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"Oh no, not another three weeks lock down!" moaned Mr Ketchup.
"Twenty more days in the dog house.
I have reached the ripe old age of seventy plus seven.
Oh Tabby, what ever shall I do now?" sighed, Mr Ketchup.
His friends  were really worried about him lately he had a very dry cough and his face looked red as a beetroot.
He certainly  looked  a bit under the weather. It meant that he now had to stay indoors to stay safe.
Nothing else for it Mr Ketchup  was used to being out, he loved to galavant all over the place. Shops were he liked to go.  His belly would rumble  loudly and off he went to the cafe. He couldn't be bothered to cook. Mr Ketchup didn't  like washing up. He often got scolded for leaving heaps of ***** dishes in the sink. As for trash  can it smelt like rotten eggs. Upstairs  in cupboards  were stacked all topsy turvy.  Everything came flying out all over the floor. Washing piled high. Complete and utter chaos. Poor Mr Ketchup he really got himself into some muddles.
Mr Ketchup  felt a bit peckish off he went to the cupboard.
he sighed old mother Hubbard went to the cupboard  and it was bare. He opened the fridge and a ghastly smell of soured milk filled his nostles. "Puke,"  he thought. until he lifted the bread bin, lay mouldy old bread.   "That's torn it now," he thought, "I haven't a thing to eat but porridge and I hate it."

Picking up the the phone he dailed his friend .
"Haggis, I am in a bit of a pickle. I need you to go shopping for me please."
"Okay." Ketchup  replied Haggis."
"My bread has gone mouldy and the milk is sour." coughed Ketchup."
So off he trotted to the kitchen to look for a
scrap of paper and a pen. But to his dismay he couldn't find anything to write with. He tried a drawer, it was jammed tight. He heaved so hard that the drawer came off its hingles.
Mr Ketchup went flying up in the air and landed right on the trash can.
Poor Mr Ketchup he looked like the cats dinner he smelt awful a bit like fish stew.
Oh fiddle sticks why does everything go wrong.
Cough cough he splutted all over his cat. The poor thing ran for its life.
Mr Ketchup slowly recovered from his fall he scrambled to another draw near by he wasn't in the mood for anymore mishaps. Mr Ketchup scribbled a long list of shopping  in bright red lipstick  but Oh dearie me it sounded like a lot of Gobbledygook.  Moments later Haggis appeared and looked puzzled.
"What ever has happened to you?"
"Nothing!" snapped Ketchup."
Mr Ketchup  couldn't help but notice the expression on his friend's face.
He went indoors slamming the door shut.
It was the worst day of his life and now he wasn't looking forward to more weeks of the lock down .off he went trotted up the stairs to the bathroom.
Oh dearie me the day hadn't ended it had only just begun.

Mr Ketchup  slowly dragged  himself  upstairs put the plug in the bath leaving it to fill up.
Something caught his attention. Mr Ketchup became distracted.  He started sorting out his clothes, but O dear they had peculiar holes in them.  He pulled out his favourite pair of tartan trousers.  "Oh crumbs what has happened to my trousers.
Well as you can imagine it wasn't  a pretty  site.
The moths  made a right meal of Mr ketchup's trousers.
He wasn't amused. He was annoyed.  Mr Ketchup tided his clothes away .
hurried into the bathroom to find his bath had gone very cold..
Oh Mr Ketchup what are we going to do with you!
Mr ketchup has several friendships and is a funny and awkward character at times he often gets himself into muddles sometimes requires  the help from his friends.  Haggis Neaps his wife Sweetheart  Sweet potato face. also Ruby The Rude Raspberry. His cousin mr chips his uncle and Tornface tomato.
Badshah Khan Feb 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 24

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Sufism is precisely not a meditative practice or social study.

Sufism uniquely represent a mystical path,

That properly directs you, to remain humble and Obedient, and love towards the whole creation.

Enlighten your noble soul with your own divine wisdom,

Towards your One and Only Creator and your Beloved!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.

©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
Anthony Mayfield Jul 2018
Perfectly imperfect
I’m that kind of man
Happily unhappy
That’s how I stand
Chaotically peaceful
That’s my jam
Jovial anger
Is that what I am?
Obedient resistance
It’s time for a renaissance
Time for some changes
SM Jan 2015
I am like a dog trapped in a cage by society. Society is my owner. Telling me not to leave the cage even when the door is wide open. They give me commands. Sit. Stop. Stay. They tell me what to do. Every time I’m fed up with society and I try to speak out, they yell. Stop barking! Be quiet! So I do. I am quiet. Outside that cage is a world. The cage is unlocked. I can get out, but I don’t. They tell me to stay in the cage because the world is harsh and cruel. They tell me it’s for the best and for my own safety. So I obey my owner because I was trained to believe society is always right. They set rules for me and I follow. That is why I feel trapped. I can easily go. I have a choice but instead I sit and follow my orders. I don’t speak out. I don’t stand out. I just sit and stay. They all think I’m quiet and secretive and shy. I’m not. That isn’t the real me. There is a difference in who I truly am and who they believe I am. They made me that way. Just like the way cruel owners make a dog mean or lifeless.

    I was taught to be obedient

    I imagine the outside of that cage is a life worth living. We live in a beautiful world. I’m just too scared to see it because that cage hides the truth.  That cage is filled with fears and anxiety because of what my owner says about the past, the present and the future of my life. I just don’t know what the world truly is. I don’t really know what I truly am either.

    But for now, I guess I am just a dog trapped in a cage by society. Scared of what’s beyond my cage.

— The End —