An abundant blessing becomes over-used
Becomes an economical powerhouse
For those who exploit its insignificance.

Largely significant to individuals who hurry nature
Rapid growth aided by toxic substances
Forcing nature to suffer a life full of exploitation.

Humans put price tags on nature.
Something priceless in its natural state gets demoted in value.
But, its value to humans - priceless.

Without sustainable and artificial growth of stand-alone insignificant pieces, a whole species of intoxicating humans will be eradicated.

Luscious greenery and growth follows the death of a human.
I walked straight through your heart,

Stormy, windy, dark nights,
With shattered street lights,
Void of any form of light.
Your heart suffers an undesirable life.

Stroms embody distress and frailty.
Winds embody hastiness.
Dark nights embody sinister actions.
With no hope present, a more profound image is painted.

When I walked through your metaphorical heart
I felt the suffering.
Shivers and goosebumps displayed my uneasyness,
Yet you live a life exactly like this.

The most metaphorical experience was my most life-like, metaphorical experience.

Place your heart next to that of a queen's and nothing sets it apart as being different,
But upon closer examination - listening and communicating - a whole lot of darkness is felt and seen.

Inner darkness is better than an assumed inner brightness, based on the exterior condition.

Authenticity in physical condition is important.
We travel on a boat that has just enough space for the two of us.
We set our relationship as priority and ignore personal priority.
We live life together and experience the same things
Until personal priority takes over.

Once personal priority takes over, the boat spilts.
One heart splits too, the other doesn't.
What was once one entity is now drifting apart into two, just as the heart of one individual breaks apart.

Slowly we drift away.
The one looks towards the horizon.
The other looks to what he or she thought would always be on his or her horizon.
Horizon love him her attraction drift
my world is large
Monsters thrive on all grounds
across the whole globe

erasing the trace of my past
erasing the path to my future
Monsters thrive

i may be small
but i require vastness to thrive
i don't get the chance to thrive

these Monsters are Humans
They destroy my home
and destroy my hopes of living

i'm just a tiny insignificant butterfly
i have no ability to fight
but the battle has already been lost

i'll die along with the rest of nature
as hope which developed in a cocoon
flies away like a butterfly - myself
love is the best deceptive feeling
although deceptive
still critical in forming a connection


connecting means accepting
accept the assets
reasons you wouldn't start to love


love is a filter to every factor
factors that cause you to lose interest
end your pursuit
stop the affection
repel the attraction


if you do love
nothing can stop you
no flaw
irrespective of your requirements


when you love
nothing can stop you from loving
Love him her affection filter character flaw attractive heart admiration
a creature that devours its prey
one that has no sympathy
lives its own life as it wishes
uses fake love as a luer

slowly it wraps itself around you
as you get more comfortable, it tightens its grip.
you give it what it wants
you're satisfied

it continually steals your purity
uses your love to dig deep into you
almost literally
it "loves" you

it finds someone else while you're gone
it tells her that she's the only one
it says it's in love with her
it loves the physical contact

it wraps around you
around her
it feels your skin
unfiltered "love"

it is a snake
he is a snake
you've been lied to

he is a snake
She was uncomfortable
Living life out of her comfort zone
She longed for someone to steal her
To take her to where she feels comfortable

He brought comfort
He found her and stole her
He was feared by her
But he showed her that he was different

She found her comfort
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