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mark soltero Dec 2020
between your indecisions
you lie lovingly
for my ravaged tongue
to taste the forbidden fruits of the gods’ labor

so that you may be happy
during the summer evenings
i shall squeeze every last drop
till you’re pleased

intoxicating they are
your garden grows
its untouched  lovely fruit for you and I
LearnfromBOBD Oct 2020
Will you be able to pull your two legs to your head
Now imagine me holding your thigh stable.
10 second soft sexing
And later a 30 mins non stop hard **** *** to the *****
Either groaning or moaning.
Let me hear the sound of joy.
Still pull that leg up,
your two hands holding it.
Bring the vaginae up facing me vertically.
My soft tongue swallowing the outer part. Tinkling through the inner part.
your legs shaking.
The vibrations is sweet.
**** got hard again
for the second sexing.
Immediately I insert the sim.
So we can enjoy a great network.
Continue the ringtone vibes.
I'm gonna make me get to the peak
before I release.
Is that all you got. Bring it to me Bebe, squeeze it on my hard dixk.
Squirt it all over me.
I'm gonna make that ***** *****.
I'm gonna make you wanting.
Let your emotions unwind
Bend the lines,
Squeeze me repeatedly
I'm almost there.
i mean continue' **** me harder.
Press on harder.
Yes; yes, I got it.
Halleluyah you sing.
Ayiwuu, sweet
Tell me you enjoyed it 😊
#Endsars ***. After a
Long period of protest on the government street for 12 days. Hard *** is needed no joke
Take my heart and squeeze it like the stress ball you use it for,
drench out the blood that slowly drips down the palm of your hand unto your wrists and take me as i am for your sudden bliss.
I feel the gated entry close me in, like a locked up bird cage with no way out for fallen angels.
Fallen angels are ones like me and you,
We try so hard to be free but always end up with clipped wings that don't seem to grow back.
Now can you understand me?
annh Apr 2020
You caught my eye but once,
You caught me eye but twice,
Then popped them in a cocktail glass,
And topped it up with ice.

Vermouth you added first,
And then a shot of gin,
A squeeze of lime, a dash of tea,
With salt around the rim.

‘One martini coming up!’ you drawled,
You slid it down the bar,
And so returned my eyes to me,
Like olives from a jar.

To those who swear that love is blind,
You've surely never been,
The subject of a stolen glance,
From a barmaid named Nadine.
A repost from the dim and distant past.
Am I back...I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that sitting with the warmth of the morning sun on my back, iPad in my lap, scrawling and trawling, scrolling and trolling (I jest - couldn’t resist the rhyme) is the most contently anxious I’ve felt in weeks. Stay safe! :)
Butterfly Jan 2020
We will find all the pieces that are gone.
Put them all together,
Squeeze your eyes and they won't see the scares.
I wanna be called Ray:)
It's pretty and it suits me
FloydBrandon Dec 2019
**** me **** me whip and club me
Beat and sting and bludgeon homies,
Heart attacks are manufactured
algorithmic planned anomalies,
Tailored by traitors make haste
salting wounds more tasty,
Lick me stick me carve and ***** me
**** my cuts and sew and rip me,
Open doors to slam my hands in
On my knees,
Squeeze the life out of me,
Sarah Elaine Mar 2019
Ever feel like the ceiling and floor are squeezing you in the in between space?
The past just wont let you rest...
The present seems empty with the missing pieces of the past.
Glimmers of happiness keep you on the edge...
Chains tugging,
Inner demons fighting,
Trying to resist and not succumb.
Allyssa Feb 2019
I could almost breathe you in,
The way you glided easily through my heart.
You knew the ins and outs,
Twisting and weaving your way up from my ankles,
To my abdomen,
And even though you squeezed,
I could feel my lungs expand and take you in like an intoxicating breath of fresh poison,
Engulfing every part of me.
Leaving scale imprints on my body as if I’m yours
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