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Bullet Jan 2021
The energy it produces
Aisles for looking for a pair
Of eyes to feel the heal
The bandages over the heart
Decorate the office with a ray
The device tells me that sunflowers I should pay for
Save those roses, the pedals will grow in gray

Every eye gives me a side for inside
Each piece divided by parts your senses speak
for now my soul is pulled apart
Different car can drift it apart
Cassette deck just to reverse the tape back
Hood locks just to perpetuate
This steering wheel might roll off at this rate

I stumbled home
Living in gray
Hearts open
A lot of shots to take
But I grab everyone
Of those fragments that break
the soul that pays the drift toll
Told of the stories of a wasted saved soul
But the heart rays can’t bandage the sunflowers that will lay

The air that bounds love is very limited
But the feelings all have no boundaries
Bullet Dec 2020
I’m rolling
My life is like film
It keeps flashing
My eyes before me
See what’s headed after me
I’ve gotten here through love
I’ve been held back here by jealousy
I’m rolling on the ground
My life is like film
My raw image is hated
I’ve been double exposed
The light just isn’t getting it right
Dash cam is sending out live
I’m a flip show for everyone alive
My steering column is looking fuzzy
10 feet ahead of me I can live through memories
Swerve the wheel
I’m rolling
My life is like film
Shut in a dark room
Then seeing the light of day
Through a screen-shot

Breathe, Stop steering
Cruise, control your feelings
You don’t need to cry for me
Bullet Dec 2020
Corduroy Bucket Hat,
Correspond too that
The core to your heart
A pond
Stop skipping that
Shade around your
Keep in mind the light
in your optics
Know that the op-s-tic
Tock that got the sky
limiters chattin’ pishposh
Then pour your sun out
through the sourdough clouds
Imagine the bucket hat
Capturing all that
Static starch sound

My view of an old love song
Bullet Oct 2020
Apple lights keep hurting my eyes
Street corners breaking my threads
The concrete is now heating up
The constant noise I’m hearing fades
I’m fighting dreams of other cities
This phone keeps bussing me
I feel like a ghost in my reality
I’m busy but not keeping it busy
The screen distracting me from the concrete
All I’m asking for is an everything bagel
I’m hungry and dizzy in an empire wonderland of hopeful thinking

I’m trying to speak all these lights into an existence
I’m trying to walk in the streets best for me
Apple Empire lights have my eyes awake
Sipping on juice but eyes keep sleep crawling
Keep me from breaking bridges
I want to go for loop-de-loops in a six speed
Burning at the light and time we have all day
I want to follow my dreams but in order to be successful I might have too move. But I want to better my own city. I want it to be fun at the end of the day.
Bullet Sep 2020
Ignore what I’m doing
It’s raining
And the old man is drunk
And swerving
The road is slipping
I’m gripping the handles
The headlights in front
Keep swaying
I want to look out the sunroof
But now I’m going through the windshield
The street light is my curtain call
I can no longer hear
The soft rain
Acts as a blanket
To my ending
Bullet Sep 2020
I let the moon wave
I’m made of 70% water
So I let my fire breathe
My soul is fuming
My eyes keep watering
My mood is trying to make believe a view
30 days waiting for a full moon
I’m faced with a mirror
And I’m waving
Take me away
I want to be surrounded by light
I want to be like you
Wave me in the direction
I want the sun to shine off of me
High tide, low tide
The balance
In the phases
These waves are wide
Bullet Sep 2020
I see it clearly
I’m on my way, nothing is stopping me
I’ll unravel my world
You’ll be able to see
But you’ll never be able to understand
Baby, I’m shooting for the stars
You are not in the same league
I slipped and you where never there for me
Wrapped into your own thing
I’m breaking through the Saran Wrap
I’m fresh but you always tried to cover me
I’m on way
Can you imagine me
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