feelings re-appear
images re-appear
the fear of loving becomes more apparent
love that leads to heartbreak enters again

trying to channel the feeling
into nothingness
is tough as it is when your mind plays with you
especially after seeing the person for the first time

****** thoughts drown me
the realness of a human is questionable
but somehow the love remains

no matter what
The distance between us has multiplied
Physically, we're miles away.
Our hearts have been separated.
But I feel like there was always a connection before you performed the separation.

Once we were close to calling it a relationship
Until one night you told me there were no feelings.
Everything was cool, until I saw a picture of you and my replacement.

He was in your personal space and you were happy.
I thought I made you happy, but you favoured some hidden love.

I don't know if there was love for me.
Those tight hugs and meaningful conversations told me that there was something in it.
I guess I was only scratching the surface of a well hidden lie.

Days I'd sit thinking about the future.
You were leaving soon and my biggest concern was to ensure that I don't lose you to someone else.
But that happened anyway.

We could be talking daily on social media,
But maybe I'm just not worth it.

I hate that I'm fond of you.
He approaches, from a completely different background.
He sees an odd, irregular image
Minding its own business.

He approaches and the image moves.
The irregular image faces him as he admires it.
It is smothered in beauty,
So much, but he doesn't understand it.

She, the image, sees him too.
She falls in love with his body's outline,
But when he steps into the light,
She doesn't understand her love anymore.

Mutual love was clouded by race.

Eventually, they learned to love their differences.
They created art through their differences;
Contrasting colours thrived in their newly ordained similarities - obtained through love.

Multi-racial relationships are the artwork of humankind.
Multi-racial relationships excite me. They remind me that even the most different people can still thrive together despite their differences. But, I'm not one to partake because I feel that it's too much for me. There's a huge amount of responsibility needed in respect and consideration.
I don’t like being broken .
To be deconstructed and made into metaphors .
To be compared to the pretty things I simply can’t be for myself .
To sound like the waves of the oceans but exist only as a ripple in a random puddle .
To look like an early bloomer in a field of sunflowers but exist only as a dead seed .
But listen to me world , I may be **** .
I may be destruction bound to plead for nothing but attention .
I am bountiful in my presence yet lack so much affection .
I spread . Fields and fields of disregard .
I am unwanted . I am undesired . A penniless card .

But I am something .
And some things are beautiful.
Taking time to notice . Just notice .
An abundant blessing becomes over-used
Becomes an economical powerhouse
For those who exploit its insignificance.

Largely significant to individuals who hurry nature
Rapid growth aided by toxic substances
Forcing nature to suffer a life full of exploitation.

Humans put price tags on nature.
Something priceless in its natural state gets demoted in value.
But, its value to humans - priceless.

Without sustainable and artificial growth of stand-alone insignificant pieces, a whole species of intoxicating humans will be eradicated.

Luscious greenery and growth follows the death of a human.
I walked straight through your heart,

Stormy, windy, dark nights,
With shattered street lights,
Void of any form of light.
Your heart suffers an undesirable life.

Stroms embody distress and frailty.
Winds embody hastiness.
Dark nights embody sinister actions.
With no hope present, a more profound image is painted.

When I walked through your metaphorical heart
I felt the suffering.
Shivers and goosebumps displayed my uneasyness,
Yet you live a life exactly like this.

The most metaphorical experience was my most life-like, metaphorical experience.

Place your heart next to that of a queen's and nothing sets it apart as being different,
But upon closer examination - listening and communicating - a whole lot of darkness is felt and seen.

Inner darkness is better than an assumed inner brightness, based on the exterior condition.

Authenticity in physical condition is important.
We travel on a boat that has just enough space for the two of us.
We set our relationship as priority and ignore personal priority.
We live life together and experience the same things
Until personal priority takes over.

Once personal priority takes over, the boat spilts.
One heart splits too, the other doesn't.
What was once one entity is now drifting apart into two, just as the heart of one individual breaks apart.

Slowly we drift away.
The one looks towards the horizon.
The other looks to what he or she thought would always be on his or her horizon.
Horizon love him her attraction drift
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