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Casey Mar 10
He had always been confusing to me.
I think we consider ourselves to be friends.
I never could tell if he meant the things he said.

I had this preconceived idea about him,
based on what others have told me.

"Don't trust him."
"He's a player."
"He seems nice, but it's only a cover."

I was at the band and choir competition, looking for my friend.
I flung open the door of the vocal warm-up room, the fieldhouse,
and my heart stopped.

He was the only one there, yet he seemed to fill the room.
Twirling around,
singing his heart out,
jumping from piano to piano, playing the accompaniment to his song.

He must've stolen that voice from the cosmos,
for I've never heard anything so celestial.

He turned to me, still singing,
but I'm not sure if he really saw me.
He saw those empty bleachers as packed to the brim, all listening eagerly.

There is something indescribably vulnerable about singing.
I was awestruck, at a loss for words.

How could someone so emotionally raw be characterized as---manipulative?
I don't know.
Nova Lea Mar 1
Watch all the kids wasting away
Lost in the darkness in light of day
Sitting alone while everyone is there
A simple smile masks the pain of despair

Messed up and locked up a pile of chains
Silence and violence going on in their brains
Tell me what’s wrong
Sing me your song
There’s nothing in here let me show you a way

Out of it louder than all of these noises
Here is a chorus of beautiful voices
Drown out your sorrow
There is a tomorrow
All possibilities, abundance of choices

The music connection ‘tween millions of souls
A loving embrace long after you’re old
Here is your family and here is a choice
Sing out your passion fulfilling your voice
Alexis Jan 16
(The quote “When she gets giddy, anything can happen” is pulled directly from the episode mentioned in the poem. The episode is called ‘Irma Decides Al Needs A Psychiatrist’ and is available for free on the internet.)

An episode of the radio show My Friend Irma aired on
April 2nd, 1951, with an advertisement for
Pepsodent toothpaste and a live audience.

Punchdrunk and in love. Radio waves built from
dead laughter. Sounds from people whose
vocal chords no longer have the capacity vibrate.

The lead actress, Marie Wilson, was married
three times and died of cancer in 1972.
She was 56 years old and had stared in

seven years worth of radio shows,
more than a twenty movies, and a television show
that ran for two years.

She has three Hollywood Walk of Fame
stars dedicated in her name. And yet, that
wasn’t enough to get her to stick around.

At some point in her life she must have thought
that time would freeze, and love would make her immortal
When she gets giddy, anything can happen.

But time kept moving, and she realized she had to
move with it. Forward, until her very existence was beat
into disappearance by illness and sentiment.

From 9 to 10 PM on certain days of the week,
on the station 96.5 FM, between the sounds
of conservative radio aimed senior citizens,

her voice crackles through on vibrating air.
None of her marriages lasted, her body did not
make it to senior citizen status, and yet

I can hear her, as clearly as if she was
in the next room over, joking for a dead audience,
a ghost choir of time traveling sounds.
Sara Kellie Dec 2018
Ding **** ding.
Could you make any more?
The noise you're creating,
now my ears are sore.

You have a brass neck.
Who's pulling your strings,
and now every Sunday
a crowd turns up and sings.

So, ding **** ding.
Now, la la la
because you're a bell-end.
Yes, that's what you are!

Poetry by Kaydee.
Oh sometimes it just comes out like that.
Mustapha Olokun Aug 2018
only voices,
and honoring cases
curing the sitting air.

violin in violets color.
shade's golden figure,
under the floral patterns.

and calm winds
that are flutes pipes
and thunders rumble.

earths quake.
damaging and denting
the dark places.

glory and glory,
glory.. and glory,
God is Almighty.

choir flourishes
on humble stand
and sings to a mystery

an ancient anthology
born before the earth,
consuming elements.

wooden craft bending
the airflow, of
pure swamps tune.
Irina BBota Aug 2018
Please don't ask me today to love you in mystery,
to stop in front of the thick wall of silence.
Let my soul get rid of fear and feel the victory,
for only you can extinguish it with happiness and guidance.

Please don't ask me today from your life to step out,
I'd be a traveler in time and lost in my own space.
In the heart of another, I can't cross the bridge without any doubt,
I'd be consumed on the edge of the fire, that's not my place.

Please don't ask me today to tell you about love.
It's not surrounded in velvet or shrouded in cashmere.
It's the bird's thrill that fills your ear, it's the white dove,
it's about the emotions in the theater you can hear.

Please don't ask me today to leave you in the box of longing,
for I would always open it, thinking and dreaming about you.
With wings of an angel, you would be brought to me by the wind,
but only in my thoughts. You wouldn't leave for me when the sky is blue.

Please, just ask me today to stay forever in your soul,
to flow through your veins, to be your living desire.
Breathe on my heart, that's all I want, that is your role.
You wouldn't leave alone, we wouldn't be empty souls singing in a choir.
Anthony Mayfield Jul 2018
Hey, Mister Man
Tell me why
You chose to steal concentration
Because of you,
I am in perdition
Vengeance is mine
Says the old and wise
But I can’t discern
When love fogs my eyes
So, coming down
The man in the Blue-Haired robes
Because of His brutal choke
Tonight, the choir sings
Of your deception
And my depression
So, coming down
Say something
Coming down
Do nothing
I can’t sleep while my soul
Cries at night
Hey, Mister Man
You’re coming down
The good die Young, but the wicked have it worse because they live long enough to someday realize that karma is coming for them
Brian McDonagh Jun 2018
Can I do it?
Can I look at words and notes
And study the choir director's motions
All at the same time
While barking a joyful noise?

Can I make the cut?
Can I better zoom in on the areas
That need vocal attention?
Sure, I know this is not my life path,
But I want church choir
To be something new in my life.
To say I did it?
But it will certainly not end on that note
For sure.
Just sang in choir for the first time in my LIFE today and loved it, but it's hard to find it fun when it needs serious vocal attention as well.  Though this isn't the "biggest choir in the world," I want to give it my best to get the best out of my participation.  Enjoy!  And sorry for still not keeping my promise of reading my followers'/the beyonders' has been really busy for me lately in good and not so good. :/ Forgive me if I made a jump-the-gun promise/commitment, but I still intend to read the poetry on here forwardly!
Amy Perry Jun 2018
When you love life itself,
The very act of sitting passively
Contains feelings of contentment.
Harbor love by abstaining from harm.
Refuse to defuse pain.
Leave pleasure as a passive gain.
Rejoice that you can remark,
"I have lived";
That is a truth
The mystery of Consciousness gives.
When the blood and the lungs
Pump and respire
With a warmth in your heart
That sings like a choir -
When the silent moment is sweet,
Light and complete,
How much more can you be,
How much more can you seek?
You are already Love
Every moment you breathe.
You are Love on a journey
To manifest dreams.
You are already a dream
Within a dream.
Now experience fully
However your story proceeds.
abp -o2/20/17
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