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i am the dream you are scared to make come true
the night
i understood
that i love you
sky fell down
beneath my feet
and i was afraid
to take a step
not to crush
the shooting star
i made a wish to
i tried to forget
till i understood
it is impossible
to tear out the heart
live on
there is no sweeter lie
than the one you hear from a man
being in love with you
and once asked about the lovers
he had before you
answers he remembers none
i envy your dog
that with impunity
is allowed to stare
at you every time
with eyes full of love
when i tried
to imitate him
you looked away
what is it like to love unconditionally
she asked
and i answered
melting and longing
at the mere mention of his name
and at the same time
accepting a fact
that another woman
will take his surname
some day
i think i can stay
a little bit longer
in your hands
they make me feel
safe and
useful like a bee
looking for a flower
in the middle of
harsh winter
my life's mission is being a woman of a good heart
not on the knees
i have punched
in his chest to check
if there is still a heart
and it was
with my god i speak every night
he teaches me
how to trust
someone bigger than
and takes care of me
better than anyone
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