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Jamie Jan 2017
As my eyes drift to sleep I remember

the hollows and the soft curves of your skin

fire in your eyes a burning ember

a glow that reflects radiance within

As my eyes drift to sleep I do recall

your soft words whispered in the dead of night

that saved me when perchance I looked to fall

and turned my eyes instead into your light

As my eyes drift to sleep I see your face

and yet I know you are not really there

instead untouchable another place

far in the realm of nothing and nowhere

Through this my heart and mind still yearns for you

a million words my love that I withdrew
You felt like you're the best with BMWs and Lambos
On top of millions
But i stare into her eyes
And i see a paradise that I've never seen before
There's much more to life than money
And they can say there's much more to life than her
But I'll choose to ignore them
In my eyes, they're wrong
Now i know my fires have stagnated for so long
Each and every song i listen to
Keeps me sane when the outside world
Is losing their bolts over simpleton issues
Something far less complicated than me
I never knew she could grasp me mentally like this
But I'm okay with it honestly
God made it this way for a reason
To go against it is emotional treason
Shayla S Oct 2015
I hope you look back and smile

at the millions of happy memories
at the inspiring people you've met
at the laughter you've shared with others
at the amount of care and love you've felt
at the kind words you've shared
at the little things that make this world great

I hope you look forward and realize

how many extraordinary things are going to happen
how many new seeds will be planted
how many brilliant things you will achieve
how many stories will be shared
how many dreams will be reality
how many things make this life worth living

I hope you keep moving forward.

*"We either make ourselves miserable or make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same" - Carlos Castenada"
For a dear friend
Sometimes it's great to be reminded <3
There are millions of bars in this city
and I found you in one of them
Sitting next to a girl who was pretty
Drinking beer, trying to feel alive again

There are millions of broken hearts in this city
I found a piece of yours left on the stool
You walked out into the street all empty
In the shadows of people that´d never know you

There are millions of cried tears in this city
and I found some in your brown eyes
A mix of loneliness and self pity
Marking every sidewalk before sunrise

There are millions of lost souls in this city
and I found you for a little while
Back then I was naivé and pretty
For a minute we made each other smile

There are millions of bars in this city
and I found you in one of them
Sitting next to a girl who was pretty
Drinking beer, trying to feel alive again
I started this last night and finished tonight.. Streetlights are on outside. I hope you like it.

Ps. If anyone has a good idea for a name for this poem, please let me know.

Copyright @ Johanna Magdalena
Poetria Aug 2015
Millions of poems
Millions of poets
By now, you would expect atleast two identical poems through the ages
But I believe not one poem exists
That has a twin
For the beauty in poetry is
No two poems are ever the same.
Inspired by "Untitled (lost for words)" written by mk.
Cheyenne Apr 2015
One amongst the millions
staring into oblivion.
I stand amongst the world and yet
I stand alone; alone except--
except for all the cells in me
that quiver with anxiety.
From afar I'm just standing there--
seemingly unaware.
But I can feel everything:
the love, the hate and all it brings.
But I'm just another in the crowd;
You won't hear when I cry out.
So I'll keep it all in my mind
and hope I make it out alive.
TSK Apr 2015
I could write you away
Into a million poems
Escape from your being
As you are sprawled out
On a thousand crumpled sheets
Thrown in many dust bins
Or caught under the bed
Maybe lying on the desk
Or trapped inside my mind.
Et cetera May 2014
A million twinkling stars
On a purple-grey sky.
A million strands of grass
On a wet brown land.
A million mites of dust
In the air I breathe.
A million specks of rust
On the bench in front.
A million rays of light
From the lamp-post proud.
A million dreams in sight
In the overwhelming crowd.
Mary Christopher May 2014
The most beautiful thing in the world
Is how someone can go from being your heaven
To being your ****
Without a second thought.

You don’t give me a second thought,
But I give you millions.

KG May 2014
Don't* promise me the world if you're not the owner ,
Don't promise me the universe if you haven't seen it.
Don't promise me the stars if you cant see them in my eyes.
Don't make Promises you cant keep.
Don't break my heart
because you are my universe
and I belong to you.
The only stars that matter are the
millions your eyes reflect.
and the only Promise I need is
For R.H. we seem to drift more every time we get close again.

— The End —