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Ocean fires Aug 2017
The oppressor is not just the enslaver
The oppressor is the enslaved
They're the righteous majority that welcome chains
for consistency
Welcome the loss of privacy
for a false sense of safety
Welcome oppression
To support aggression against communities that don't understand why the loss of their lives is justified.

How do you justify the taking of any life?
How will you justify the taking of mine?
¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
do hail
                  -:- inhalation -:-      
-:- annihilation -:-                
                      -:- overlook -:-
                         stony heights
    o’er waters
    ­                                                and where
                                                    do i
                                 -:- undoubtedly -:-
shorn shy of     
-:- serendipity -:-           
 do i
           among thy
-:- laminate -:-                  
-:- mahogany -:-                                          
-:- pastel -:-                                                     
stain amidst                                      
the tainted                                          
once a                              
daunting lee        
-:- airy -:-  
shook the limb            
sap all            
on the sea              
           and then
                       love’s leaf the
                              -:- adumbral -:-

-:- see -:-
-:- tumble -:-
-:- t’ward -:-
-:- the -:-
-:-      -:-          ***’bling          -:-      -:-
-:-    ­                  -:- one  ,  the -:-                           -:-
-:-      -:-      -:- mummer -:-      -:-      -:-
-:- the -:-
-:- bumble -:-
-:- bee -:-
-:-       -:-

∘ ⊱‧⌍  ⌈✞⌋  ⌌‧⊰ ∞
sayona May 2015
i don't believe that someone's sadness should be justified. in fact, i don't think that a lot of people's feelings/emotions should always be justified for that matter. feelings are just that, feelings. and sometimes, our feelings don't always have to manifest from a case scenario, incident, or situation. sometimes, they just pop up. plain and simple. we are people, and things like this happen to all of us. sometimes, i get sad. and i feel like an ocean composed of disappointment and heartache is filling up my lungs, and that's okay. and if i don't know why i'm feeling that way, it's okay. i don't have to always give you an explanation, and that's okay too. the mere idea that we always need to disclose the reasoning behind our sadness, or our anger, or our happiness, is absurd. yes, i totally agree with the fact that bottling in feelings all the time is nowhere near okay and that you should find some way to cope with them and help you deal with them in a non destructive way, but what i don't agree with is the fact that when you spill your insides out to a person, it's assumed that you need to justify yourself. you don't always have to. and that's just where the truth lies.
i know this isn't a poem, but i was asked the question, "do you believe that sadness must always be justified? why or why not?"
i may or may have not went off on a little tangent.
Lynn Greyling Dec 2014
They clash head on,
Swords ruling the battle,
War cries ringing loud.

The quickening of blood
Slowly painting crimson
The blades wielded by men.

I see the fire in your eyes,
Passion of your bravery
And courage of heart.

I see a gentleness of love
In your power and strength,
You fight as no other ever.

For the battle is not always
Clearly chosen for self,
But for whom is precious.
Rhianecdote Nov 2014
I'll have you think me crazy, to justify my own ineptness.
                Brand me as lazy to ease the regret fest.
                       Bind me in safety nets so I can forget stress.
                             Tell me I'm fine, so I can accept less.
Shelly Woods Oct 2014
Conditional beyond reasonable
Is how our relationship sometimes feels...
More often than I'd care to admit.

My love is unconditional
And, therefore, can be easily used (abused?)
The value forgotten or blinded whenever I act human, imperfect, fragile or broken... Inconvenient I am. So are we all.
Where does your anger come from?

Taken for granted
Until you find something YOU miss.
Over and over again, this cycle persists...

Only according to your terms
Only if convenient
Only if it serves your sole purpose
Only if maintenance-free
Only if easy... Perfect... Not too much trouble...

UNTIL there is something you need...
From me.
Yes, boundaries are a necessity.

But relationships based on
Convenience for oneself
Are not relationships, at all..
They are one-way streets
Serving one person's agenda

Controlling, manipulative, self-serving, emotional toil...
And, somehow, always justifiable (in your eyes)
Because I am not who you want me to be...

I don't fit your "ideal" mold.
And you feel that is what you are owed?
(I honestly don't know...)
Except when you feel alone, afraid, or empty.
You don't dare lose what you can use! (abuse?)

But dare I say or do something amiss...
Your "conditions" will persist.
How do I say "stop!" when my role is to love, protect, and forgive?

Pain. What to do with all the pain.
If I tell, I will be blamed for my pain causing your pain...
This, my love, is NOT love.
No relationship of substance exists
When such rules and expectations persist.
Rod E Kok Oct 2014
I never thought
to write again,
after self-doubt
and a loathing
for my words
infected me.

Knife wounds left
me scarred,
negativity to my craft
left me adrift
on a sea of questions.

But I healed.

The bleeding was stopped
by a true passion
for that creative sequence
of thoughts which leads to

I healed.
I became strong.

I no longer feel
a need
to justify my work.

I write because.
Just because.
Day 9 of #OctPoWriMo brought a prompt that really made me think. For today I was challenged to write about why I write. Why do I continue creating poetry (or short stories, or any sort of writing). Why? Read the poem. It answers the question. Please enjoy.

Rod E. Kok
October 9, 2014
Gabrielle EH Jul 2014
I would like to think that if I were to die tomorrow
My life would not be a meaningless dot on the globe
Lost to the clouds of the universe
Lounged like a king you appear to think
A white beard is the only way to be wise
Do I have to justify my life to fit your idea of meaning?

Yes, I have a sob story
Don’t we all?
But a dead cousin doesn’t make my life worth notice
Any more than a slot on a college panel.
Do I have to justify my life to fit your idea of meaning?

I could write a pointless chick-lit series
But strangely enough, they’ve always come out as more
Pointless scribbles on paper
Have a reason soon
Do I have to justify my life to fit your idea of meaning?

Don’t devalue me because I’m sixteen
Don’t decide that I’m nothing
You want to read something of mine? Here it is.
I don’t have to justify my life to fit your idea of meaning.
Written just today in a heat of passion...So it's probably kind of scrappy :)

— The End —