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  Dec 2022 Ankita Gupta
Andrea Zapiain
Why is there such sadness in my heart?
A loss I know not of
A loss my heart is well acquainted with
I do wonder if my soul has seen things
That my eyes have never seen

I miss a place I can't remember
I wonder if it existed at all
My soul feels old, rooted to the earth
A weeping willow with deep roots
Bare branches, reflected in an endless mirror
Extending beyond the limitations of time and space

A clock hangs from my neck
Perhaps an allegory of the truth
That time has made foul play
Taken me somewhere I don't belong

As I watch the ancient trees that belong to no man
Experience the calm that nothing else can give
I wonder if I shouldn't have been a tree
Rooted to the earth, aiming at the sky

A reflection of a time that won't come back
Nocturne in my ominous dreams
The familiar ache in my soul
A home I can never remember
But somehow, cannot forget

I often catch glimpses
Of this half-forgotten past
Wonder about the nature of my essence
The age of my soul
The place of my heart
The name of my home.
Ankita Gupta Dec 2022
Deep I have buried the feelings
Happy sad anger admiration curiosity and love

Some days, sadness finds its way to the surface and I let it pour over
Happiness doesn't even try anymore

Love has decomposed and curiosity has been shushed in the corner
They have been imprisoned in separate cells
Locked and sentenced for the havoc they made

For making me want things, so far from my reach
Cravings just another form of sin

I dig and dig and dig
And then I tire myself
Is it worth it, unearthing the potions that make a witch
The condemned, unfit form of human
A being full of emotions
#unearthing #feelings #witch #dig #hellopoetry #hepo
Ankita Gupta Aug 2021
It's been years since we left
Not just us but also the place where us existed
If places moved on, I would have taken ours with me
Would have claimed it to be mine in the aftereffects of the separation
Would have fought for it in the court of places for full custody
All the nooks and corners would have been mine to embrace
They would still have you in memory, and that's what we would have had in common
We both would have been craving for your presence, but too stubborn to let you in though
But for better or worse, places don't move on and that's what we indeed have in common
Ankita Gupta Aug 2021
Just like the summer afternoon in December
You are both a wish and a memory

Layers and layers of cloth to shield
But can't keep the heart warmly

The words, music and pictures
All but I have remained yours truly

Like the signature at the end of a long email
This just is overlooked me, sincerely
Ankita Gupta Feb 2021
Everyday is spring, Everyday is autumn
Today is Summer, infamously hot and stagnant

Clouds are still, leaves don't rustle
Birds have gone away and all there's left is sun

There are burns from winter, frozen for too long
No summer warm enough to melt, though today tries

Come again someday when there is spring, when there is autumn
Be summer with ice then, and maybe melt away
Ankita Gupta Jan 2021
By design, you put roof over me
By nature, I need the sun
Ankita Gupta Nov 2019
That's what you get for living a life.
A life like a city, in a city.
You get the rushed parts, the gardens, caf├ęs and ice cream parlors.
You also get the schools, markets and the clinics for the hurt.
Yesteryears! That's all you ever going to be needing for living a life.
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