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a  dominate
but combinable
girl shook
this tide
with a
shriek there
yet mossy
promenade kept
her suitable
as lie
only change
weather and
resulted this
grainy as
the voice
was prominent
with vicar
Civilized life is rigged, O land-dwellers!
With landmines hidden
in trails of Society's doctrine,
'Too often is it stepped on,
Too often does it explode.'
Blowing constitutions to smithereens,
Where you then rummage within your nucleus
to piece together your scattered jigsaw,
Misplacing your natural elements,
Overcasting your ability to side with beauteous aspects in simplicity—
Of those ethereal-resplendent butterflies.
Disillusioned on land thus is you(the complex you).

Let go—
Rise above your materialistic graves—
Walk on air!
My kindred wisps
Walk on air!
Poetic T May 2018
The fever of doctrine is waning,
          but the symptoms of its gathering sweats
are making others dangerous
                              to the furthermost sanity of all.

For what is sanity, if not the realization
             that an illness will fight to survive,
even if it kills the host
                                    who has been cured.
you want a religious poem?

exterminate the doctrine

and the being

will reveal itself

once again
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
Endless holy dips  
Without sight, everything is wonder  
Every place is new  
Thought divided, faith divided  
On lifting a veil,  
Creator is One  
With believe in Idol, it’s God  
Else, it’s mere Stone and Paper  

Is this the Path? Doubt…!  
Words of essence  
For a few min of pleasure, we sleep  
Sleep, open eyes, then sleep again  
Life’s so short  
Wake up  
Doubt the limit  
Who will point out the way?,  
When home is just few steps away  

Priceless Pearl  
Today, the lord is my guest  
Day to get merge in the ocean of bliss  
Doctrine of life  
Exploring a forgotten path  
Trying to discover self  
Eternal ectasy  
With a surrendered heart  
Sum of all the truth.
Genre: Spiritual
Beleif Jan 2017
A fool trapped under my ancient wrath withers.
He shouts but not a sound is heard.
He grabs but nothing registers.
His world is grave and I cannot show it.
He is depraved but he cannot know it.

This man is a spark and he can't set a fire.
This fire would burn a hole in the sky.
If he somehow escapes he'll be living up higher,
So, he must be contained in a rotting state.
Part V of Songs of Loss, book II of Unwinding Steely Strings.

And you have an answer...
Morgan Kelly Oct 2016
It's interesting how a day can so quickly be ruined.
One second,
But the next second,
And it's you.

Blood begins to boil because there are two reasons for your notification.
You're lonely.
You're trying to convince me that I was wrong.

Funny how when someone is gone,
That is when you are willing to change.
All the things you did,
All the horrible ideas you believed,
Convinced yourself to be true,
Never listening to a single word,
Not one single syllable,
That exited my lips,
Because you were so dogmatic.

But now,
Oh now that I'm gone,
You want to hear my side.
Why is it better now than it was before?
You say you want to change,
Yet you're still the same,
Just in different ways.

Selfishness is running through your veins,
You only cared about me two times.
When I was leaving the state,
When I was leaving your life.

Sorry, but I'm not going to drink from your fountain,
Your fountain of,
Because guess what?
Maybe now I'm resolute,
And I have my own doctrine I follow,
And this is how it goes.

Rule number one,
I will be confident in myself,
I don't need you to tell me who to be,
Who to be friends with,
Or who respects me.
Rule number two,
I'm going to be free.
I'm going read what I want,
Write what I want,
Sing what I want,
Explore where I want,
Without the two voices telling me to stop:
The voice of doubt in my head,
And you.
Rule number three,
I will not waste my time.
I do not always need to explain myself.
Sometimes people need to accept,
That I know what will make me happy,
And just because it isn't the same for you,
Does not mean that it isn't valid.
Rule number four,
I'm going to be happy.
And I'm not saying I wasn't happy before,
But I can always strive for more.

I'm sorry that things are not the same,
I'll still be a friend,
Just not your slave.
When you're ready to accept this give me a call,
Until then though,
Please, just say nothing at all.
He was
either a
Captain or
Tory to
lead river
by Alamo
where want
toiled much
and delay
soiled so
much together
unfortunately his
somber face
many that
Hasici died
and San
Antonio implored
diocese while
Serra's Chapel
also became
an acorn
for fruit
and burial
for Franciscan
outward envy
of mission
for peace.
Serra's Chapel refers to early mission by the same name in  in Orange County in California
I’m fearful that i’ll lose my way
I can’t be forsaken again
I want to banish my tears away
And be a righteous man
When all the words i have to spare
Are not enough for forgiveness
I will stay here if i dare
And my sorrow will decay with swiftness
if no one believes you've changed but you know in your heart its true, forgive yourself and move on...and in will they
Milk for meat
Hype for hope
Lies for love
Ashes for beauty
And yet we all said "amen"
Puppet master
Thy humble puppets, enthralled
...and we have anointed you;
To tell us ...
  What we want to hear
  What we want to read
   What we want to watch

You have execute thy duties;
Tickling our ears to perfection,
With feathers, dipped in ******
Our souls; numbed  
our hearts; tangled in lies.

The parade
The confetti
The Loyalist
An ovation;
To he who sits
lonely, on his throne;
Feeding our emotions,
In your own emptiness.
Roller coaster ride...
We are dead, like the last generation.
In a world of high speed species,  we hardly pause for reflections and choosing wisely. We amen anything that has societal aura and illusions,  to the neglect of reality
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