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bahulakaji Sep 2020
You know-  I know you
not from somewhere,
no mutual friends,
No I haven’t stalked you
well may be once, but regardless
I just know you better
because the heart there is like the heart here
while all your things are important
you love them all
but the most
you love is not a thing at all

you remain emotional at times
most of the times
ah, the butterfly!
The crazy guy on the street
you sympathize
I know why you hide behind your shades
crazy looks you evade
I do it all the same.

while all you want to be is alone
for no reason; just alone
talk to yourself;
I bet there isn’t anyone that talks to you better
and listens to you better
I know why you smile
wider for lens,
I know why you spend big buck
but save the pence
I know why you have a different FB name
I know you,
because I do it all the same.

I know you because you are no different
all your reasons would be
the same as the reasons for me
wear the craziest clothes
try to stand out in a place
you might look pretty more
with a made up face
I see what you hide,
Beneath the skin of yours
Beneath you mascara lines
The sharp side of you
jailed within the array of your teeth
speaks the same language as the person jailed within mine
Breathes same as the one beneath my skin
And finds solace in paper cuts
I have similar light in my eyes
As I see in yours,
and in the very same way it ignites
everyday it rises and everyday it dies
In every face and in every soul I see, it resides.

You know,  I know you
you’re different you may claim
Yes !
but the heart you have and the one I do
beats all the same
beats all the same.
Mark Toney Mar 2020
it's the end of the world as we know it - time I had some time alone

© 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
11/9/2019 - Poetry form: Monoku - While this is truly a Monoku/Lyricku - This is the second instance of me using a lyric line from a well known song for my Monoku.  So I am designating this particular form of Monoku as a Lyricku - a type of Monoku that is made up of a single horizontal line consisting of seventeen syllables or less, in addition to being a lyric line from a well known song. - Lyric credit: Songwriters: John Michael Stipe - Michael E. Mills - Peter Lawrence Buck - William Thomas Berry - It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) © Universal Music Publishing Group - © 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
Tony Tweedy Mar 2019
Do you see your purpose as accumulation of wealth?
Do you make such things your social standings health?
Is it what drives you and gives you all your worth?
Is it what you were told gave purpose so shortly after birth?
Do you live each moment trying to add another buck?
Were you taught when very young you cant rely on luck?
Do you seek more property to add comfort to your plight?
Do you check the market for profits won throughout the night?
Do you count and tally all the notes that you can hold?
Do you calculate all you've traded, paid for, bought or sold?
Do you know the faces on every type of bill?
Is the pile getting ever higher and climbing higher still?
Do you make money from the lowly when they are forced to fight?
Do you really call this purpose and see it as your right?
Is your life for paper with a slogan proclaiming "In God We Trust"
I'm not alone in praying, one day God will send you bust.
Money makes the world go round.... and square.... or triangle.... if you pile it high enough you can make any shape you want.
Ready A Flight

I miss
grenadine yearly
on the
newt yet
here with
Shultz a
moon in
Jupiter that
everyone slept
their keen  
to surface
now with
brown as
beans with
the syrup
are ready
this flight
Andrew Rueter Sep 2017
Driving down the road
I came across a buck
A superior physical specimen
I understood
If I came across this beast in the wild
It could savagely ****** me
I also understood
Because I had a car this animal was actually afraid of me
High school was an interesting time
Karmen Jul 2018
Vievievie no replies ignite

I like to talk don’t care if I’m all too blunt cause **** I just enjoy peoples and sharing thoughts no matter what
Sorry if I annoy but I don’t ever intend
Just be easy
Tell me to let there be rest from sharing my head and expression of things totally random
Cause I don’t wanna **** off being friends
So lay it out straight without intent to make harm to ones head of depth feels that never get real rest
Least not till death
Hurt of no reply cause I message too many times cause hell I wanna talk and like sharing my feels not thinking it would scare off or be perceived as another type of way but ok
the bull riders came
from near and far
to try and conquer
Chainsaw's elevated bar

he'd buck them off afore
the eight second crack
none would last upon
his awesomely built back

around the rodeo circuit
this bull had a legendary status
for beating they who'd do
battle with his feisty apparatus

the goading spur of rider
not disconcerting him
he'd show them that he
was ever potent in trim

of an immortal bovine
we'll never see again
so celebrate the elan
of Chainsaw's grain
Light House Feb 2017
There is a glen, a secret black hole said to be hidden within..
a dense, dark-green & purple patchwork-of-a-wood.

There is a time ..when the light breaks through the trees,
like a tidal wave, & tints everything, sewing the haunted forest
with tranquilizing thread.

...The Halcyon Hour.
During this hour: All wounds are licked.
The environment is made safe, as all within the grounds
falls snow~silent, bewitched.

During this hour, under this quilt of autumn'd roses glinting gold,
& only during this hour under this guard, shoulder to shoulder,
with her Stag Prince brother ...does the fabled Doe Queen come out
from their veiled hollow ..for oxygen,
to hunt, gather, stretch her legs, & roam.
Stepping back a bit.
All my love.
Dan McGowan Jun 2015
lay back and relax
go along with what the stream
will give me
sometimes fast
sometimes slow
a snag or two
to keep me grounded
watch the dappled shadows
the canopy of leaves
through closed eyes
perfect state of being
water drips with weird sound
wakes me from my splendor
turn my head
come face to face
with rutting buck
that snorts across my mug
the startled deer
has startled me
just glad to keep it upright
stag turns and runs
quiet restored
left with vision of his eyes
and the quickly narrowed pupils
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