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Melody Mann Apr 14
Stranded among deserted dreams she folds her hands,
Prayers whisper in weakened ears as her punishment beams,
This reckoning will magnify throughout decades for her exile awaits,
A lonesome retreat for a somber song,
Broken soundtracks repeat reconciled tunes,
A sanctum of regret welcomes her remorse,
For deeds cannot be undone and the words spoken stung;
Ghastly hours await.
Naveen Malhotra Sep 2020
Who punishes?
Who is punished?
It's all in the game
One remain in their frame
Tormentor can torment
There's no atonement
**** remains always ****
It's never a hit
Lens may zoom in on a beautiful face
Does it mean
It's in the race?
Learn to live with grace
One day there wouldn't
Be a trace
Felicia Atanasio Sep 2020
bite into an apple
and it turns to dust on my tongue
constructing an illusion to try my trust

you carry a piece of me in you
and I don’t think I like it very much
the places we went
belong to you
nothing is mine
shoplifting my humor
and the rest of me too

coaxing figures in your diorama
bribes to reveal data
for you to

but you had no consequence
a knifefish in your own right
so hungry and full of electric

you always made sure we had an eager audience
I don’t think it was for them
you needed a way to create distance
while pulling me in close
a way to make us lie to ourselves about what we want

we’re far too enmeshed, even apart
still you want the words on my mind
and you’ll get off on seeing me compromised

I can smell the iron of our spilled blood
aftermath of our overflow

the garden of eden is covered in rust

you don’t believe in anything
you just hate to lose an argument
the pious are never wrong
their actions are always just

I don’t want to carry your rib
you can have it back
Ronin Oct 2019

my pain
my skin
my head
Raven May 2019
I'm just a beautiful liar, with nothing but chains and whips to cover the truth.
I'm just a beautiful liar, with nothing but wounds and scars to cover the pain.
I'm just a beautiful liar, with nothing but twists and schemes, to cover the hate.
You may deny me, you may admit me, you may underestimate me.
But somehow, I have you questioning yourself.
I'm just a beautiful liar, trying to be good.
I lie with no remorse, yet, I tell the truth bluntly.
I know my capabilities, only a few I choose to use it on.
Don't trust me, and I won't trust you.
I'm just a beautiful liar, beggin, to be good.
Punish me daddy, for I have lied to tell the truth.
For I have sinned to be good.
For I have underestimated my own intelligence, to get my way.
I'm just a beautiful liar, covered in promiscuity.
Kora Sani Sep 2018
If Satan
were really
the Devil
he wouldn't punish
bad people
it's a myth
you see
that evil lies
in the darkest
of nights
so don't be worried
when the nightmares
bring comfort
a familiar darkness
no longer afraid
safety can be found
in the arms of the shadows
Fog-grey paint on wood…
Imprisons willing hostage…
It jars - jams handle door to floor
Uterine prison seals hermetic hermit

The fawn as naked innocent born.
Cow mother forages for food…
To earn!
Boy buck lay prone; ears twitch.
Waiting to exhale.
Wolf pants foul -  
turn handle -
entry permit?

On eves gone by wolf violates fawn.
Cow mother oblivious in her providing!
Crept in!
As fawn feigned sleep…
Lupus leered, licked - abused like prey

This night young deer escapes the hunt
Lays quiet, tremulous.
Wets itself!
Chair holds!
Patriarchal coward creeps back to fetid lair
Brief reprieve?
Grow strong - pray another day!

©pofacedpoetry – Billy Reynard-Bowness (2018) – All rights reserved
When the fairytale becomes the nightmare!
lilhadi Jun 2018
You will not be punished for your anger,
you will be punished by your anger.
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