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simple shade can go such a long way
but also much too far sometimes.
my bones are brittle without sun.
will you take a walk with me?;
to obelisks?
they won't run.

i bought you a shady spot right here.
last year was not as overgrown
as this time's ever-changing clear
view of a body of water that absents
the sky from our view,
like a curtain rod suspiciously placed
to cover things intentionally displayed.

did you bring a machete?; oh, the
shade is much too much now
for my brittle bones to take
any longer and i always thought to myself,
how lucky are we to have a place of our own
but it's never enough for beings like us
to leave a place like this alone.

i wish we could **** up the water
with our tongues and watch as the roots
and tendrils soak back in
to the sponge cake layer;
the mind takes it as an innocent prayer
until the thoughts of after are sneaking
and showing the tickles of veins
spreading evenly over our bodies
like the stains on my bedroom carpet.

it is my wish not to destroy this life
that barricades my growth and hinders
so much more about me.
no, it is my wish to migrate it all inside
my ribs like a house and
despite all the splinters i know i will contract,
allow it to permeate my flesh;
a freshly signed pact.
the worst feeling in the world, to me
is feeling stuck.
it's worse than having to dig out the wheel
in the limbs of sloppy rain,
or the shock value of biting the inside
of your mouth.

it's the opposite of the realization you have
when you remember the mouth heals quickest; and then
there is hope.

imagine the life path of dreams -
with a lush natural fence on the threshold.
one step over summons vines from under
that lash and snag and gnarl and gnash
and you're frozen stone: forest
desert arctic all in one.

the stuck swallows me inside
an imperial chamber
that i am not in the slightest bit worthy
to be surrounded by.

a perception of the world
in your mind...
it cracks,
shatters, hiss,

i welcome struggle into my arms as i go
to the bittersweet valley below;
maybe i will find the seeds that
will allow me to grow.
adrenaline eyes
licking embers while they glow
during a fragile time
only broken by time.

but something clicked
with a frightening genesis
that roared, then turned over
on its belly and asked a favor,

"when you breathe in,
think about the things you need.
when you breathe out,
think about the things you can give."
you can look all around and see.
you can touch you can breathe and hear.
you can mostly control what you eat,
but not everything you see or hear.
when the words flow
like glacial plains uninhabited but still alive
because it moves.
when the sights set
like a stone curse locking my joints
I can try to ignore, distract distractions,
don't have to try to reminisce.

you can take the interest from the stars.
you can give a break to someone who hurt you.
you can sleep along the side of a body,
but not the edge of a canyon.
tracing a yellow alien and ourselves
as a foreshadowing of what is to come,
or dressing the dog up like a lobster
and it wasn't even Halloween.
people talk about the right way to live
as if it's a one-size-fits-all but it's the
yellow alien that we haven't met yet.
I can try and try
to peel off all this tree bark, but
Why? would I ruin my best friend, This Tree?

I should be peeling off of myself...
stripping down the thick scales tensing up
on my shoulder, plucking the dust from underneath...
there are a lot of ugly parts underneath...

maybe some sunlight
will make them not as sore...
my day off of work
I went for a walk
I cracked open my knees as I ran for my life

seems like I don't need my knees
so I will walk on my hands
until my blisters disappear in the sand

who needs fingers anyway?
I'll roll on to my side
until someone puts me in formaldehyde

that really didn't phase me
head and ribcage is all I need
for me to come across someone who can truly
love me

so I bounce on my head
and it all seems so fine
until I felt a sharp crack going all down my spine

now my heart is all that is left
it spilled out of my bones
and left me with the realization
that all along it could have been the first step
spins around
my house
a gale of feathers oh so white

creeping down
easy sprouts
they come in my windows
and take me from you

blizzards all night
and even in the day
tendrils of this frozen glacier
move me so far away

it's faster than a car
it's faster than light
i cannot get off of it
i can only go under
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