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Tony Tweedy Dec 2021
I reflect upon the season and memory of Christmas' past,
and I cant help but to wonder if this may be my last.

A thought not born of this season and its promises of joy,
but rather from the pained reflection I am no more a boy.

I think upon friends and family at distance from my day,
who I love so very dearly though they be so far away.

I find this season lonely, with a sadness now become its gift,
yearly every passing nearer to loathing has been my shift.

At an age now to be more a cynic than an optimistic man,
seeing only greed and commerce and not some godly plan.

A Christmas of my childhood, of love, good will and of care,
forever wish I for you all,
never knowing sadness and loneliness' despair.
Mixed feelings season again.... 60 down.... god knows how many more.
-Now here is why I said that.

Think about this poem's title. Did you think it was something deep or profound?Did you think it was some great truth?
nope. I just took some words that sounded pretty and strung them together.
So why put your trust in words that you have no understanding of, but that sound nice, and persuade you into being content and not asking questions?
vonny Apr 2020
you're hurt

i can see that

you've become a cynical mess

people are evil

but i know that's how

you get your energy 

hold my hand

i'll hold it tightly

and never let it go

you've brought the sunlight back

just let me help you

i could if you let me in

i'm hurt, too

i give too many people weapons

to hurt my broken heart

but we can see the good in it

if i'm by your side

we can discover galaxies

we can lead the universe 

you and i
this poem has two meanings. i wrote this about the two cynical people i knew at the time. one was my boyfriend at the time, and the other was my toxic narcissistic friend. it was mainly written with my boyfriend in mind, but i put hints of stuff about my other friend, too. i cared very deeply about both of these people. i wanted to help them.
Tony Tweedy Apr 2020
I will choose what it is I want to hear,
I will see only what I want to see.
Thus by doing so I can avoid facing up,
To what is now everyone's new reality.

I will believe what I have always done,
I will ignore all the hints of bad news.
Thus it is by doing so I can avoid having,
Unwelcome things I'd have to choose.

I will shut out all outside voice,
That threatens my imagined safe world.
Thus it is by doing so the glue will hold,
My version of reality wont then become unfurled.

Yes I will select all I want to hear,
and all it is that I may want to see.
By some fake  logic and false illusion,
The outside will have no reach on me.
Burying your head makes nothing go away. Sometimes fear needs to be faced head on. I don't like it either but sometimes it just is the only course.
Sky Jun 2019
Get up at 6 am
Out at the park
Joggers and Dog walkers
Watch them run in circles

Head's bob to something motivational
I bet you find it relatable
Maybe inspirational?
Someday you'll see its all just sensational

I can't see a thing but the turbulence in the air
And some awful glare
Up behind that cloud up there
I just don't get why all you people like to stare

Sit alone and ponder, that fake lover
You thought you loved her?
Try and capture that in that your social blunder
As you burn up in the summer

Look around at this sick little plot of nature
Think your some kind of savior?
Ignorant of that melting glacier?
Huh, guess you wouldn't know much about being a maker

Look I know its tough
But your heart is puffed up in self righteous fluff
Its the weight on the other end of your handcuff
When are you gonna see that its enough?

Why don't you put those clock arms back
Back to when it was all pitch black
But now that I'm awake I finally see
Just how pointless it all could be.

But you know just as well as I
That there is one truth you can't deny
That time is on my side
Soon your heart will be as weathered as mine
Tony Tweedy Mar 2019
Life gives birth to optimists.
Then raises them to be pessimists.
Tony Tweedy Mar 2019
Are we not all witnesses?
Are we not all victims?
Are we not all perpetrators?
Of the crime of ****** by life....
Tony Tweedy Mar 2019
Where there is a will there is... a dead relative.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel... but no one has ever seen it.

Every cloud has a silver lining... the gold ones have already sold.

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to see it... the loggers make a killing.

It costs an arm and a leg... but its way cheaper than getting married.

You can lead a horse to water... just follow the stink of dead fish.

Is your glass half full or half empty... then hurry up its your round.

If the shoe was on the other foot... you would look pretty stupid.

Better late than never... especially if you only met her/him once.
all I can say is sorry...
NeroameeAlucard Feb 2019
You can tell a lot about someone
By the music they listen to
I haven't listened to a love song in quite a bit
Of time.
Not because I don't like them, I like to think I'm not that cynical
I guess taking some punches to the gut from love made me rethink my playlists
Constantly hitting skip
Until just now
Cause it's when you're down that you truly understand lyrics

The song? "Try a little tenderness."
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