts
Onto the floor

She patched up that wound
I couldn't do it myself
And I'm so sorry
That meant to you it felt
Like what we had wasn't true
It was- more than anything else
In fact I'm still hopelessly
In love with you
That's why to stop a complete melt-
down, I needed her

And I'm sorry
I'm so so sorry

She didn't replace you
She just distracted from the pain you
Left me holding on to
Instead of your soft tender hand
I know you never planned
For this
But you just left me with a kiss
And a piece of paper
That would break my heart
And not long later
Make me need a friend.
In fact I needed more
To end
The hurt and loss and loneliness
So much did I love you
And all the happiness
You gave...
I still save  
The memories
And the photos
That I can never let go

Because they remind me of truly
Being in love...

In love with you

But now you have to move on and leave me again
I understand, but it still hurts more than anything else in the entire world. I want you back so much, I want to try to make you happy and experience truly being in love with someone again. But I can't have you back, you won't be with me again, I need to accept that and try to break free from this useless hope and denial. I'm sorry I hurt you with her, but I needed her because losing you hurt so unbearably and you left me with nobody.
I'm still in love with you, despite everything, I can't stop.
But you said goodbye again, so I'll leave you to heal and just face the pain on my own this time- like I should have the first time...

I'm so sorry I hurt you my one true love
But I know I can never apologise enough...
Echo Dec 2014

~Another beautiful year gone by.
Thank you for being a part of it!
If you ever want someone to talk to, I'll be here for you this new year.
Have a beautiful Christmas day! Thanks for reading! ^u^~

Echo Dec 2014

~I believe in you. I believe in God. I believe you can make it, even if you don't know. You are stronger than you realize, and far braver then anyone I have ever met. I love you, even if it's not in the way we use to share. I will always love you, alright? ♥ You are not dying, you are living. I know it may not mean that much to you, but I will always be by your side, even if you cannot see me there. I love you sooo much, and I know you can do this! (; I will never give up believing in you, I will always keep in mind how much you've come through. I am smiling wide as I type these words, you can always make me smile. You make me proud, sunshine.
Be the brave person I use to know~

Echo Dec 2014

~I gave up.
These cuts on my arms,
Secretly, I like cutting myself.
Because it lets out pain,
I have kept inside me for far too long~

Echo Dec 2014

~I ask you, why.
Why do you think it is dumb that they are in love when they are both 14?
Yes, they are of a young age.
But she,
She is abused by the loving parents she never had.
The loving parents you had.
She feels a world of pain,
And is told she simply does not deserve to live.
She is cussed out,
And you laugh because the one person who makes her feel important,
Is in love with her?
You can be in love at any age,
Because I know how she feels.
I know, because she was me.
My elders laughed because we were "too young"
Little did they know, nobody loved me~

It's true, I really was only loved by him. </3
Echo Dec 2014

~With him,
She finds a great escape.
She can leave the world she knows,
The world that hates her,
The world that wants her dead,
And stay with him.
With him,
She is loved.
Unlike at home,
Unlike on the internet,
Unlike at school.
With him,
She feels wanted.
She feels loved.
She feels she has a purpose.
And without him,
Well, good news,
I am never without him~

To the guy I am never without,
I love you,
Echo Dec 2014

You always know what to say.
I was so lost, in the streets of the abandoned.
And then one day, you came my way,
You sat down beside me, took my hand and
said, "What I would give for another day."

I was left with a choice,
My heart no longer hell bound,
Feeing stuck.
I remember the day my heart drowned.

"It's okay," softly spoke Zach.
"I love you to the moon and back."
When I had said that, his eyes brightened.
He leaned in and kissed me, my throat tightened.

"You are unlike any other girl I've ever met. It's true."
I looked at him, why?
"Why? Just because you are you."
I felt like I could fly.
Tears slid in my eyes,
If I spoke, I would cry.
I felt so at peace.
This love we shared,
should never cease.
"I support you through every rough decision you have to make."
A smile grew on his face.
"And my heart is yours, in which only you can take."
Which ended with a hug, well embraced.

I'll be your princess, you stay my prince.
Echo Dec 2014

~I can't be your friend if you constantly tell me about how much attention you're receiving. I'm not going to let you talk about all of those girls who you assume like you. It's wonderful and all, but it's nothing I want to hear. You are my ex, and not a feeling for you exists inside my bones. Yet, you find joy in telling me something that makes me want to sigh. I'm sorry, but it got too suspicious. I want you to realize I have moved on with you, so please leave me alone. You are downright bragging in my face, as if I need that right now. I'm having to face a lot of hardships, and I want you gone. You come at me saying that some girl fell for you today or how much you want to cuddle your new girlfriend. Alright, leave. That's it, stay away. I do not like you being my "friend" only to talk about other girls.
I have a bf, get OVER it. Leave me the f*ck alone, would ya'? We only argue. And then you end up THANKING me for breaking up with you? I am sooo insulted! I didn't break up with you so you could thank me later. I need you out of my life. Oh, no one to talk to about the beautiful ladies you have lined up for you? Don't care.

Echo Dec 2014

               I cannot                 believe it,
        the way that you      make me shine.      
        You're the one I'd love to be mine~
        I'm waiting for you on the horizon
             line. Our hearts, in which we
                 twine together, become
                    one huge, Valentine.
                        To me, are just
                             so divine.      

This was so hard :'3
I hope you love it! Not the best poem, but it's a pretty cool heart BD
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