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karly codr Jan 13
sometimes i like the silence
it's comforting
but other times
silence is deafening
but no one understands
arian Feb 2020
may you find golden bars
in my silence.
AstralPotato Jan 2020
There was this silence, this empty little silence
Offering two of its very existence:
Peacefully sweet for a confused mind,
Deafeningly loud like a depressing bind
(The number signifies my one stanza poems)
Nolan Willett Jun 2019
You’re in No-Man’s land, shells all around
Not yet forgotten, but not easily found
Silence is a peaceful but elusive sound,
What a poor excuse for a proving ground.
Lay down, meltdown, fade into the background,
‘Cause all you’ve ever known is letdowns.
Poetress2 Apr 2019
A Thunderstorm is brewing,
the likes I've never seen;
It's headed in my direction,
coming straight towards me.
It will be most deafening,
how will I stand the sound;
As my flimsy house of plastic cards,
goes crumbling to the ground.
I can not stop its' furry,
and it's much to late to run;
So I'll face the roaring Thunder,
and Clouds that block the Sun.
A product of my past,
and the pain I've held inside;
It's building up too quickly,
and I've nowhere to hide.
So I'll wait the lightning out,
prepared to face that day;
When I must tell the truth,
hoping I'll know what to say.
An explosive temper, her husband doesn't like for her to have an opinion.  She doesn't talk to him, for this reason.  She knows she must tell him how unhappy she is, she's just not ready to do that just yet.  She fears him.
adept Dec 2018
i've been held hostage
in a home
that is overflowing
with a silent
yet deafening rage
Astra Jul 2018
Haven’t written in a while,
The reason or reasons seem jumbled in my head,
I know what I want to say but I question if it wrong if I feel a certain way,

Lying in dread,
From these thoughts, I try to escape,
Lies I remind myself,
Feelings are lies,
Allowing yourself to hide is the greatest gift you could give,
Keep on tryin to believe you're alright,
But at night it’s like the light can’t even help

You’re fine,
There’s nothing wrong,
Well, nothing significant,

Roof over head,
Bread in tummy,
Plates to parents,
Air to heat,
Sheets to shoes,
All it is mind over matter,
As long as you don’t mind it won’t matter,

I mind,
Does my mind matter?
Do all the thoughts I think matter?
Is it wrong to feel what I feel?
Is it wrong to believe what I believe?
What’s right?
Why’d I stoping writing?
Why'd I try to silence myself?

Is it the thought that my voice is meant for silence,
That I should be the girl in crowded hallways who bears her soul inside the books, walking quietly,
Smiling at strangers, trying to remember no one sees the chaos in my brain,
That it’s all tall tales I tell myself,

So I’ll sit and type the feelings I feel,
Allowing the silence to fill the voids of speaking,
knowing I’ll be judged for them,
Believing my life is meant for more  keeps me going,
And one day showing the respect of a voice that just wants to feel heard,

Silence is deafening,
Let me know if you can hear it too?
All rights reserved
what gold have i
to me
clydesdales dreams

that my shoes
may fill these streets
all my chaos
with violen strings

here me playing

watch schollard mockers
read my display

what child has mistaken me
that my love be

my child like thoughts
my man like dreams
these hands
these hands
these hands
****** you

walking  medalions quiver
stallions silver

stalkin silver stallions
read an write something about
these words
Hailey McMullen Apr 2017
No one understands the pain I am in.
I sit here in complete silence
but the silence is deafening.
My thoughts grow louder and louder,
and before I know it I'm drowning in words
with no way to speak.
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