He dedicates his life:
to a temporary individual that seemed permanent.

She dedicates her life:
to someone else.

Her love is poisonous; he drinks it as if it's pure, but chokes on the concentration of lies and deceit.

(men are trash?)
(what are woman then?)
We live in a world where even humans might become extinct because of what we are doing to one another and our surroundings. If suicide also continues, complete extinction is humanly possible, excuse the pun. But the main problem is: we are destroying the memory-makers of our children's lives. No more nature; no more beauty. No more humans; a lot more growth and indulgence, albeit, not for mankind.
Do you want to see destruction or the creation of new, beautiful life? It's up to you.
a transmission of love
from one to another
a portrayal of remembrance
from the living to the no longer
a life-ampholyte - in its obviously
contrasting and multiple
for love
for death
but nothing other than care and affection
be like a flower
be made of good

Beauty is a blessing and a curse
For both you and I

Whenever I see you utilising your curse
I can only sit and comply

I can become so distracted by your blessing
That I can't unfix my eyes

When I see your entire blessing
I feel the need to have you in my life

Beauty is a curse to me
It is my weakness

It takes over everything within me
Then all I see is your evoking bliss

It is a catalyst to my thoughts and actions,
But negatively effects my loyalty

Then my actions lead to insanity
Merit to the broken and battered bodies
That are home to beautifully crafted souls .
The cracks in vessels that are refuge to
Spirits that long to see the light behind
unfamiliar mosaics .
Concealed yet revealed , you know ?
Wooden creations of life.
Thousands of years of hassle-free thriving
'till we arrived.

Currently, decaying and suffering trees are killed,
Perfectly healthy creations are murderer,
Wise and noble beauties are ripped from the earth.

Its home
Is dying too.

Large cavities in the earth
Like a mine shaft in your tooth.
Suffering is synonymous with humans.

Our lives depend on nature, both their existence and their death.

Nature provides us with important ingredients to life,
But we also remove every trace of it in our urbanisation.

Trees stand their ground,
They don't go down without a fight.
They stand tall and are tough to penetrate.

They have faith that their roots will be the strength to their growth and do not detach,
so why do we dwell on others to be our strength and why do we disown our origins.

Be more like a tree.
Believe in your capabilities;
Live a confident life.
Crying isn't an atrocity,
It's beautiful.

It shows that you have a functioning soul;
It expands and contracts
It can feel emotion and display it.

It shows that you understand importance of life;
It displays your hurt and pain
It displays your dissatisfaction

Crying shows the world that you're sensitive and that you have a heart that deserves to be cared for.
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