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Jackie G Jan 24
Something that was made to be special
Has turned all to familiar.
Mixing one's soul with another
Unaware of what's attached.
Risking it all for a moment of pleasure.
Twist and Turns
Up's and Down's
A Joy ride
If abused, Can dump you upside down
So be careful who you enter or let enter.
Behind those doors are unknown forces.
Some of which one cant see, but can surely feel.
Let it be a potential love INTEREST
No hit and runs
Take time to learn someone
Like seriously!!!!
Keep in mind Pleasure has a price.
Jackie G Jan 12
I've been there, I've done that.
Too many things to count on both hands.
Places I had no business being.
There is where you'd find me.
Soul yearning for Something that i couldnt put my fingers on.
Friend after friend.
Loss after Loss
There i was Lost.
Waiting to be found.
A place to call home
But no place at all.
No thing or person could quench this thirst that i had.
ONE DAY opened up a book.
In there were words that stood out to me.
It said " I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do NOT do, but what I hate I DO. And if I do what I do not want to do, I agree that the law is good. As it is, it is no longer I myself who do it, but it is sin living in me"
I could totally relate to these words
To some the book up its,
I've been reading it for some time now.
I must say!!!
I'm no longer lost!
To all the lost souls. My resolution may not be yours, but i thought i'd share. We all have purpose. When you're not living in purpose you feel lost like you have no place. Figure out why you are here and why you get another chance every morning when your eyes open. You mean something to someone. You are NEEDED!
Jackie G Oct 2018
Cluttered and full
With memories of pain

All of our hearts beat
But not the same.

Its beating lets us know that we're still alive.

So how dare some torture it
Forcing it to die.

It was not all over after that one guy.
Or if you're a guy i could say girl

Either way. Life goes on.
So should your heart!
Life forces us to move on. When you move on take your heart with you. Take your heart out of the situation. Or it becomes too full with tons of mess(pain) to even operate at its capacity!
Jackie G Sep 2018
Supposed to be used for truth.
Some use them for deception.

Take it easy with what you say.
Your words can cause Someone to turn on you like night and day.

Although It is easy to be misunderstood.
Choose what you say wisely.
Once they're out
You cant take them back in
Sorta like tooth paste
In its tube.
Be careful what you say. Please be careful about what you say!
Jackie G Sep 2018
In order for something new to begin
The old must come to a END.
The end!!!!
We all have something that we long for. It is attainable if you just loosen your grip on the old unhealthy things such as relationships and habits.
Jackie G Aug 2018
& my whole life shifted from that day on.
No need to write a long poem the title is enough.
Jackie G Aug 2018
Something like another planet
One wrong move and everything becomes damaged.

Be careful what you click on
Because what's seen cannot be unseen

Relationships left unmanaged

Sitting at the table, but swiping through a cell phone.
Not even recognizing the person you're with feels all alone.


The devil's intercom

Day by day he plots to win.
Everybody thinks they're living ok
Soon they'll find out
they're trapped within
Their cell phones.

Get out now before its to late
Lets not forget these were only established to communicate.

But with overuse your identity can eradicate!
Take time out to put your phone down. It should not run your life. Walk away from it sometimes. Get involved with the people you love.
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