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Jackie G Sep 8
To continue moving forward in a forceful or steady way.
To Continue to do something ESPECIALLY in a determined way.
Life Happens
Test Come
We attain many things

Amongst those are unforeseen events
From there, We learn order and Balance

Too much of Anything can throw an entire operation off
And Not enough can have the same results

Determined to stay afloat.
Keeping in mind the experience and wisdom gained along the way.

Finding beauty in Every piece of life itself, while remaining as a light, in what's considered to be a dark place.
With the appropriate use of Power
Transformation becomes less complicated.
Meaning no matter the condition, its always beneficial to Press On!
You got this
Jackie G Jun 1
Please read my last poem.
Change observe help rethink reconsider remove all hate.
Jackie G May 26
All Odds were stacked against you from the time of birth.

You carry a power so strong, that some of mankind fears you.

You are hunted down like an animal.

Most consider you as armed and dangerous.

I know that's not the true you.

  The  world only allows you  to be angry or mediocre.
Any other emotion you are then considered as WEAK

You are forced to suppress, while being oppressed.
They have no idea how hard it is to be you.

Even your own family has let you down.

I pray that you rise up Black Man.
Only if they would help you, they'd see your full potential.

Please end the war within yourself- Mentally.
Release yourself from the ******* that the world has placed upon you.

You are Loved

I know its Hard, but forgive and move forward.
Rise up and bring forth CHANGE
Jackie G May 19
Appears through clouds
After a rainstorm

Known for Goodluck
Also Visible to the eye, but Unable to touch.

I look at Rainbows and think of God's. Grace.

I even think of Mercy; which produces Faith.

Which reminds me that
NO matter how strong the Storm is
It always Goes away

Thereafter, something so Beautiful takes it's place
We must Keep the Faith!!!!
Jackie G May 8
To make a new beginning.
To go through, but suddenly go back.
With the ability to rethink prior actions
Correcting self.
To be better at.
Redirecting thoughts.
Applying evaluation to the experiences.
Creating balance to produce better outcomes.
Preparing the mind then training the flesh to follow.
Often hard to do, because sometimes! what or who that has been obtained must be let go of.
Hope for the better, Even with mixed emotions
Step after step
Starting over could be the best bet
Not only is there a New beginning
Also comes Beautiful Endings
You got this!!!!!
Jackie G Apr 22
Oh how I desire to have you
I've searched all over for you, but couldn't pull out from the crowd.
Imitations of you have given me the experience that was needed to appreciate you.
If I were to have you now
I'd never abuse you
Seems like not only did I lose you.
Others did too!
Love i'd like to say sorry for letting you get away.
There's nothing that can ever amount to you.
The power you hold
Can move mountains.
So Imagine what you do to little old me
With the ability to break down walls built from pain
Forcing out darkness
Healing all wounds
Oh how powerful you are
I desire to have you!
Love love love love love love and more love. Love those around you love yourself. Imagine me knowing you and instead of it saying love it says your name. You are love we are love!!!!! God is love. Lets loveeeeee
Jackie G Mar 12
Get in
Be in
Stay in
Please be in place. Your whole being is needed somewhere. You matter!!
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