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Nicholas Feb 2020
Your view
is skewed
and my view
is true

**** all that oppose
the spoken word.
This is the way
to our purity
and their salvation.
Day Jun 2019
brain's running on a train track
destination's outta wack
no station in sight
breaks off left and right
no telling
where my mind
will go
a quickly typed out poem about my adult struggle with ADHD
Andrew Rueter Jun 2017
I'm extremely disorganized
I don't know what belongs where
Take my eyes for example
I can't find a place to rest them
I tried setting them on you
But everyone agreed that **** wasn't working
They explained that an organized man
Adheres to categories
And you and I
Are not of a kind
I attempted to argue that you organized me
My heart
My mind
You folded me neatly
When you beat me
You always made sure to set me aside when you were done with me
You'd place me in a bin
Or release me to the wind
Yet there was a burdensome fault in my littered logic
They explained that an organized man
Is clean
I must use eyes that are sanitized
To see how we're not categorized
And avoid your matador eyes
Because things will get messy
When the bull in your fists
Sees the roses in my heart
My humanity starts to part
And my wishes I begin to opine
For the nature of a bovine
So I wouldn't misplace my eyes
And be what I'm classified
But that nature eludes me
As do most things
On account of me being disorganized and all
But I'm a quick learner order burner page turner
I may not know what belongs where
But I know I belong neither here nor there
Making my eyes not belong anywhere
This is what develops my entropy stare
Pax Mar 2015

Organized teaching limits some learning
Blinds us from truth, the shiny is alluring.

Organized media sometimes mislead information
Their freedom has boundaries of confrontation.

Organized politics always have hidden agenda
        - A self-absorb Propaganda.

5th one...  two more left, and still trying to edit it.
Pondering in Rhyme.
thank you all for reading...

any thoughts?
this piece is getting controversial...
ESP Nov 2014
Naalala ko noon
Tinanggap mo ako ng buong buo
Sa inyong lahat ikaw lang
Kaya ayokong lumayo

Nagbago ka
Pinilit kong mahalin ulit kita
Kahit alam kong hindi na
ikaw ang dati kong kilala

Akala ko noon, magiging maayos ang lahat
Kung paano mo ako tinanggap noon
magiging ganoon din ngayon
Pero bakit hindi?

Ayoko sa lahat, iniipit ako
Ayoko sa lahat, papatali ako
Ayoko sa lahat, magiging alipin ako
Ayoko sa lahat, pipilitin ako

Gusto kong gawin 'to
Pero bigyan mo ako ng oras
Hindi ikaw ang mundo ko
na laging iikot lang sa'yo

Maraming nagsasabing
hirap na sila sa'yo
Gusto kitang iligtas
Gusto kitang magbago

Bago kita iwan
Sana kahit paano
May magbago
Kahit para na lang sa kanila

Babalik ako
At hinihiling ko
Sana bumalik ka sa dati
Parang noong unang tinanggap mo ako
Salamat marami akong natutunan sa'yo pero hindi ko na kaya.
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