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Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Sometimes I feel small and alone
Intoxication will beckon me home
Only find there is nobody there
An empty glass and emptier chair
Maybe if I had not treated them so bad
Loved ones I would HAVE
Instead of HAD
Isabella Sep 2020
Heart in my stomach swells with dread
Numbing at the words you said
The cold truth pounding in my head
The truth that you like her instead
oh the pain, when feelings aren’t reciprocated...
دema flutter Jul 2020
anger should shoot out
but instead kindness drips
from my eyes onto
the palms of your hands

and so I caress the pain instead
as I push it to the corner
with the rest of emotions
that have gone unattended to.
SB senior Jul 2020
I wish,
Instead of  comparing me with other's success
only if you had enjoyed my little achievements
Things would have been different....

Instead of telling me what to do
If you had asked what I want to do
Things would have been different....
A little poem I came up with, Hope you guys like it
Aseh Dec 2019
The way we love each other despite ourselves and the universe is insatiable. You’re the feast to my starving poetry, and I’m scrambling after you trying to unscramble all the pieces you let trail behind; I’ve spiraled into puzzling over every detail of your face and the imprints on your heart and the things you’re never really saying but silently radiating

The way we love each other with our whole arms and our whole hearts beating up against one other, magnetism pulling our bodies together all close and warm until our skin is melding and there is no more feeling or air, only lightness and the white behind your eyes

And even then, it isn’t enough—

that can’t get enough of you feeling, so tragic and profound, how it makes you move
different, that sudden onset
of warmth (and how that cool can pull you down so low)

analyzing you as if you aren’t equally a mess as I am, and you’re so deeply beautiful to me, even if the universe can’t see it yet

And yet but despite ourselves, and the universe
The way you cry
O’er the leaking roof
Under the stars, holding water
Knights cradling craftily
Civilized cries
Circadian rhymes
Still the night
The civilized pope hides the most
In the people following him in syncopation
Priyam Jun 2019
Oh pretty things
Take me instead and
Make me you
Oh pretty things
I hate the colors and
I'm feeling blue
Oh pretty things
How does it feel to get
The attention of the lovers?
Oh pretty things
Will I ever get noticed
Beyond the shell that covers?
Erian Rose Apr 2019
With all the stories
In my head
Wish I could tell you
It all instead
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