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Robert Watson Mar 12
lying there undecided
Pick a side and be divided,
Satan’s surgeons, masked death
Robbing baby of first breath.

Wake up!
Surrogate murderers.

The 1% cannot justify
The thousands of voiceless screaming cries,
Awake us from our lullabies,
History awaits your alibi.

Another convenience ****,
Accepting societies numbing pill,
Will you concede to Evil’s will?
Or trade convenience for goodwill.
Voicing what I believe regardless of other's opinions. Hopefully, this will provoke you from lethargy. “We need not to be let alone.
"We need to be really bothered once in a while. How long is it since you were really bothered?" -Ray Bradbury
Robert Watson Feb 25
Anchored, old oak tree
Admirable without fig,
Solace from your shade.
I thought of my grandfather's love for my grandmother when she was struggling through cancer. His diligence in staying by her side through it all is one of the most admirable characteristics of true love.
Robert Watson Feb 19
Beneath the dark, turbulent waves,
A vast, unfathomable world,
Ignorant land-dwellers go about their way.

Ancient enigma, remote planet at bay,
Countless crafts carelessly hurled,
The bewitching waters forever sway.

Primordial beasts lie and prey,
Dreamscapes dormant till unfurled,
Earth’s final alien enclave.

Seas ceaselessly washing the Earth away,
Like memories lost in sleep, waylaid in a whirl,
Mesmerizing cadence pulling me astray.

The symbol of God, the fish, must spiritually convey,
Why the tide allures me to my aquatic, arcane world,
Like ruddy rays refracting into antiquated caves.

The cryptic ways in which you behave
Form my fascination as an oyster produces its pearl,
The lonely fog horn beckons my transient soul away,
So I must search my soul amid dark, chopping waves.
It's difficult to understand and navigate our introspection. Sometimes we feel lost in a hostile sea. However, we are all embarked upon the journey of life, and it calls us to adventure and often suffering.
Robert Watson Feb 17
Money ebbs and flows indifferent as the rain.
Wouldn’t it be better if we could live off of altruistic actions and deeds done for others?
Just an idea.
As dawn breaks upon the silent sylvan, the sun pierces the clouds with a mighty phalanx of shimmering sarissas.
The ravens cackle their guttural, cacophonous call.
The sun’s skirmish over the gloomy sea of nebulous nimbi forces the gray void to a rout.
The radiant beams of the victorious sun breath life into the forest.
The trees and flowers shake with delight feeling the quenching presence of their victorious queen. That all-seeing eye of heaven, the sun, burns at a distance despite her ruddy touch. Then comes dusk, the inevitable coming of darkness, drinking away the vibrant vat of the heavens. The darkness restores the suppressive tranquility that intoxicates the woods.
I wrote this out in the woods near my cabin. Enjoy!
Giving someone a gift
Instills bliss between both beings.
For a disregarded gift, however, inflicts insidious injury.
Thoughts of disgust and doubt
Spread throughout, as venom infects a festering wound.
Reflecting on a gift thoughtfully given to someone close to me, but it was cast out of their sphere of value.

— The End —