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Jillian Jones Nov 2020
the rain it howls so loud
the thunder it crashes.
caught in this constant storm with no way out
I am so afraid.

But then there You are.
Like a beacon in the darkness.
You welcome me in with open arms and hold me tight.

The storm is still there
But now I have a rain coat.

im thinking about publishing this in my schools campus journal. let me know what you think.
Tint Jan 2019
This rain protector is white
but through it you'll see night
buttoned in three and one
nails and sharp pointers
for your hands
touch it and you'll feel
how it makes the rain appear
raincoat, raincoat, hello to you
will you give shade to these people
to not stain the wool they've worn
ha ha it is raining, madness is awake
ha ha it is falling, the psychotic within
hurt people, hurt the many
and laugh when they cry for pain
rain coat, rain rain coat
shade me from the rain
ha ha     ha     ha  Tint
Cassidy Shoop Apr 2015
I expected my first night at a college
to be like in the movies,
and to an extent it was.
Walking down streets on wet asphalt,
halloween night without a raincoat.
Half of my expectations
must have been coated
in a thick fog,
surprising me with consistent images
of you.
We snuck into the bathroom
of an unfamiliar apartment
just to manage one last kiss
before we sobered up.

The costumes would come off
and we would go back to pretending
you were just a friend.

— The End —