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Jul 2017
Thunder rolling over head
Hunching over the deary man said
"Everything is a lie"

Delirious from a modern revelation
Effecting his push to move on
Among the many weary from thought
The thought of the millions of piles
He is allowed to stand upon

"Oh god what are their names, dear
    god please tell"
For the foundation is built, upon the
    blood we till

All while the cycle repeats

Hundreds of millions of individuals
    we pile high
Uttering senseless words in a unifying
"May I always be alone in this mass"
"Belonging to a useless lower class"
"Love me always for I endured"
"Every hardships to try to keep

"My god how many are there" the
    dreary man asked
Anonymous characters looked at him
    from the past
Never tainted by the words of history
It has been freaking me out recently how little we will accomplish in our lives or can. Our lives are so short and fragile, so we really have to jump at every opportunity we get to do something. Billions of people have been forgotten, and the numbers grows everyday. Sailors, priests, bakers, farmers, soldiers even kings have been completely forgotten. I will too someday and thats scary but also humbling and we should respect them, the millions lost to time...
Mike Virgl
Written by
Mike Virgl  18/M
   rose and a-L
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