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Bullet May 5
Theses days are different
Feeling alive can accomplish anything
Being half dead in the head glooms reality
These days I'm looking for solar rays
These days bring pouring of damp grays
Blame games in the rain
Peace of the air in watching sunrises
Theses in betweens have to mean something
Bullet Apr 22
Looking back doesn't cure curved spines
Cords vibrating our brain, purifying the dark
Keeping us blind, the red and blue states
Purple hearts sent out to the red that poured out
Too the blues of the family
Makeshift mutants used by the military
Makes ****** thoughts mix into reality
Bullets in the states of minds
Each fragment defines what we believe
Country try's to count on its people
Just to color them on the floors
Sweep them up and tell them
Their purpose is purple
Well I'm inserting myself
Painting on walls
Graffiti is better then what they spray
Cuz I'm dying them in my name
Bullet Apr 15
The foist emptying out remedies
Sweet bath in our cooked sins
Mixing our pours of ***** works
While the red runs thin when hit with warm water
I'm out as it drains I'm hoping so will my pain

Feet are made for healing though
A trip doesn't only just mean falling
Steam, those clouds are relaxing
Anxious, bruised feet come with long legs
Picking them up wondering if I can be me
Working has me stressing for some reason
But showers beat baths by going first
Music can break you free to help tune out the noise
Light beams drying clean remedies
Walking to the next day is hard at times
Defeat belongs on backs of achieving
Blood bath soaked the soul to drain out negative vibes

Water pollute the ear to the noise
I can see the depth it takes me

Blood Bath
Don't judge a book by its cover
Bullet Apr 10
Blueberry eyes baby
I'm swimming in the Fiji
With money in the iris
Making these blue and greens collide
Bullet Apr 10
Save me from a room
Weighing waste to noon, milk in the spoon
Sugar filling the bowl
Deep thoughts have me in trance loops
Tension has a core rolled up
Coat it with sweet juice
Make sure it taste great
Sent me to this volume
Rinse it, wash it down till it sinks
Now I'm meant to sit around and be entrapped
All **** day
Bullet Apr 8
Open heart to heart with God
Details of a misconstrued father
Confessing to me, a burden hurting the whole
Telling me he wishes he can be with his child
Maybe one more time but he's left in denial
Wrote literature thats not from his grace
Life lessons depicted in the bible
Every hero needs a villain to crucify
Family is more important
God is staying up late
Drinking in guilt of losing his son
He wishes he could fix everything
Make family gatherings happen again
Cursed out
Returning is difficult
Impact is very critical
Speaking to the Lord
Our separate souls were not in vain
A piece of us is the whole puzzle in him
God isn't answering anymore  
I can understand his pain
A reflection is what opened us up
A child at adolescence
Disobeying is in our nature
Opening up scripture to learn from him
Realizing scribbling is in his name
Family is more important then anything
Everyone has their pains
Humanity is burtal
Together we should forgive
Believe in others to live with honor
But who will be at our burial
      Open casket who's praying for me?
Bullet Apr 7
They don't want me too be the same
They want me to color them
But I would draw them in grey
Outline as deep as the shade of black
Light we see in deep color, we're high measured in
With all the paint
Curves filling in tight spaces
Eyes can determine purpose
I don't have to color me
I don't have to color me
I'm in the same
I'm in the same
Plane I was drawing on
Boxes connecting grids
Checks but with what in the ink
Green is looking a lot of funny
Given is a grade of dark yellow
To sit in the shade wallowing in an out
Enjoying bitter and sweetness
I'm in the same kind of mind
I'm in the same kind of mind
Color all on the walls
Vivid even in the void of the blind
Sketches of foot wears bringing buries
Tripping off baby blues takes us back to the distant
Life graduates into darker shades
Into falling from darker beings
Being neutral is normal
I'm insane
I'm insane

Still no Hue
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