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Robby 2d

Which one are you today?
I am that unholy trinity

Three in one… a triptych of suffering
Curse my name… mutter it under your breath

I will merely continue until my repentance is full
Steve Page Jul 5
When the Spirit's around
- that's the third of the Three -
He regularly raises
fresh questions for me:

The sought and the seeker
the truth and the teacher
the help and the helper
the gift and the giver?

The breath and the voice
the chooser, the choice
the anointer, the oil
the peace and turmoil?

The joy and the cries
always there to baptise
the bearer of fruit
with fresh gifts to boot?

As wild as the wind
He'll breeze where He will
I've tried to contain Him
but He won't remain still.

I won't ever define Him
or assign Him a lable
just accept He's my God
and that my God is able

to be true to His Word
while resisting defining
He'll still leave me questions
but that's not surprising.

He kicked off creation
was around from the start
and I'm just the latest
to play my small part.
For a Cafe Church event at St John Ealing on the topic of questions.
Toya Jun 4
This day 6 years ago I was not created, I was made
My mind was loose in the wild
Free to descend into the unknown, Hades
I felt the detriment of my being which kept me enslaved
I crawled and clawed out the concave
6 years ago this day I was not born but I was made
Toya May 30
He said I tasted sweet but all I felt was bitter
For the ways I was betrayed and meant to wither
Away like his insides
Now out
Get out
I GOT out
Of his and in her ways
Riding dragons, wearing crowns
Down below I see the trays
Of minuscule beings who feel like fiery ants but instead they are in the drowns
Feel my water, feel my wrath
Its sugary sweet cuz I took the hardest path
You doubted the warrior, you laughed at my fight
No one wants to penetrate this Wild Women's sight
It is centuries deep in bellowing bouroughs
Failed perceptions of powerful slighted heros
I am the truth
Hear thee echos
I am the way
Fear the stare
I am the light
Sit and sear
******* sugar, pinch its scrub
Use as your medicine like the cherub
At you own risk, hang on tight
This Goddess has won all her fights
And H.E.R. victory tastes sweet
Now, smell the defeat
The progressive flow of time
can never, ever unwind
don't think towards infinity
and degrade your own trinity

The title of alive is but a mask
finding your power is your true task
I look back and I realize now
why my depression screamed so loud

I wasn't true to myself
I could think of nothing, and nothing else
To regain my insanity, my dignity
Grow my resolve towards infinity
I'm really feeling it today. Watching a Robin Williams documentary. Do what you need to do, I realize what I need now.
annh Jan 3

what was
what is
what will be

irreducibly distinct
yet indefinable - one without the other
a temporal trinity
Lily Dec 2018
I know you’ve seen many Christmas poems today,
And will in the days to come,
But mine will be different, I pray.

Amidst all of the gifts and presents,
Among the crowds of relatives and good food,
We cannot forget who is always in our presence.

God the Father and God the Son,
And God the Spirit, are present;
The Trinity, three in one.

Although the presents are fun,
And you realize your crazy uncle is actually kind of cool,
We have to leave time to remember the birth of God’s Son.

If not for him, we wouldn’t be here;
Without his birth in lowly Bethlehem,
All of the gifts and happiness would disappear.

So praise God this day
That God arranged the ****** birth;
Praise God every day
That He sent His son to Earth.
Merry Christmas to all!  May God bless your festivities! <3
Consumed in burning conversations
Three some torn from ashes of imaginary conversations
The devil withdrew, I'm  back to drowning in reality.
For this poem I got the inspiration from ME's poems, here on HELLO-POETRY.
Steve Page Oct 2018
His complex plurality of unity has been worshipped with a scarcity of uniformity, with a variety of melodies across humanity's long history and He has responded with reliable proactivity, speaking with consistency through a variety of agencies and always with generosity, ushering His family into his eternal city where at last we will no longer see Him as if through a glass darkly, but instead see Him in His full and unending glory.
God ain't simple but He is.
[This is curious. I've been notified that this is trending, but no likes.  I'm not sure what means to me.]
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