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Truth Sep 2018
So you all know...this is THE alter ego of a friend I burried ....ring ....ring .....ring.... .aw **** best friend Carlos just snapped me out of hate
My man brother of 35 years....I love you....thanks for the rescue
Pagan Paul Jun 2018
I'll never forget what you gave,
a look that could unwind time.
You froze that very moment
when I knew you would be mine.

A second where eternity passed
between us like a silver thread.
Your eyes betrayed naked emotion,
I knew no words need be said.

Without a seconds pause I take you,
lead you along a different path.
All because I had the audacity
to tease and to make you laugh.

I'll never forget that look given,
an invitation to come and play.
That frozen moment stretches out
into minutes and hours and days.

© Pagan Paul (2018)
on getting a scent
of the almighty dollar bill
the aroma it gave off
did so perfectly thrill

smelling a bigger ***
would better excite
for the nose is open
to that kind of invite

inhaling currency
switched him on fast
it smacked like
a power packing blast

and he'd follow the blood
hound's perceptive sniff
to where ever there would
be a profitable whiff

for sure and certain
his probing conk
will be out sensing
the huge money plonk
Poetic T Nov 2017
Once upon a time I climbed
a tree, up here I was carefree.
But as I reached the top, an invite
of views now gifted upon me.

Could I breath in these views of
grandeur, as I leaned on a sore knee.
I'll never give up majestic illustrations,
this sight I gaze upon beyond expectations.
K Balachandran Sep 2017
her deep purple lips,
sunset's hues enhance the pout;
promised night's invite
JayceeJellies Feb 2016
That night I snuck out to get high
but I was only trying to invite some
new feelings inside to feel something
instead of being so empty all the time.
ji Aug 2015
To love is to invite tragedies in your soul, disclosing your heart vulnerable to every pain.

But if love is this beautiful, I think I would smile to even the worst tragedies and say, "Welcome! If you are love, though you bring pain, I wish you never go away."
What is it, that really stops you,
from inviting Christ into your heart?
Are you afraid of the responsibilities
or opportunities that can be imparted?

Have you taken quality time to thank God,
for the many blessings you’ve received?
How do you describe your current lifestyle-
living victoriously or partially relieved?

Where are you placing your trust each day?
Do you posses false hope in World systems,
or Hope in the principles of The Holy Word?
Where are you searching for the valuable gems

that will sustain your entire, life journey?
Are you energized with a real, Christian verve
that motivates your ongoing actions of Faith,
from knowing The Lord, Whom you daily serve?

Before it’s too late, open your heart to Him.
Take personal stock, look back and thank Him.
Open your eyes, look around and serve Him.
Look ahead via His Spirit and trust… in Him.
Author Notes

Inspired by:
Rev 3:20; Psa 95:2-3; Gal; 3:6-9; John 12:26;
Rom 1:18-20

Learn more about me and my poetry at:

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2015, All rights reserved.

— The End —