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Hg Jul 2018
why Hg
why Mercury
why put on this disguise

do you fill
liquid metal
in the pens you use to write

don’t be absurd
that’d make my words
like poison to the eyes

however see
I do much leave
something in every line

something different
something secret
something I’ve tried to hide

something so
******* personal
if you asked me I’d lie

so what’s this thing
I try to bring
to everything I write

it’s me, Hg
it’s Mercury
the element of surprise
Autumn Whipple Jan 2015
they say the earth
is made of elements
a whole table of them
but how many times
do we
touch promethium
in our lives?
for everyday chemistry
between you and me
we need
a new table
one that starts with Hope
then helping
then Lending
on and on
the equations of daily life
until we reach eqilibrium
ok, chem nerd moment i had like twenty of these new elements laid out but then... it became an endeavor that was taking more time than i had patience for

— The End —