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Marina Drab Feb 2017
He looked at me
With new eyes,
Like he was
Seeing me truly
For the very first time.
Marina Drab Jan 2017
Forever missing the time
When I loved him with
My whole heart, because
Now I'm only loving with
What's left of it.
Marina Drab Jan 2017
I miss him
With my whole heart,
Like a piece of me
Was ripped out and I'll
Never find a way to
Fill that void again.
Marina Drab Jan 2017
I hate that I let myself
Feel sadness over things
I cannot control.
Marina Drab Dec 2016
She left everything
that meant anything
to her behind, because
that's exactly what
she needed.
Marina Drab Dec 2016
do you ever hear a song
or see a color and all
at once you feel every
wretched thing you tried
to forget? that's what your
name does to me, anytime.
Marina Drab Dec 2016
he's my favorite
story to tell.
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