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Lexxx Nov 4
All of my words
Are a goodbye letter
All of my verses are my attempt
Of making myself feel better.
Water drops
a tree
I hank
here this
fallen arc
yet the
loop in
terry that
a singularity
present now
go to
New Mexico
and the
ennui divided
there with
scrambled eggs
and this
dark star
A star of the east
Val Graz Jul 27
Mommy I'm sorry I manipulate you for,
The alochol I feel I love more,
And Daddy I'm sorry I pretend I'm naive,
About all of my bad deeds,
I tried so hard to stay dry,
But the rain it pours inside,
I'm drowning in my own self,
I'm suffucating with my mental health,
And I try, I try so hard,
To be who you care for,
The girl who laughs just cause she can,
Who asks for hugs before bed,
But I'm not her anymore,
And I'll never be moving forward,
But really I'm just someone,
Who feels way too much at once,
I cry at night when I'm all alone,
Dancing with my demons on my own,

Please don't hate me, I couldn't survive,
I do that enough for myself, and I can no longer hide,
That I don't have a problem with substances,
That I can recoginize when I've had enough,

I'm so tired of pretending it's under control,
This feeling of alcohol that sings in my soul,
The cough syrup that makes my shaky thoughts,
Become shaky feet, legs, and hands,
I'd rather feel pysically ill,
Than countinue to be mentally unwell,
So I will continue to veer off the tracks,
And spin out of control, it's just a fact,
I have no sense of when to stop,
Please don't make me stop,
It's so hard to be in my own head,
Every day it's like a death,
I die a bit, a piece of me fades away,
And I'm sorry to inform you, to say,
I'm not okay, I'm just not alright,
With myself I will continue to fight,

Please don't hate me, I couldn't survive,
I do that enough for myself, and I can no longer hide,
That I don't have a problem with sustances,
That I can recoginize when I've had enough.
Val Graz Jun 20
****** up on cough syrup again,
This wasn't in the plan,
But they all want too much,
And I can't seem to give enough,
So I numb my pain,
In any way,
Just so I don't have to remember,
Except now I remember,
So I'll try to forget,
Numb the pain again,

I hate you and your guts,
I'm sorry about your luck,
But you're a monster now,
And monsters get put down,

****, ****, I can't think,
It feel like I'm gonna sink,
Into the past,
No not that,
Someone help me survive,
And stay alive,
Because I can't go back,
I can never go back,
To the basement,
Because I hate it,

I hate you and your guts,
I'm sorry about your luck,
But you're a monster now,
And monsters get put down.
Haley Tyler Feb 26
I let the warmth take me.
White hot flame rolling down my throat,
settling in my stomach like your nails
digging into my skin.
Be still my heart,
let the numb take you
like the fermented fruit has taken me.
Watch the edges blur,
sugar coated nostalgia watering down cough syrup.
Drinking, drinking, until I am gone.
TK Nov 2017
Today I poured out the devil’s lesser friend
For days I starred at the concoction that remained in my bag.

Finally over a period of withdrawal and being ill
I had been clutching onto a bottle of syrup tightly... Unsure if I would change my mind,

And I did, multiple times I went to reach for it
Yet I restrained, subconsciously waiting for a period of weakness-

Knowing in that moment I’d turn back to the bottle
Letting the purple syrup ease my pain, suffering and distress when I needed it most.

BUT Today...
Today, I followed through with my plan
I snatched the readily mixed solution and poured it out straight into the garden

A hard step for me to take,
A difficult move for me to make,
A choice that had to be made.
Katelyn Billat Nov 2017
I grabbed at my chest,
Wanting to rip out my lungs
as they suffocated my heart.

I originally thought you
poisoned my heart but
Maybe your
Apple pie
Maple syrup
Corrupted my lungs and
Turned them evil.

They squeeze together and
Dis-form  themselves just to hurt
My heart.

I cant breath when I think of you,
No, not in a good way.
Xallan Nov 2017
Bring her here
Take her across the continent
Upon hopeful wings she'll fly
She'll leave whole but not return complete
Half-drowned in maple syrup
Rubber people snapping back
To fit perfectly in your places
When her eyes have dried
Or the knife has left her chest
She'll forget the snap of her neck
And how the air became
Breath that left her lungs
Under the heavy burden of love
Having lost her pop art romance

Bring her here
Not too far to necessitate
These pessimistic apologies
To the land of the smoke and fog
For a new reunion you'll meet
Fresh touches but you might wait to kiss
Bright eye to bright eye for the first time
She's only imagined this brilliant date
Maple syrup smell in her hair
Origin story on chemical paper
It's all primed to explode
Burning jet fuel and ashes of a past life
She'll begin a newborn regret with you
At least her heart will beat at all

Bring her here
Put her cold hands sticky
With maple syrup in your warm orange
Foreign streets built of glass
Watched over by tall judgemental trees
This charade is ephemeral
But it won't be acting on summers throne
Those days are invisible to you
Escaping to the golden city
Send an invitation to the lovers in denial
Show them your magic
If you can make them believe
Maybe memories can't be recreated
Maybe everything is better in dreams
It is better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all.
For my friend and their long-distance relationship.
Anomaly Apr 2017
They said If I took cough syrup that I could die
Slowly I gave the escape from reality a try
But I drank more than the recommended amount

After a while I lost count
The liquid tastes best mixed with sprite
Friends pushed away , and confusion in sight
The devil brought out my innocence one night

I layed crying on the bathroom floor
And the devil out the door
The purple liquid down the drain
And nothing to escape from the pain
Kevin Mar 2017
scorning sun bursts into the aisles of graying curly waves,
punching yellow teeth and candied sweets with the
green of loving laughter that i've not heard in years.

you taught our fingers to bleed of bramble dew.
so sticky in our attempts to keep Genevieve's crystal filled but,
clear of improper pounds. collected ounces that rudely
overflow, are picked with mudded, forested feet.

consumed so clean and sweet, from thorns
between the brush, the aisles buzzed of summers paths
that only lead us where we knew.

through the scales and passed the cords
where drying life would heat our warmth,
nights would drop with echoing sounds like trains
slowly passing through our country's vacant crossing.

you voluminous sap of unaccounted ooze.
you sweet maple so never barren or dull.
you flame of northern light.

take me back to the path we passed
where cords are dried to burn
where frogs croak in Côté's creek
where my memories live and yearn
These are the memories I have of my lovely French Canadian Grandparents. My grandfather died when I was three, my only memory of him is collecting sap from maple trees and making maple syrup. The memories of my grandmother are her Crystal Candy jars always full, her yellow teeth stained from cigarettes, going blueberry and raspberry picking barefoot in the summer at our log cabin, her undeniably infectious laugh, and snoring so loud at night it could keep the dead awake.
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