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tire ishq kī intihā chāhtā huuñ
mirī sādgī dekh kyā chāhtā huuñ

Your infinite love, I desire
Look at my humility what I desire

sitam ** ki ** vada-e-be-hijābī
koī baat sabr-āzmā chāhtā huuñ

Fury or your audacious-unveiling
Something fortitude-testing I desire

ye jannat mubārak rahe zāhidoñ ko
ki maiñ aap kā sāmnā chāhtā huuñ

Heavens be favourable for the religious
But us ever-so close, facing each other is what I desire

zarā sā to dil huuñ magar shoḳh itnā
vahī lan-tarānī sunā chāhtā huuñ

A tiny heart but so spirited I am
To hear those words ‘’By no means canst thou see Me’’ I desire

koī dam kā mehmāñ huuñ ai ahl-e-mahfil
charāġh-e-sahar huuñ bujhā chāhtā huuñ

Determined guest I am O’ people of assembly
Morning lamp I am, quenching I desire

bharī bazm meñ raaz kī baat kah dī
baḌā be-adab huuñ sazā chāhtā huuñ

Within a full gathering I have disclosed the secret
So impolite I am, your punishment I desire


Moses prays to God for guidance and begs God to reveal himself to him. It is narrated in the Quran that God tells him that it would not be possible for Moses to perceive God, but that He would reveal himself to the mountain, stating: "By no means canst thou see Me (direct); But look upon the mount; if it abide in its place, then shalt thou see Me." When God reveals himself to the mountain, it instantaneously turns into ashes, and Moses loses consciousness. When he recovers, he goes down in total submission and asks forgiveness of God.

✒ Translated by ℐamil Hussain
Words of Muhammad Iqbal
tire siine meñ dam hai dil nahīñ hai
tirā dam garmi-e-mahfil nahīñ hai

Ambition rests within your chest but not a heart
Your wheedling, warmth of assembly is not nor its art

guzar jā aql se aage ki ye nuur
charāġh-e-rāh hai manzil nahīñ hai!

Go beyond paths of reason in quest of light
Lamp of the way it is but not a destination

ḳhirad ke paas ḳhabar ke sivā kuchh aur nahīñ
tirā ilaaj nazar ke sivā kuchh aur nahīñ

Intellect has news and nothing more
A divine glance is your cure and nothing more

har ik maqām se aage maqām hai terā
hayāt zauq-e-safar ke sivā kuchh aur nahīñ

Beyond all ranks is your prestige
Life is a delightful journey and nothing more

ragoñ meñ gardish-e-ḳhūñ hai agar to kyā hāsil
hayāt soz-e-jigar ke sivā kuchh aur nahīñ

If veins have flowing blood, then what is the reward?
An existence with a burning heart and nothing more

jise kasād samajhte haiñ tājirān-e-farañg
vo shai mata-e-hunar ke sivā kuchh aur nahīñ

What traders of the West consider as synthetic?
These are entities of flawless craft and nothing more

urūs-e-lāla munāsib nahīñ hai mujh se hijāb
ki maiñ nasīm-e-sahar ke sivā kuchh aur nahīñ

Bride like a radiant tulip, why modesty from me?
Morning breeze I am and nothing more

baḌā karīm hai 'iqbāl'-e-be-navā lekin
atā-e-shola sharar ke sivā kuchh aur nahīñ

Very gracious is voiceless Iqbal and yet
A gifted flame with sparks of fire and nothing more

✒ Translated by ℐamil Hussain
Words of Muhammad Iqbal
This is
A great sign
You will rise and
You will forever
S h i n e.

✒ ℐamil Hussain
A tiny spark
May burst a unique flame,
Your luminous heart a new
Destiny may it

✒ ℐamil Hussain
I n f i n i t e l y
I yearned  f o r  senses
W h e n  lit wisdom came
O’    s e n s e l e s s    I
B  e  c  a  m  e

✒ ℐamil Hussain
You  l e a v e  me
With your manner of veiling
N o w,  emerge  in  my  h e a r t
And  let  me  treasure  you
O’ manifestation
Of  love

✒ ℐamil Hussain
This man’s
Poetic mind, heart and soul
Drunken words of poetry you are
Imagine now, how elegant, royal, adorable
Delightful, stunning, magnificent
And   g o r g e o u s
You are

✒ ℐamil Hussain
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