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In times of fear and doubt.
Are things life is about.
To guide us on our way.
Reminding us everyday.
Are what we need to show.
So the world can see and know.
For us as a whole.
And Elation.
Lifelong for our Soul.
©KSS 12/2012
Like the wind
The water calls
Listen as the sounds
Come trickling down
A peaceful calm
Fulfills my Soul
The rhythm of the flow
Brings me back home
Music made
By Mother Earth
Free song she brings to all
Be still. Just listen to her call.
©KSS 3/2017
Kara Shirlene Aug 25
In the morning I rise
With a sun lit sky.
I turn my face to the east,
Oh holy Compass.
I take a moment to sit
In still silence.
As I listen within
For sacred knowledge.
This avenue of affirmations & prayer
Love and gratitude
Lead me there.
I take my sweet time
Learning the rhyme.
This message Divinity sent
Holy, holy, holy
Am I, and We, all One.
©KSS 3/2018
Kara Shirlene Aug 25
As I sit across from you, lost in conversation and coffee
I get an unexpected feeling.
But oh, how my soul knew.
In the middle of spring, and without any warning
Sunlight rushes through.

But outside it was raining.
I was pleasantly confused.

So days and weeks I float through.
And on an ordinary Wednesday,
Lost again in conversation and coffee.
I realized... the Sunlight I feel is you.
©KSS 4/2018
Kara Shirlene Aug 25
Woman or Dragon?
Some could claim one in the same.
When a fire-breathing Being is met with the winds of a Goddess,
And the flames of passion are fueled with raging love and fury.
When the beat of the heart and the blood of the womb
Ignites the rhythms of Dance and Flight and Life.
When the soar in the Soul is as mighty as the roar of madness,
And then the wings take control.
When the skin and the scales become tough as nails
Because walking through fire is all that's ever been known.
When resilience is more than folklore,
And grace rests upon weary shoulders.
When the embers remain after the flame consumes
And gentleness remains there too?
Only then can one begin to understand the meaning of both-
Dragon and Woman.
©KSS 6/2019
This poem was originally written as an ode to the Yin Yoga pose Dragon. It's purpose was to highlight the fierceness of women, and how dragon pose feels in the body. I also wanted to capture the gentleness that remains when we surrender into the embers and flames of life, fury, and love. That we, as women, are fierce, gentle, brave, and much like a dragon- breathe flames.
Kara Shirlene Aug 25
Do not treat me like an object.
I'm not a pleasure tool for your lust.
I am a human,
I do not care about your ******.

So listen as these words hiss off my lips:
I demand respect, and will accept nothing less.

Do not whistle at my back.
I am not here for your entertainment.
I will not turn to give your ego attention.
My patience has been spent.

And lest you er forget-
Without my kind you would not exist.
Alone you were not sufficient,
So God took out a rib.
©KSS 7/2018
Kara Shirlene Aug 25
Among the things of life,
One thing I can be sure.
Love overcomes all strife
And is the heart's best cure.

Among the things of time,
It works all on it's own.
Some parts  don't always rhyme
Though patience is always known.

Among the things of dreams,
Don't ever let them go!
Fret not how long it seems
Move forward; it will show.

Among the things of friends,
The best ones always care.
They're with you til the end
And always prove they're there.

Among the things of peace,
I pray it will be made.
That war will quickly cease
And all the hate will fade.

Among the things of love,
I hope you spread it out.
For it comes from up above
To rid our fear and doubt.

Among the things of bliss,
Simplicity is key.
With you I leave this:
Enjoy life's big journey!
©KSS 7/2013
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