Bullet 1d
I've fallen in before
I couldn't breathe beneath the ocean
Suffocated in lovey sea salt
Taste bouldering over my sense to see


I've fallen from high-lights
Grace lead me here to highlight
  Life above the surface
I, face to face with the Lord almighty


Clips of the past eclipsing my vision
Light-shows roads to heavens gates
Meteor showers shows stars die in pieces
Meters can't keep my time from ticking


On my back
To worry about


Nothing to look forward too
My past will be this worlds presents...
  2d Bullet
What would it be like
To go back in time
When smiles came easy
And life was kind
Would I trade mistakes
And the lessons learned
For a fresh clean slate
And stones unturned?
Bullet 4d
Moons watch me
Phases shift me
Wave bring me into existence
Show me the ways to the shore
Let me finally listen to the peace of the storm
Bullet 5d
Coors Light can't correlate with me
But yet it be the cure
To the dark in my core

Instructions shows on the surface
How to work my inner structure
Gave you the map just
So you can runaway with it

My treasured comes corrupted
When you run off with my heart
And use it as a back up
Incase you can't take your life anymore-

-You'd Use Me-

-While I'm broken outta my case
Scared of this lonely world----it can't take me far enough
Catch a can following memories of a map to a happier land

////I'm just hoping the Coors can Cure me\\\
Bullet 6d
Please don't leave me so soon
Thought we had a connection we -------- are
Plugged__/\into our own light

Couldn't even bring a brightness to it

You're bitter right oddly thinking it didn't dim right

Runaway for me
Before I trip fall in n' ruin the extension of the wire
Runaway from me
Before the power trip runs fluorescent white within

Love brings the ultraviolet light
Running away seems only right
  Nov 29 Bullet
she remains anon
All my pleasures be to the skies
why, oh, why
do I only love what’s beyond my eyes?
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