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It calls to you across the parking lot, past the shorting-out street lamps and the trees.
You ask your friend if he hears screaming. He does not.
You need to make a choice. Fall together or break apart?
You know exactly what will happen if you stay put- nothing at all,just the same few weeks of work and dishes and sleepless nights and not being able to even tell if your eyes are closed because you know exactly what will happen next.
You know and do not know what will happen if you follow it.
It beckons.
You both do not care at all and care immensely about your current life.
You both care and do not care about the consequences.
You are a creature of many parts, and you need to make a choice sometime soon.
They’ll be waiting.
Just another poem for the halloween season
You ever just eat a piece of chocolate and suddenly realise
They never loved you
And you don’t know what you’re doing with your life?
Do you ever just look out the window on a beautiful day
And want to disappear, and not spoil the morning’s beauty?
Ever walk your dog and wonder if everyone knows you’re a pretender?
Have you ever been reading a book and think maybe you should get help?
Ever been feeding the birds and notice maybe you aren’t a waste of space?
I don’t collect rocks, nor art, nor broken pencils(though I come close.)
I collect things.
They can’t break all of you if they don’t know what to break.
They can’t take everything away if it is truly everything,from the piece of lint on the floor to the sticks and dead leaves and dirt stuck in my shoes to the bedroom wall with the paint chipping off to the leaky faucet i always say i’ll get around to fixing but never will,to the windows that haven’t been opened in so long they might as well be completely covered in spiderwebs to the ceiling that’s actually okay to the sky.
The leaves are falling.
so am I.
And I’m sorry for all the unanswered messages you left me
I never responded to
I was too busy trying to forget i existed,
hiding from myself under blankets.
Johnny, Johnny, widow's son,
Here he lies- he tried to run.

Sally, Sally,Born to wealth,
They got her when she cried help.

Thomas,Thomas, Oh so sad,
Now he laughs, since he's gone mad.
I'm too tired of your BS
to be afraid of you.
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