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it can strike anywhere

like matches,
converting sulfur into flame
and setting fire to the couch

it can come to you at anytime,

you might be
pondering your most
deepest thoughts
about the universe
in the shower,

retaining some boring lecture
from your college professor,

manicuring your lawn
and watering your garden,

wolfing down 5 cigarettes
on your smoke break to
cope with the stress levels,

checking out books at the library,

flipping over your chicken
on the barbecue grill,

in the middle of helping
your kid out with their
science project,

listening to a song
that makes your
little hairs stand up,

in the end of a good book,

sipping a cup of coffee
and staring out the window
from your kitchen,

from the longest trip to the grocery store
to the shortest distance to the sun,

from the worst day of menial work
to the greatest copulations

it can occur,
whenever and wherever
don’t lose that thought
fill pages upon pages
with ink from your pen
as soon as you can

for me,

this one happened to me
when I was walking my dog
and picking up the dog ****,

two teenagers drove past
doing 45 in a 25mph zone
and the passenger hung
out the window and screamed,
“LOSER” at me.

my immediate thoughts
were to throw my
beer can at their car
but I didn’t think it was
worth the waste

and then,
I wanted to throw
the bag of **** at them
but you and I both know
those kids lives
aren’t as nearly as valuable
as the dog **** in my hand.
Creativity and ingenuity can hit you at anywhere, at anytime.
Mohammad Skati May 2015
I know my pain very well                                                                                        Simply because it's mine ...                                                                                      God knows our pain and                                                                                         He watches our patience ...                                                                                     We were born within those                                                                                      Circles and within those                                                                                           Squares that accompany us                                                                                    Anywhere and everywhere ...                                                                                 Our pains are those doses that                                                                                Are added automatically to us                                                                           To put us on high alert in our life ...                                                                  Our patience is infinite,so                                                                                   We have no choice ,but                                                                                       To accept our pains anytime,                                                                              Anywhere and everywhere ....                                                                            ___________________­_
Mohammad Skati Mar 2015
When someone works as a gravedigger,                                                                He never gets scared anytime                                                                                 Simply because his heart is made of iron                                                               Although he is a human being anytime ...                                                             Digging graves  is not any work ,but                                                                    It's a work to those who make it as a career                                                          To themselves and to their families anytime ...                                                      Dead people need gravediggers to bury them,so                                                  They get permanent houses for themselves ...                                                        Death is inevitable anytime , Then a suitable tomb must be ready                                                                 For the dead people anytime .............                                                                 Without gravediggers,then                                                                                 There will be no tombs for the dead ...
Mohammad Skati Feb 2015
Everything indicates that collapse                                                                                         Is going to happen                                                                                                   Simply because life is turning up-side-down                                                                      On everyone's head ...                                                                                              There is not any point of return                                                                               To zero ...                                                                                                                  That zero hour of that huge collapse is                                                                   Going to happen anytime ...
Mohammad Skati Feb 2015
Death versus life ...                                                                                                   Nobody wants to die ,but                                                                                        Death is inevitable ...                                                                                               Its arrow comes suddenly and                                                                                 No waiting at all ...                                                                                                   It scares people                                                                                                          Anywhere and everywhere ...                                                                                  No one can challenge death's authority                                                                 Simply because one will be inevitably defeated anytime ...                                  What is death ?                                                                                                                   What's behind death ?                                                                                        Does it mean that one's soul gets out of one's body easily ?                             It's another world ...                                                                                             Immediately someone goes away or passes away                                            Into the unknown ,then                                                                                       A tomb will be ready for him or for her ...                                                         Although we think life is too long ,but                                                              It's short-lived in fact ...                                                                                       We will , sooner or later ,will pass away                                                             When death approaches us suddenly ...                                                             As long as death is inevitable ,then                                                                     We need to learn lessons from those who left us ...                                           ____________________
Mohammad Skati Jan 2015
There are pretty flowers and wild roses                                                                         Coming from within those pretty cracks of                                                                   That Rock of Suicide with many places of                                                                       Wild and green grass ......................                                                                                   That rock was never for those who like take                                                                   Their lives by their own hands anytime .................                                                          I feel as life is over there and when there is                                                                           Life in a certain life ,then                                                                                                  Committing suicide becomes banned ...........................                                                              Committing suicide never solves any ordeal                                                                   Simply because there are ways to invest life well ...........                                              That Rock of Suicide is only for love ,life ,and even more ................                        ___________________­__
I am against anyone who commits suicide simply because we all need you .
Frank Ruland Oct 2014
We could all die tomorrow,
so make the most of your today's
I understand we have our sorrows
but, don't look forward to the grave.

We could bite the dust in an hour,
but between now and then, please
let go of the aftertaste, so sour
and try and find your peace.

In a second, our hearts could stop
but hold onto your labored breaths.
Seek higher peaks, calm mountaintops,
then find solace so the soul may rest.

— The End —