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Johnny walker May 18
Strange days these of late again for me but know It's seems I've not progressed
at all where once I thought
I was moving
Slowing going back to my
hide away the place where I go In times like these's but weird It Is dosen't bother
Almost happy to back Into my own little world having spent a bit of time back In reality after Helen passed
but was never really happy In the reality
But happier so much more comfortable In my own surroundings that of my own making life just passes me by as If I'm not there but I'm
Feel no pressure now no need to be anywhere no particular time as time has stood still frozen forever for me I've not moved on
staying loyal to my sweetheart even though she has gone
together and always that's how we will be for I no she Is waiting for me to take my rightful
I've tried to do things different but It's not working so staying as I am back In my own world dafe from reality to where Om happy to be with my sweetheart and me
Johnny walker Feb 11
Chasing shadows through my dreams shadows of my
wife In my dreams I see them flickering on my walls
Like the gold at the end of a rainbow one never finds when I reach the spot where her shadow momentarily
falls there nothing
but out of the corner of eyes, I catch a glimpse of Helen standing there but full on view there nothing
must be my mind playing tricks but would rather have the shadows on the wall than nothing at
So much In love I was think mind playing tricks through my dreams but rather have dreams than nothing at all
Obscrea Jul 2018
I would rather write
About this world than
Live in it

I would rather play
Music all day and read
Or wander around

Or waltz into bookstores
And run my hands along
The wooden shelves

I would rather remain
Indifferent to the world
That exists around me

I would rather watch
Humans than actually
Be one of them.
Amanda May 2018
I would rather have
Moved on too quickly than held
On for way too long
I just had to title it this
Maria Bojko Apr 2018
the first time i saw her i was left in a spiral of awe
the second time i saw her i was left unprepared
the third time i saw her i noticed her laugh brought tears to my eyes
the fourth time i saw her i finally had enough courage to say hi
she brightened my week with a simple smile
i felt a deep longing for something that was right in front of me
i never thought love was real
never thought
and i had not known what it was to be alive until she took my hand
every cell in my body longed her touch once more
melodies played in my head
violins playing sweet euphonies
when our eyes met orchestras erupted in my mind
the sun burned brighter than ever before
the moon gasped at her beauty
the stars didn't even stand a chance

the next time i see her maybe she will see me too
aaaaaaaaghhhhhh this is a really bad poem im sorry
lianverkoeyen Mar 2018
It is a crazy world outside these doors. And I feel like I am not connecting with it in the right way.
Or in any way from time to time. Like I don't recognize myself surrounded by life.
Like I don't know which direction to go or to just stay put.
Await the storm in my head and in my heart.

Feeling like I am not even close to the hand writing these words down on paper. More like I am the paper, empty lines. Hopelessly waiting to be used or abused.

Or just there to wait.

Which eventually will make your thoughts scream louder then you ever have and trap you in it.

Or behind it.

Like if you are living your life from a little glass box tucked away deep in your self conscious and there is just no way out.
George Krokos Jan 2018
There's perhaps nothing more that we would rather all do
than to look for and find something that's absolutely new.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Bryce Jan 2018
Let’s discuss the things that do not change
Assign an essay to compare/contrast
Take a look at what you know:
The world does not live in iconoclasts

The endless rivers run with dead blood
The timeless mountains reek of blistered soles
To you,
There is no time or place worth holding.

Please tell me how steel will last longer than stone
That man’s words will disappear
Evaporative steam on a bathroom mirror
When it hits your hot-head with the morning glow

One hundred and sixty million years ago
A rock was nudged off its course
Plummeted assiduously through the outer Sol
And struck home with astronomic force.

The firestorm slaughtered the dinosaurs
And let tiny little pitiful things
Pick up the carcasses and make human beings
Out of the ash and amino acid.

I tried to throw a pebble into a pond
Aiming for a single Oxygen atom
And imagined that I killed those fallen beasts
when the ripples broke that watery peace

Flames are eternal,
They hide in our stars and shine bright in our eyes
The heat of life is louder than the pound of the hammer
And burns away the chaff quicker than the sickle

Someone drew a ******* below the overpass,
Crossed it out in a sanguine circle
I thought to myself,
“It is no more!”
Then realized it was already home

draw light, speak in darkness
seek peace, make war.
seek to starve that which you fear,
And only feed it more

Come now, let’s take our thoughts to the battleground
Trample god’s land under our earthen boots
**** each other with chemical bombs
To prove we they are the chosen group

Expedite that famous entropy
Nudging souls out of bodies
Subvert the Earth’s hegemony
So that man may taste that godly fruit
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