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Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2022
I saw truth plain as day
Knew I did not mean much
Didn't possess the sense to leave
Desperate to experience your touch
Now you are running away from me
Too cowardly to say goodbye
I am left looking like a **** fool
Just another passerby
Your silence says it all
Want nothing more to do with me
After effort I put forth
Cast me aside like worthless debris
Now true colors are revealed
I caught a glimpse of them before
Gave another chance because
Believed you were capable of more
I worked hard to be somebody you wanted
To improve my imperfections
Did little things to make you smile
Hoping to avoid rejection
Only for actions to be in vain
I am still all alone
Changes made were a stupid waste
If only I would have known
You were just biding time
Til better opportunity came along
May not have been Mr. Right
The way you treated me wrong
I was fine keeping us the way we were
Simply wanted to clarify where we stood
I asked if this was a relationship
Maybe I misunderstood
And even when you lied to me
Disloyalty breaking trust
Still forgave all your mistakes
Until emotions were stomped into dust
I was ready to settle for bare minimum
As long as I could hold you close
Warm sensation was enough
Even if I wasn't what you desired the most
But despite being tolerant and understanding
Still decided to shut me out
After sharply slapped in the face
Finally realize I'm better without
Should never have waited around for you
Because I enjoyed your caress
Deserve so much better than that
I've learned I'd rather be lonely than settle for less
That was a hard lesson to learn
Spriha Kant Oct 2020
I am not stubborn. Rather , I am
  nothing beyond a soul who can't
  dare to rebel against her own inner    
Spriha Kant Sep 2020
Loving , praising and embracing oneself isn't hubris and selfish ,
rather , the best technique for keeping all those at bay who expect from others to stay under their feet.
Obscrea Jul 2018
I would rather write
About this world than
Live in it

I would rather play
Music all day and read
Or wander around

Or waltz into bookstores
And run my hands along
The wooden shelves

I would rather remain
Indifferent to the world
That exists around me

I would rather watch
Humans than actually
Be one of them.
Amanda Kay Burke May 2018
I would rather have
Moved on too quickly than held
On for way too long
I just had to title it this
Maria Bojko Apr 2018
the first time i saw her i was left in a spiral of awe
the second time i saw her i was left unprepared
the third time i saw her i noticed her laugh brought tears to my eyes
the fourth time i saw her i finally had enough courage to say hi
she brightened my week with a simple smile
i felt a deep longing for something that was right in front of me
i never thought love was real
never thought
and i had not known what it was to be alive until she took my hand
every cell in my body longed her touch once more
melodies played in my head
violins playing sweet euphonies
when our eyes met orchestras erupted in my mind
the sun burned brighter than ever before
the moon gasped at her beauty
the stars didn't even stand a chance

the next time i see her maybe she will see me too
aaaaaaaaghhhhhh this is a really bad poem im sorry
lianverkoeyen Mar 2018
It is a crazy world outside these doors. And I feel like I am not connecting with it in the right way.
Or in any way from time to time. Like I don't recognize myself surrounded by life.
Like I don't know which direction to go or to just stay put.
Await the storm in my head and in my heart.

Feeling like I am not even close to the hand writing these words down on paper. More like I am the paper, empty lines. Hopelessly waiting to be used or abused.

Or just there to wait.

Which eventually will make your thoughts scream louder then you ever have and trap you in it.

Or behind it.

Like if you are living your life from a little glass box tucked away deep in your self conscious and there is just no way out.
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