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J F O Jul 11
We were two halves
trying to fit
our pieces

We took away
fragments of
little by little.

Not knowing
we were already
slicing chunks
off of each other
becoming someone
we no longer

It was then
we realized,
no matter
how much
effort we put,
how much
we stripped off,
we couldn't force
the pieces to fit.

You and I,
we weren't right
at least
we tried.
I tried to change for you, you tried to change for me.
I tried to change you. You tried to change me.
We tried to make things work between us but we just couldn't fit.
J F O Apr 10
sliding down
quick, hot
and its taste
lingering in
the insides of my
mouth now
dancing inside
my body
and running
in my blood
like a marathon
racing to
the finish
only to get
me feeling
weak in the knees
and my mind was
once full of
stressed thoughts
unnecessary pain
is now emptied
into the sound of
good laughs
and clanking glasses
drowning in the
my body
in its rhythm
and my heart
sings where
people can hear it.
Did you hear it?
when I asked you
to dance?
when I grabbed you
by the hand
going with every
beat of the music?
when we smiled at
each other,
locked eyes
and I told you
what a great time
this was?
did you feel it?
did you feel
the way
I did?
drink the thoughts and feelings away
J F O Apr 10
It was in your eyes,
I knew.
That all I want,
is to spend the rest of my life
with you.
eyes are the windows to the soul and you are the love of my life
J F O Dec 2018
They say,
It’s okay to cry
You need to let it
All out.

And when I did,
It wouldn’t stop,
I couldn’t stop,
I had no control
And it burned.

Cloud full of tears
Planting seeds and
Growing thorns
Around my body twisting in knots
I couldn’t untie.

I knew
That being in this house
Was trapping me,
Boxing me up like old toys
Put away, tucked shut.

I felt cornered
With no way out,
No way to escape
All the feelings
Inside me.

I was short of breath,
Close to out of it.
Upset as I was,
I needed to turn it all off
And put an end to it, the agony.

So I took a walk in the rain
At four in the morning
Still dark out
But I had to get out
Of the house.

But finally,
I felt release
The fresh air breeze.
J F O Oct 2018
Do you ever look at someone
and remember the chance
you’ve missed?

You look at how happy they are
and a part of you wishes
it was you?

Do you remember when he
confessed his feelings for you
and you walked away?

And now,
staring at this photograph,
you only wish him the world?
Tell them how you feel before you miss it.
J F O Oct 2018
but you didn't.
you stopped,
you didn't even try
and just walked away
and I wish you would care.
I wanted to be someone worth fighting for.
J F O Oct 2018
He judged her without evening know her,
without even giving her a chance.
In his mind,
he sees a monster.

She judged him from what she’s heard about him,
and she believed what they all warned her about.
In her mind,
she hears a monster.

She hears the names they all called her.
He sees the **** images they made you picture of him.
She feels the cold shoulders and the wandering eyes.
He smells the horror by the way people keep their distance.

And all that took
was the bitter taste of
a few unkind thoughts,
words spread by
the people we call "friends"
and by the strangers
who twists them a little deeper
with a dagger of pain that
you can't clutch with your hand.

You see, we’re all murderers.
Change the way you think of others because your negative thoughts and assumptions are killing other people. Every time you think horribly of a person, remember you just threw a dagger by that thought. Some people don't know they're being judged when all they do is throw a bucket of nice and happy thoughts your way but little do they know, you think ill of them. Give people the chance to show you who they are before your mind starts to program them as monsters.
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