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Today marks one month of sobriety.
I’m happy with myself I’m staying clean.
I’m experiencing first hand why getting clean seems like an insurmountable task,
why it’s inherently formidable.
It’s not because of the task of getting clean itself, its because of everything that’s in my face while I’m clean-
the trauma, the distressing emotions & thoughts, the self defeating conditioning. It’s all clear as day, it’s inescapable now.
I’m proud of myself for choosing to face & deal, over numb & escape.
I’m going to take one day at a time.
I aim to live everyday now.
rarae aves Jul 5
We need not lose the love,
when those loved are lost.
It’s the most painful, and inevitably the only way to keep love & loved ones alive.
rarae aves Jun 30
Let’s stop saying we understand each other.
Let’s show each other that we understand.
We understand only when we perceive each other without our pre-existing expectations & judgements, however sane & just.
We understand only when we accept each other with all the brokenness & inadequacies, however insane & unjust.
Only when we understand each other we can help, support & positively influence change in each other.
Everyone has a past
Everyone has a past
Let’s be mindful
Let’s practice the art of understanding
rarae aves Jun 26
All through out my childhood
My dad was there, he was great.
When I look back now, It’s conspicuous
He was there, just not there for me.

He was there, just not there for me.
I grew up to seek someone like him
to be there for me.
To be there for me, to feel valued & worthy.

Fact is trauma repeats itself, I felt unvalued & unworthy all over again.  
Little did I know, someone like him will again be, just like him.
Trauma repeats itself.  
Because we don’t know it is trauma.
As a way to heal, we add salt to our wounds.
So real, powerful & tragically ironic.

Off course Lack of awareness, understanding and validation from the world around us and ourselves is reason why.
rarae aves May 23
I notice im making little changes
Little..little,such a big deal to me..  
After being resistant for so long,for reasons that have now become known to me.
My own belief, no matter how many times I positively handled , the deep dark belief kept taking over me..pretty much telling me to *******-
its too much, its too late , it’s not worth it , I’m not worth it.
So Im fully feeling the little changes as a big deal..feeling good to me..feeling good to be feeling good to be’s liberating and enlightening..  stay forever,
You wonderful feeling!
LITTLE is underrated
Many a times, LITTLE is big..
making more than a little difference.
A LITTLE is all it takes to eventually produce
all big changes.
Let’s know and embrace the value of LITTLE,     become the difference it makes, and then
become the change itself.
rarae aves May 22
Listening to each other and
understanding each other is a
priceless gift to give each other.
Hearing is NOT Listening  
Judging is NOT Understanding  
This difference, makes all the difference.
rarae aves May 21
With individuality & togetherness
With independence & belongingness
I crave connections deep and free
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