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Judypatooote Mar 2015
American restoration....

While watching the program
American Restoration
An icebox was brought in
To restore, into a wine cooler.
A young man who was helping
To restore it, was puzzled.
Where did the ice come from?
There were no cords
We oldies forget that young people
Never had to use an ICEBOX.
This is my memory of
It was an insulated metal box,
Just like the one being restored.
Once a week THE ICEMAN
Came out to our cottage
In a big Insulated Truck.
To deliver a big block of ice.
I was always so excited to see him
Because he would always chip off
A large piece of ice for me.
That was what kids now call
A Popsicle.
The iceman would carry in the block of ice
And put it in the icebox for my mom.
And that ice would keep our
Milk, meat and eggs
Cold for a week....
Let me add that American Restoration
Did a beautiful job
Turning the icebox into a wine cooler...
They added refrigeration,
Shelving, and a cord.
and the ICEBOX it was no more...
American Restoration is a program on FYI station, and it will surely be back a memory or two...people bring in something they found at a sale for them to antique coca cola vending machine, an old antique coffe vending machine...turning them into something beautiful.

— The End —