I n f i n i t e l y
I yearned  f o r  senses
W h e n  lit wisdom came
O’    s e n s e l e s s    I
B  e  c  a  m  e

✒ ℐamil Hussain
You  l e a v e  me
With your manner of veiling
N o w,  emerge  in  my  h e a r t
And  let  me  treasure  you
O’ manifestation
Of  love

✒ ℐamil Hussain
This man’s
Poetic mind, heart and soul
Drunken words of poetry you are
Imagine now, how elegant, royal, adorable
Delightful, stunning, magnificent
And   g o r g e o u s
You are

✒ ℐamil Hussain
May  the universe
I n f i n i t e l y   b l e s s  You
In  s u r p r i s i n g  and joyful ways
May the excitement of victory, gladness
And harmony join your new sparkling days
May the exhilarating, colourful and divine
G a r d e n   of   love be all yours, O’ for
You  t h i s  soul forever  p r a y s
Happy  N e w  Year

✒ ℐamil Hussain
Ye Aalam Shauq Ka Dekha Na Jaae
Vo But Hai Ya Khuda Dekha Na Jaae

This state of excitement, a disguised affair
Is he an idol or the Lord? O’ I am unaware

Ye Mere Saath Kaisi Raushni Hai
Ki Mujh Se Rasta Dekha Na Jaae

Accompanying me, what form of glow is this?
O’ I cannot grasp my path by its glare

Ye Kin Nazron Se Tu Ne Aaj Dekha
Ki Tera Dekhna Dekha Na Jaae

Today with what aim did you stare
O’ your staring I could not bear

Hamesha Ke Liye Mujh Se Bichhar Ja
Ye Manzar Bar-Ha Dekha Na Jaae

Detached from me, to forever become
O’ this scene always stages a scare

'Faraz' Apne Siva Hai Kaun Tera
Tujhe Tujh Se Juda Dekha Na Jaae*

O’ Faraz, apart from self who is yours?
To tear you from yourself, it is so unfair

✒ Translated by ℐamil Hussain , Sung by Tahira Syed
Teri Payal Agar Chhanak Jaye
Gardish-e-Asmaan Titthak Jaye

If your anklets, made a sound
Spinning of heavens, would pause

Tere Hansne Ki Kaifiyat Tauba
Jaise Bijli Chamak Chamak Jaye

Nature of your laughter, *** forbid!
Like bolts and flashes, lightning draws

Teri Gardan Ka Tazkira Sun Kar
Jo Surahi Hai Woh Chhalak Jaye

Hearing, portrayal of your neck
Even a goglet, overflows

Le Agar Jhoom Kar Tu Angrai
Zindagi Daar Par Latak Jaye

Twirling, if you pandiculate
Existence, would hang by the ropes

Choor Hai Aise Paakpan Tera
Jaise Das Das Ke Saamp Thak Jaye

Broken to atoms is your innocence
Like once bitten fatigue a snake shows

Teri Ankhoon Ko Dekh Paiye Agar
Jo Farishta ** Woh Bahak Jaye*

If one wins to see your eyes
Even an angelic, deluded grows

✒ Translated by ℐamil Hussain , Sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
What a moment of excitement it must have been?
When for the first time,* light these shy eyes must have seen
When for the first time, warmth from these hands must have poured
When for the first time, this lowly tongue must have recited its initial word
When for the first time, voice and sound these humble ears must have heard
When for the first time, beliefs within this tiny heart must have met and stirred
When for the first time, lips of this child must have touched and smiled
When for the first time, body of this youth must have become styled
What a  m o m e n t  of excitement and O’ Jamil what a scene
Truly, could all this be the  w o r k  of a gene?

✒ ℐamil Hussain
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