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Zack Ripley Feb 2020
My stomach churns as I get ready to fly away.
Adrenaline rises as I hear a voice say...5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Then my rocket blasts off
toward the milky way.
Before I know it, 2 days have gone by. And as I look out the window,
I can't help but cry.
Because floating in the moonlight, even though I'm all alone
in a sea of stars,
it really hits home how small and connected we really are.
Jaxey May 2019
i saw you last night
in my dreams, such a small world
we are becoming
the universe is shrinking
دema flutter Jun 2018
I think the world is too big for us sometimes. We are stuck in specific spots of the world, and often borders and airplanes limit us from discovering the neighbhouring country. It’s funny sometimes our big world is too small for many.
Philip Mitchener Aug 2016
In this small world, there was prosperity,
In this small world, everyone was so full of glee,
The future was bright with light that could never be seen.

Then one woeful day, the stars had come,
On this fateful day, destruction had rung,
The stars in the sky made sure no one survived.

Many years had passed, one man alone,
Where would he go? No one could've known.
The world couldn't see the savior he would have been.

In this small world, where darkness would reign...
Can also be sung in a minor tone.

— The End —