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MissBookthief Apr 2021
like a mad dog
this heart went on chasing
the trails of love
MissBookthief Apr 2021
it was breathtaking
the way she sat there
like a winner
ready to consume
the apocalypse surrounding her
MissBookthief Apr 2021
don’t speak of me
to the world
think of me
in the silences
between your words
MissBookthief Apr 2021
it was the light
from the scars
that made the broken ones
MissBookthief Apr 2021
maybe that’s why
letters always arrived late
weighed down
by all the love and regrets
MissBookthief Apr 2021
and even if I had
just one day to live
like a daylily
I’d spend that time
loving you…
Nicola Pillai Mar 2021
She saved it for a rainy day
When she longed to have her fix
A withdrawal from the nostalgia bank
Would certainly do the trick
For it was among her most treasured memories
A quick revisit she knew would suffice
Not to undo life's wonderful blessings
But to simply feel everything twice
Nicola Pillai Mar 2021
Today I gave in
I went back to bed  
Surrendered to the voices
Inside my head

The incessant noise  
Playing tag with my mind
I tried to find reason
Claim back what was mine

I looked for a way
To shake it right off
A stretch
Work out  
A simple walk

Instead I thought,
If I just close my eyes
I'd cease analysing
The anguish  
Building up inside

I lay there as the music
Fed my soul
Little by little
I took back control

Today was a day  
Where I learnt something new
Being still, is a skill
A tough craft to do

For in my stillness
Radiance will shine through
My super power
My strength
My greatest virtue
Nicola Pillai Mar 2021
Late nights
Toast fests
Shopping in the city
Long chats
Silly dancing
Trying to look pretty

Tears of joy
Some of sadness
An emotional rant or two
Six weddings
A few funerals
Five babies, my three, your two

The good, the bad, we were all we had
The list goes on, it's endless
The challenges life threw our way
Always learning and trying to comprehend it

I had your back
You had mine
Life was good and we lived it
Completely oblivious, no notion of time
Our all - we certainly did give it

So next chapter sis, with this year ahead
Time, is of the essence
Let’s make new memories, relish this life
Take stock and count our blessings
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