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Sujan Feb 2
The glistening glare of dawn,
Dampens my view,
My eyes are all blurry,
Yet I seem to see it all.

The hollow shell that I am,
Fondled with the color of dawn,
Seem to find myself yet again,

The perpetuality of dawn,
And its evenness,
Makes me jealous and nonchalant,
Yet I seem to sense nought.

I find myself thinking yet again,
All these moments are irreproducible.
I wonder when I said this before
Michael H Aug 2019
I float through life,
Ignoring the strife,
No kids and no wife,
And I’m fine.

I’ll listen or not,
I’ll like what I’ve got,
I’ll not take a lot,
I'll Not whine.

I’ll drink all the night,
I'll Fight if I like,
Then I might steal a bike,
Now it’s mine.

I’ll guzzle some whiskey,
I'll do something risky,
Then I might get frisky
And find.

A fine willing woman,
Not boring or wooden,
Lay on sheets a'woollen,

I’ll wake up tomorrow,
Some money I’ll borrow,
And then I will swallow,
Some wine.

I’ll do it all over,
A young Irish Rover,
You better move over,

I’m young and I'm clever,
And I’ll do whatever,
Whatever the weather,
I’ll shine.
Haha, twenty-something, drunk and feeling cocky.
Kabelo Maverick Jul 2019
…I took a “pass” on Life,

so I could
graduate in Heaven…
Samuel Hoffmann Dec 2018
Yesterday it rained.
And as I left work I waited by the door,
and wondered:
If I wait, god might stop the rain.

A pause for a second might stop the snow.
Despite their brown color, with some water, the leaves may grow.
We could sleep a little longer till the end of the day.
If we cry just enough we might get our way.
If we push off the party the sun might come out.
If we pray extra hard the flowers could sprout.

And if we wait by this tree,
Just sit, you and me,
The world, might too, sort itself out.
Here is a lovely little poem I wrote for my creative writing class --and for Shel Silverstein
lulu Dec 2018
It's finally over,
I'm breaking out of you,
You were a cage in disguise of a shell.
You were coated gold,
I couldn't see the black beneath you.
I thought you were a shell of light weight,
But the truth was you were actually not there;
To protect me neither love me.
You made me believe that love was still.
But, little did i know that love was a nonchalant tornado.
guess you don't know what true love is
Ferns Jul 2018
The pile of books
The array of papers
They long-await
that ink will pour
on their vacuous
void of emptiness
For the deadline
draws near
Yet I'm still here
Sitting on my windowsill
Lackadaisically waiting
Certainly expecting
For water to descend
From the firmament
surrounded by dullness
where a mass of clouds
are there to be seen
a meeting
of geese
wouldn't abet
their cold
and stranded
with nonchalant
only to
harry this
land with
ware that
their untold
riches could
indeed  tangle
my heart
here wreched
winter blew
my nose
Canada is a land of riches
Nohémie Dec 2017
I thought I knew you
But you were just aloof
They said: he's lone wolf, lone wolf
But I say: he's more like lion, look at the proof
Sneaking, reaching for what he desires
Him and mercy have never met in person
Kriti Gupta Nov 2017
Take a look around and rub the smog out of your eyes
Back and forth wipe that mirror of disguise
Stuck in a frozen grocery store
2 and five won't get you past that door

Spit out you soul
Spit out those lies
Travel straight past the checkout sign
Grab him for a few days or nights
Self medicate with the one you like
I care,
But sometimes I wish I didn't...
I wish I didn't know how cruel the world is,
But I do.
The more I know,
The more I hate people around me,
Hate on people who don't even try to understand,
To see,
To care,
But I also envy them,
I remember how much easier being selfish is,
When you simply do not know better...

Can I proceed perfectly, both empathically and practically?
Am I too weak?
Too selfish to surrender to my ethics and moral?
Will my life be better if I suppress what I've learned, ignore my inner voice and follow blindly the path ahead, no extra thoughts or worries?
Just living, simply being, following instincts that's been taught upon us,
Because that's how it's meant to be,
Even when it feels as ****** up as can be,
When everything inside you screams it's wrong,
But your selfish mind pulls you in,
Convinces you to continue to sin,
It's like you'll never win,
Because what's comfortable is safe,
What's safe is comfortable,
So you try to forget as good as you can,
To continue to live for you,
Not for them.
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