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Kara Shirlene Mar 2021
The wonders of Springtime
Whisk me away.
The glisten of raindrops
So freshly they lay.
The chirping of birds,
Sweet songs do they sing.
With echoes of laughter
They joyfully ring.
A newness of life
As sprouts start to bloom.
A colorful sight!
Ridding Winter's dark gloom.
The magic of flowers
Stretching up toward the sky.
Green grass all around them,
The aromas sublime.
The buzzing of bees
Hum happy and free.
In fields of wildflowers,
What a sight to be seen!
The wonders of Springtime
Fill me with bliss!
Naught a happier sight
To be seen than this!

©KSS 4/2015
Happy Spring Equinox!
Kara Shirlene Feb 2021
Out of my heart
Into my hand
Written in words
My voice to be heard.

When Spirit moves
Through rhythm and rhyme
Expression of truth
Honoring wisdom and youth.

Extension of me
On paper from ink
My ancestors before;
Their words written galore.

Their spirit lives on
Through my heart and hands
Beloved Matriarchy; their gift of Poetry.
Passed down to me.

©KSS 2/22/2021
Written in reflection of #UULent day 6. word is poetry
Kara Shirlene Feb 2021
Mother Earth
No sacrifice She makes
Is small
At the hands of many
Who do not honor
Her at all.

And yet each Spring
New life is born
Flowers bloom
And the animals play
Hope made new
From Winter's gloom.

But the hands of men
Need to understand
Her resilience
Will not last.
And that all humans
Have a responsibility
To preserve Her brilliance-

Mother Earth
Her weight on our shoulders now
Yet She continues to give.
From Her roots & soils; harvest is plenty
Into our bellies
So that all may live.

May we set aside
Our pride and ego
And all our selfish industrial waste
Get back to nature; honoring Her lands
Great care we need to take
Of Mother Earth for all our days.

©KSS 2/18/2021
Written in honor of #UULENT day 2. Word of reflection: Earth
Kara Shirlene Feb 2021
The embodiment of what it means-
Within my flesh and bones.
Within my mind and every emotion.
Within these two hands and feet.
Within these words trickling out of me.
My voice ready to speak.
Within the blood that pours from my womb.
That some would claim as a lost opportunity
One that I have no desire to birth right now, or maybe ever.
Because I love minding my business a little "too much"
Quite literally.
That society deems as "unnatural" for a lady.
The same blood that pumps through the veins
Of my wildly compassionate heart.
Within the Acts of Service I seek to birth forth.

The embodiment of what it means-
By my own.
By the way my feet touch the Earth,
And how that feels like home.
By the Sun, Moon, and  Stars above.
By the waters, Sea, and sand.
By passion, grief, righteous anger, Fire
And Unconditional Love.
By kindness and forgiveness.
By the embrace of a hug.
By the way of mindfulness.
By the way of living.
By the laughter of a friend.
By the touch of my Lover's hand.
By how tall the trees stand.
Rooted down deep.
By a song, rhythm, or melody.
By all that's already within me.

The embodiment of what it means-
Isn't something separate from you and me.
You see?
Holiness is all around us.
With every. single. breath we breathe.
We don't have to seek outside of ourselves.
We don't have to do anything.
Just as we show up here, now, and Be.
Our hands and feet.
In our very heartbeats.
We are holy.

©KSS 2/17/2021
This poem was written in reflection of #UULent
Kara Shirlene Jan 2021
Though you are both gone
From this Earth;
There's a gift you gave me
At my birth.

It fills a place
In my heart.
I felt it there
From the start.

You passed to me
Your wisdom, kindness, honesty.
And the passion
For writing poetry.
I cannot tell you
Just what that means.

The flutter of a Butterfly
Will always be
A beautiful sight
And the symbol of your memory
In my soul and in my mind.

In my heart
I will always feel you there,
Because a Grandmother's Love
Is the everlasting gift you shared.

Thank you for your examples & legacy.
Thank you for inspiring me.
Thank you both for sharing your life
Through written words and poetry.
And thank you both for your
Grandmother's Love you left with me.

©KSS 1/22/2021
{written in memory of my grandmothers: The two beautiful women who inspired me to begin writing poetry at a very young age. You are in my heart, always.}
Kara Shirlene Dec 2020
Oh how you shine
Through the darkness
That surrounds.
I wonder if you even know
The glow of your aura
That abounds.

An orb of night
Is what I see
Every time we're eye to eye.
You, clinging to the darkened stare,
I wish knew the magnificence instead
That lives there.

Instead you choose
A lonely path,
But who am I to judge?
I don't believe in wrong or right.
I just believe you're
The orb of night.

Stumbling through
Obsidian and black
Just like the moon
Half shadowed by the Darkness;
Half shadowed by the Light.

But all I see in you
Is the light shining
Deep inside.
Which is why to me
You'll always be
The orb of night.
©KSS 2016
To the one this poem is dedicated to: I hope you have found the light that you liked to keep hidden inside, and I hope you are shining now for all to see. Because to me, even in your darkest hours, you were always shining. I just wanted you to know.
Kara Shirlene Dec 2020
Beside the deep blue water
A flower grows
From the love planted there.
Beyond the rocky bluff
And green pine trees
The winds play with my hair
As I turn to look at you.
Hearts beating
Fast and wild
As your fingers caress
Every inch of my neck.
Sunlight cascades
Illuminating my face
A sight you swear you'll never forget
As you lay me down
Beside you.
For a moment, once again
Time stands still.
The world around us in black and white
But your golden blues,
And my flower eyes
Are radiant color.
©KSS 2016
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