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Will that day come
The one that changes everything
From being broke to the love of the land
Married my sweetheart
Now every stranger wants my hand
Would I leave my friends I have known for so long
Who helped me through all troubled times
To be the man they all now love just living out in Tuscon, Arizona
If those 6 numbers rolled in tonight, I'd have to make decisions
The only way I'd make that money would be with a gun,
Right, thats me off to prison
But if those ***** did land in line
I'd be one happy chap
Smiling as those bells did chime
Thinking what I would buy next
That house, that car, dinner served by my own private chef
I'll watch them spin again tonight
All rolling with bated breath

One word, I told you not to say it
It's hurt
It's pain
It's it
This cannot go on with any purpose to it's relevance
I'm sorry but you have always known not to mention
It's tension
It's hold
But you had to be bold
I am so sorry
The love of my life,

But Thats Where it Ends.

From the jacket on my back to the shoes that I walk in,
I got nothing
From the dreams that guide my day to the reality that makes it sway,
I got nothing
To the wind that touches my skin and to know thats all that's been,
I got nothing

When do I start again to feel that I have a purpose
This world pandemic and its claws with this killer virus
Just to wake up and to feel again normality
To hold and touch a strangers hand
Not to feel it a vulgarity


Don't touch me
Don't feel me
All these things I'd do for a fee
The red lights are down low
Those scenes I'd do with my so called step-bro
But China knows nothing of this pandemic, oh-no
Our moneys stopped flowing
Our flesh has stopped showing
It makes a nice change as its just balloons were now blowing
I could explain a bit more but I don't want to get rude
As it's a life where the majority is solely crude
And I won't name any names as I really don't want to be sued
But I'm afraid to say it will pick up again sometime soon
Where we don our fake smiles and ******* our boots
Because thats the life we live as,
The Pornstars and the Prostitutes

We sat for 4 months alone
No friends
No family
Just Netflix and our mobile phones
We scattered around the serious subjects in life
Our jokes, our smiles, soon blended week after week
Until that river ran dry and fresh solace we did seek
For a couple can survive on meat and flinted stone
But without social company
It's hard to live

You may have fists as hard as iron
But my mind has been through fights that would leave you crying
You may have stamped on heads and thought you were the champ
But believe me friend, I've been through such darkness it scales past ten on any rock'n'roll amp
For I have felt, seen and heard the tragedy of many a sleepless night
As I, like many I know,
Live, breath and bask in this life
That we all only know, as

The Fight

A number
Just too short for a double
Back on the wing at White Hart Lane
To sort out any imposing trouble
Lucky for some
Depending on what and why
The time for weekend breakfast
How'd you like your eggs, scrambled, poached or fried?
It doesnt just fit on anyones new shirt
A Welsh genuis on the ball, he'll leave you in a blizzard
All hale our returning son
Lets just say we have him home, our little pocket wizzard
Feeds the ball to Kane and Son
Every pass is on a plate
Takes the ball from the sky
Like a fish devouring it's bait
He runs like the wind passed attacking foe
Knowing he's got it nailed
For he is the one,
The only,
He is,

Gareth Bale


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