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Sarah Elaine Mar 22
Ever feel like the ceiling and floor are squeezing you in the in between space?
The past just wont let you rest...
The present seems empty with the missing pieces of the past.
Glimmers of happiness keep you on the edge...
Chains tugging,
Inner demons fighting,
Trying to resist and not succumb.
I could almost breathe you in,
They way you glided easily through my heart.
You knew the ins and outs,
Twisting and weaving your way up from my ankles,
To my abdomen,
And even though you squeezed,
I could feel my lungs expand and take you in like an intoxicating breath of fresh poison,
Engulfing every part of me.
Leaving scale imprints on my body as if I’m yours
Conor Neuhaus Jan 24
By Durance Vile, my mind is moored

Its waters ebb and flow

The backwash-break brings back

bright balance

-Uncovers one swash stifled rope


This earthly anchor, untying with the tide

Holds hostage, half aquatic

Guarded grip makes docile, God! moreso, dreary

Hard choices hold chains for the static


In absence of any ascent to dry land

Docked, I'm doomed to dally a while

'Til the noose tugs undone, or I sever it short

And set sail for Durance Vile
Johnny walker Jan 15
If I were granted just one chance to relive again a brief moment In time I'd
go back the first time ever
I laid eyes on her the girl who become my
This girl who could say so much with the look In her eye far more than words could ever say she'd tell I love you with just a  squeeze of her
3 squeezes I love you my reply 4 squeezes I love you too so many things about her I miss so
Just to lay awake at night to watch her sleeping to help dress her In the morning to run a brush through her
The smell of the beautiful perfume she wore Estee Lauder Youth Dew to rest my head on the gentle rise and fall of her
whilst taking all that beautiful perfume In all that and more I shall forever miss any one of those I've mentioned
here I'd be more than happy with
If I we're given a chance to
to relive a brief moment of my previous time for she was so beautiful and loving to
If given a chance to live a brief moment of my previous life over again. It would probably be as simple as brushing her hair
Tatiana Sep 2018
Hands wrapped around my throat
      like a bow
A gift to the present times.

Am I pretty enough in this
Squeeze my throat until I fall in line.
© Tatiana
This is the chorus from a song that I wrote.
Hollow Steve Aug 2018
It squeezes my head...

I'm pulled aside,
I'm left alone,
I'm left with company.
It squeezes my head.

No other place left to go,
nothing else left to see.
It squeezes my head.

Nothing else left to say,
no one else left to talk to.
It squeezes my head.

If it could hear me,
I'd say it's squeezing my head.

It wouldn't matter though...
It'll continue squeezing my head.
Martin Narrod May 2017
Restless alphabet staggering in this mist, mischief and debauchery, until it gets closer to midnight, I'll keep my fingers flirting with the skirt sitting on my knees.

Lonely invaders, they've been, searching for the words inside of me, in my heart I've got my dictionary guarded with the strongest adjectives from my unspoken vocabulary. I'll keep my fingers flirting, it's about time to eat dessert, I'll have two servings of the girl sitting on my knees

And about this time of night, I try and survive, is this oblivion that I'm supposed to achieve? I smoke, drink, and trip until my spaceship begins to lift, then I set my transmission up to hyper-speed. There's lust in the air, and I've got dessert I won't share, a **** girl in a skirt, my fingers climbing towards the heaven between her knees.

Backwards ways, today is the last time. I can't begin to let my heart beat or else I'll lose control. I don't want to feel anything I've never known, I'd rather dream up reality than live something familiar my mind had once been exposed.

Loose leaf royalty, she might only be a princess on paper, but she rolls my joints while she takes turns at high speeds driving my Rolls-Royce Phantom stopping where my sidewalk ends.

Restless alphabet staggering in the mist, mischief and debauchery, until it gets closer to midnight, I'll keep my fingers flirting with the girl sitting on my knees.

She is weaponized, pre-exposed to the lurid and fantastic, she's fancy, fueled, and ready for sin. I've got the music blearing, something vampirical and scary, but it works when you'd rather avoid candy and just eat the living.

Today has been grave, I woke up sweating from a life-mare, heavy-petting last night, every time we go to bed. We unmade the sheets, she wrapped her tentacles around me, then she told me I'm her number one squeeze. I said, "Please bring me to pain, I promise I won't complain, don't untie me, but please leave me in one piece." I twisted and I shouted, as I climbed back up the water spout, to find the wetness hadn't come from the rain.

This tremendous magic had procured from such a habit, my fingers had turned into legs. I tried my hardest to keep my steps, but found I'd lost my grip, then she turned round me, smiled, and tore off my head.

I've kept my fingers flirting with her disasters, afterwards nothing happened at all, but I'm still hungry, I still might go dancing tonight, I love the eight step arachnid twist. Venomous squeeze, I know she'll come back for the rest of me, the body's even better than the head. But now I've woken up again, her legs wrapped tightly around my head, my eyes open enough to spot a spider crawling up my legs.
That  s h o t g u n
For some day
It turned out to be today

I pulled the  t r i g g e r

Not only for myself
For every woman wronged
Every future woman that'd cross paths

Those  v i c i o u s  eyes
Filled with cigarette smoke
Not a clear thought in mind

He'd  w a r p  you
S q u e e z e  you tight
Lock you in a forever  f o g
Garth Lebowski Oct 2015
I call upon you my credulous friend,
My tears to wash and heart to mend.
Come pretty poison, come quickly for me.
Let me drown in the waters of a dripping red sea.

A kiss from my voluptuous viognier
What jolly feelings lie here and there?
Truly, I’m gasping for a taste of the most divine,
‘Tis intoxicating, yet much stronger than wine.

Don’t you shiver and don’t you dare shake,
Resisting would be a terrible mistake.
You are my meal, and I’m in a hunting mood
I’ve my catch of the century, and you, a devils food.

Appears I’ve found my soul in mourning yet again,
I’m hungry and thirsting for the sap of your vein.
Let me squeeze you for a moment.
Let me bite you for just an instant.

Oh I assure you, it is a matter of life and death.
I will drink you dry and watch your last mortal breath.
A Watoot Aug 2015
I am letting my eyes bleed from my heart until there's none left for me to shed.

I am squeezing everything I feel until I am dried up so that I may become whole again.

*God, hold my heart tight enough so that pieces will stick back together again; and it may become whole again.
God help me
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