Bullet 2d
Water glistening in the way the wind blows
Light reflect on the way it glares on the waves
Open eyes listening
Glass bottle passing the light to the retina
Ears following the waves talking
Leaving memory pains that are left behind

Right way to move forward
But the bottles sands filled notes presses the words
I can't grasp no more
Letting go of love notes
The ship was wrecked
No more relations
The way the ship swayed
Left me feeling of letting go
All of the cargo

I'm yanked by this anchor
N' it won't let me n' my car go
Just another ship note story
To be told it sank
N' everything went over board
Once love now not to be found

Popped off the cork
To pour the sand filled love stories out
Watch it dissipate
Take all the memories away
The skies coated with reds n' blues
Purple then turns the sky to these dark grays
Watching the sand and water mix together
Ship notes are telling ways of dying
I'm trying to remind life is worth living
But the mind keeps rewinding

The winds are striking
The ships are hitting
Mind is erasing
But can't destroy love that has existed
I can't take it away
But the ship notes will always be noted
Hoping the water lets it one day take it way
Bullet 3d
Generations coming back to the mind
Generating a boomerang of distant memories
Time is funny looking at its range
Ancestors timeline
Would it look like us birds tweeting
Or is it a long line of light
Narrow hall near the end is the
Knowledge we now nothing about

I've had dreams, I've had visions, I've had voices
Talk with me
Tell all the names of family
Will you promise to carry it down
N' their beliefs or our we growing trees defoliating

I'm forgotten but who can remember the long line
Of destiny
The heart of this name is pumped in the grounds
Of Italy
Its broken it literally separated between the hair lines

Family cursed traveled across spectrums of different DNA
The Miranda Curse cuts close to the head
Curls very nice
Until 21 hits n' you soon realize
Hair line cutting back
Head scratching
Theres no time to relax
I'm traveling lands till I meet this entity
Tell it I'm beating it by entering its reality
Either that or family cursed within its destiny
Miranda mirrors its image migrating its migraines
To my mind
But whats in its mind is also in mines
Miranda and I please don't mind it
My hair line is starting to go just like the rest of my family on my moms side.
Always had my hair long sucks growing up honestly.
Bullet 4d
I lived through these worlds
Some I've eased
Some are permanently marked
These years determining
Failure or Success
Directions leave me etch-a-sketching
A destiny at a desk
Make sure that bitch is in the right dress
Before you gain more to lose n' you leave with less

I can't stop thing of
The demons that have
Laid dormant
All the people have
Entered my door
Just to leave dirt on the door mat

People come and go
Nothing lasts forever
Love, lust, n' lost friends
Have no longevity
I'm stuck in this frame of mind due to the gravity
Hopefully one day I'll leave this painted picture
Then life will maybe stop torturing me
I'll be able to have gave it my all

21 dimensions I now have to mention
Too everyone who enters my attention
Tension between me n' reality
I'm tightly strained in the mind
The 22nd might be my last
All it takes is 20 seconds
To lose a life
Doesn't mean I can't write these wrongs
To be right  
But when I go all I hope is
For them not to de-mention my name
Traveling across dimensions
This will be my 22nd
Hope I will be set or
Death will be placed
Welcome to my home
Where years determine
Details directing me
Towards these new dimensions
Bullet 5d
Passing out love
Eyes closed
Seeing the world
In a view of Red

Waking up dead
Eyes opened
Seeing the world
In a view of Blues

The way these people
Belittle the energy
That can bring peace
They have mixed feelings
Seeing the world
In view of Purple

Stripped of caring and worrying
Exchanged for depression and disguises
Running from a red loved past
To obtaining blues of the present mind
The world viewing in purple
But my eyes can no longer
Hold a hue
Bullet 6d
I'm drowning in the falls
While I have these angels
Who sing so well
But I know their sirens  
Are just the serpents tongue twisted
They say this is a revenge for a Poet
But I'm just not for-showing it
The warning could be
To look in the devils eyes
N' see how dark the world is
How really it can be filled with these demons

I've honestly never been afraid
Until I've seen where the granite path leads
To these burning bedded plates laid
Each step is a wise one
Thinking of a chip on the shoulder
Never gets you ahead
I'm leading to wake up at the end
Of the waters one day
The shattered pieces of love sending me down

Falling from Heaven and living on Hell
Angel casted but now can tell
Sowed the grace to the soul
Ready to die for an entirety
She gotta know how it feels

I've entered a void to bring me to
An Adam n' Eve garden
Wondering around can't learn
Where to meet such light eyes
Demons have me playing their dance
But an Angel is out there
Wishing a piece of grace would grace her

I'm still walking with demons
Devilishly dressed but coating
A layer that can not be detailed
So whats my route to derail
Live while you can no longer live it
But will your soul be up lifted

Im undressing the way she feels
Thats just the heart pouring out
Love toxins for the siren to bring
The heart beat with each step
To the music
Makes you sway in between
Feeling the curves to
Where you should've been

Falling down hasn't reach the level
To where sanity is found
Waking up seeing lust or love
No longer laying around
Graced without a soul
I need someone majestic
Angelic loved like a lost relic
I want heaven love thats outta this real iced fall world
Falling out of love is some tough shit.
Bullet Oct 8
I'm believing in games
The board of the world
Diced with people congregating
Chances control the way I move
N' each one resembles
A piece of my heart
N' everyone is playing me
Bullet Sep 27
I've gathered information
From the graveyards
I hope you can read
Whats set on the stones
All these dead memories
Who else is going to remember
Life lives then it dies
Your stories turn to tombstones
Medusa meditated enough energy
Too leave me feeling a little empty
I'm missing formations for the info
I have divided for a divine story
But the acts have switched its parts
I'm shooting to enlighten
But what if I empty the clip
N' let the darkness eclipse
Telling dead stories from certain levels
I'm trying to build myself while we are
All slowly dying
I wont let these coffins suffocate
I wont let this world suffer
Until I let this soil solidate around my body
I will be giving hope to the ones that
Sees the ways of the ropes is the right way out
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