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Leslie Ledezma Apr 2019
Divinity of the Day lets me think I’m in the sky
But that’s alright, like to go about this blind
Exiled darling wandering in the summer blessedly long
Divinity of the Day, my whispered prayer through the dark

God, that enthralled
you read in a raindrop
before it hits the ground
sunset boulevard torch,
is up one of these bends,
waved in night
West Hollywood Rimbaud,
feathers falling into my hair,
dressed in invention’s favorite mood

with my roadhouse sheet music
written of my life’s inspiration adorned walls, slightly cold
I was lost but playing it off, until
my racing heart reached time future and
said, soul adored believe what’s in store
dose to help you forget and live

Harp in hand, each step how it rings
scammed and scorched
no lying that all this running leads to
hardly breathing
There’s smoke around you
drifting into an image faithful to the vast,
wild west
bravely standing despite the emptiness
as if guided, divinely guided

with my diamond focus on the garden path
of the muse, open, aware
just walking through, even confused, you mean
my images of paradise were drawn in too
permanent as the myths, placards of legends

Beaming with a strange and frightening beauty
from chasing the lights that ascent into the heavens
dreamy, daring, absurdly hoping, all the read claiming
Lord knows, enamored with you, so take these pretty copper arrows
good for aiming up beyond, that remind me, been on my own so long
Leslie Ledezma Apr 2019
the horses are still beside the hill
the hotel still has a neon sign
that’s pleasant as the wild way he would
say it as it is
Leslie Ledezma Apr 2019
Season have gone, the candle has not been burned through
cause I thought I wanted to save the fragrance
so I never let it melt out the realizing
but the winds are bringing in the bays, of hounds baying
candlelight pairs with this heavenly music

gaunt eyes, inward always, free that far
with a bible in his hands, calling it a journal
Leslie Ledezma Apr 2019
you see the poet’s work, as you would think, is his lyric
but life itself is his work, they lyric is what pairs to every heart beat
all these flowers holding on to sunbeams, saving everything of nothing
I said carrying colors that can paint the sky, shores excellent with diamond sands
moon in your window adding lace to everything
that’s how living is when you;ve a glow unseen, unbearably there

future moments are already here
how they move with self respect that claims to be claimed
it’s all a matter of truth, blaring music at that too

with a balcony like this
summer and mist fall like the morning, from the angels
coastal breezes with tales worthwhile
crystal jar of chocolates, haggard renewing words of living
Leslie Ledezma Apr 2019
Too familiar with midnight’s
request for salvation as music and dreams
Like millions of songs,
there’ no tiring of millions of roads
sacrificing my best
if I give you all that I am,
all these passages I’ve been
Will you take me to your sweet side,
let me in your mind though
Let it be known
that Jesus thought of me
so seeing you divine comes easy
and as eternally as songs
I’m here singing
devout, devout
devout to you and your sweet side
Leslie Ledezma Apr 2019
want to travel like Jesus
God knows I found it ‘s alright to ask for it all
want to travel like him
Remarkable sunlight, weird songs delight
They say, you don’t know what you’re asking for
I say, what’s it to you
A traveling, I’m a traveling that
found it’s alright to ask
for it all
Leslie Ledezma Apr 2019
Gave me life I didn’t ask for
you that traveled so long
felt like I knew those eyes in a dream
m-made it in
oh, get what you hope, that’s all
oh, get what you hope, that all?
you that traveled so long
you that traveled so long
you that traveled, so long
so long
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