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My feelings pile on my shoulders.
My emotions blurr my vision.  
My circumstances slow me down.
My situation demotivates me.

My ambition drives me.
My aspirations motivate me.
My passion inspires me.
My future intrigues me.

Wrestling with conflicting emotions is tiring, difficult and neverending.

I used to have freedom.
I used to be able to take a break.
I've been stripped.
I've been robbed.

I once had an escape.
I no longer have an escape.
Back and forth.
A tug of war with my thoughts and feelings.
Fighting between two different entities;
The “Yes” and the “No”.

The “Yes” pummels my equilibrium.
Forcefully overwhelming me.
Almost drowning me.
But carries me closer to safety.

The “No” brings me back to equilibrium.
Welcoming my recovery.
Allowing me to stand to my feet.
But tries to drag me closer to my death.

As the ocean leaves my sight, I realise that the “Yes” is the incoming wave and the “No” is the outgoing wave.

I'm left with deciding which wave I'd rather ride.
Today, we fight many battles.
How has it gone so far?
Injustices rule;
Stand up for yourself, risk death.

We gain nothing through violence.
Our dignity is tainted.
Random acts of goodness overshadowed.
Living becomes indefinable.
Death is felt with the warmth of blood.

“I was attacked.”
Suffering being witnessed and felt.

“I barely survived.”
Now people need to watch their backs.
Fury prowls the streets,
Until justice is served.
Remember when we used to be free.
“I arrived home safely.”
A "Good Morning" text is now feared.
Today it can be exactly what it is.
In a few days, it's a death notification.
Now we need to fight together;
Great powers require big forces.

Many will fall. And
Eventually we will all rise.

(Take the first letter of each line and make a sentence.)

- The Sentence
death terrorizes the world
suffering strikes fear
far and wide
individuals attempt to restore
while questionable governments limit
people lay in captivity
the walls growing bigger
the reality of death
all becomes too much to handle
a hero
a nurse
a loved one
welcomes comfort and restores

once we are through
escaping the thick autumn-winter bush
spring will be on the horizon
death behind us
giving way to life ahead of us
death behind us
a defeated Covid-19
A long, arduous trip across the ocean has led me to this island. The sounds of animals, luscious forests and of fresh water greet me upon my arrival, but is this the end of my journey?

My quest for a perfect island has been going on for years. Many have not met my criteria and many have scarred me, but am I finally at the perfect island?

The possible presence of deadly creatures and carnivores make me fearful, but one doesn't know about their presence until it is encountered, as I've experienced a few times before.

A familiar feeling falls upon me -
"I think I've found her."
A familiar fear grabs me -
"Is she about to scar me?"

Are you my island?
as i dig deeper
i find pieces

as i dig deeper
i collect the pieces
now found
new you

as i exit your heart
i look at you
a masterpiece
My hand stretches out.
I touch.
My mind's eye catches yours.
I connect.
My imagination takes over.
I dream.
My love depends.
I fall.

My senses come to terms with my surroundings.
I am looking in the mirror, delving into my soul.

I've connected with my loneliness.
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