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Sarah Lane Jan 2021
I’m walking on my failure
Like the water in the sea
Out there I see my Sailor
He is calling out to me
All I need is meager trust
That His grace won’t let me sink
On His boat is written Just
No water removes that ink
joren's Feb 2019
wish this was only
my existence
i could give up
on persistence

convincing my concious
that its morally fine
ignore the repercussions
of my suicide

wish it all washed away
when we take the ferry
but the world still flows
and memories are carried
A thought process apart of justifying suicide to your concious. What if this is just my personal simulation and everybody else has theirs. I'm only dying in mine. // = WIP
Shannon Spivey Jan 2019
You light me up like a Christmas tree
And I feel so juvenile
But I'm too chicken to say how I feel
Because I'm still in denial

Because there's so many words you've said
And I've wondered if they were for me
With so many words that I've said
You were always listening

Because I remember my words
And it appears you did too
You're a very good listener
For someone I've rarely spoken to

Because I'm running towards you
But is this the right way to go
I'm chasing after someone
Who I don't even know

We're flirting with the line
And I'm on the edge
Are you going to cross
Or stay true to your pledge
Desire Dec 2018
as [if] we
never s[i]nn[ed]
XXXI. Justified
Six-word poetry challenge for the seasons.
Viseract Feb 2017
I cleansed my hands of corruption today
For I had done a filthy deed
I gazed into the mirror
I saw corruptions seed

In harvest of its fruits
My ends justified my means
And although there's not a mark
I'll not be truly clean

You may question what I did
But it is my belief
That it's better to feel something
Even if it makes you bleed
There lies a sense of resignation, of guilt, of hatred and emotions, where previously there were none. My selfish actions have hurt another, and I am sorry for that

But glad to feel again
Àŧùl Oct 2016
Long-distance relations,
I have a weaker memory,
My physical state is dismal,
Some say that I distorted facts,
That I am some sort of a ******,
Some have gotten so scared of me,
Others have just gotten sick of me...

I do not blame others for my state,
As I am lesser than my own shadow,
And in the end, I am alone with myself,
For nobody would want a half-boyfriend.
HP Poem #1179
©Atul Kaushal
Gracie Knoll Apr 2016
On a dark and frightening eve
When the clouds rolled in and the moon went black
Lay the body of an inocent man

Not a trace of fear could be seen on his blood stained face
Not a drop of his pure blood had been spilled without worth

Every sin and all wrongs were no longer our death sentence
As he had paid for our ransom with the holes in his hands and his feet

Wrapped in the clothes of the dead
Sealed in a tomb of stone
Rejoicing were the Angels in heaven
As the Son made His way home

But not for Long would he stay
For there on the third day
In the tomb of the dead
There lay no body at all

Our guilt and our shame were laid on the body of an inocent man
A man without guilt and without shame, a man who overcame death
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
Today or tomorrow
Somewhere around in the future
Something will change
Something good will happen
Something proper.

Something will fall in it’s proper place
Something will turn out to prove itself to be right and justified along with time
Something will turn out to be beyond expectations.

Today or tomorrow
Somewhere around in the future
Something will change
Something good will happen
Something proper.

One of the main reasons why continual efforts are made in present even when success is achieved prior is to attain a secured future
Almost each and everyone strives to achieve the same in his life, a secured future.

As of now in the present everything is a bit different
In the present efforts are been made and no stone is left unturned
Nothing is left to hope and expectations
Everything that is being done is checked, rechecked and verified again
Agreed that future will be better
Also agreed that future will be different from present
There will be something, even if that something is small,
Even then,
There will be something good along in the future
Until then, in the present, it’s wait and watch and then move ahead along with time.

Better wait for the something good to happen
Better to continue in the present with the present moment of time
Move ahead along with time.

Today or tomorrow
Somewhere around in future
Something will change
Something good might happen
Something proper.

It takes time, patience and perseverance for something good to happen, but then all said and done efforts never go wasted if one doesn’t give up in life
Life has always remained strange, uncertain and challenging, but then that’s life
Say, Hi, Good morning and begin your day
Definitely life will smile upon you at some point in time during the day
Life continues waiting for something good to happen.
I smile because I know after all the bad things that happened in life there is something good waiting to happen.
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