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Diya Jun 17
Intelligence lives within
The castle of delusion..
As blank as a bleached canvas!
The enigma of existence still lingers
In the Universe,
As a lost soul..
Everything which did and didn't took Birth in the cosmos,
Plays the tune of the wit of matter,
Releasing the effervescence of the fathomless galaxies!
Nature may be the ultimate sorcerer...
The earth,the water,
The microscopic cell
And even the smokey nebulas
In the space ..
Seems magical,
With spells of eternity!
Chaos dances with order
Just as
Plainness with complexities...
At the edge of Newtonian physics, Chained to Quantum mechanics!
The glories and nuisances which colours the Earth,often sharpens
The Daggers  of deft,
For the mighty river of both minute and vast talents
Flows through all dimensions!
"The knight in illusionized armour"
Furnish the ignorant voids within us But empties what we already know!
The darkness of obscurity
The  light of expression
bleeds through us...
Assembling the mighty cosmos
That we know
Through our finitely infinite
Dull yet ignited minds!
Wrote this poetry in collaboration with Godfrey!! He gave the outline and I added what I could! Obviously, I think I'm better at spontaneous writes yet I enjoyed writing this!
Thanks for reading!
It is based on the typical stereotype of intelligence!
Makayla Jane Jun 9
I'm somewhere between heartache and agony,
Where your soul feels it's being crushed mercilessly
Yet, a raging anger
Burning its way through my body and melting my brain
Singing my insides;
Unable to think rationally

Trying to ignore you is like trying not to breathe
I can't help but look at your face,
And to tell myself this isn't real

I want to try and fix things but then again I don't wanna rush it and hurt things more instead...

I made a public collection {Letters To Jennie Collection} so all further letter posts will be together if anyone would want to follow it and read them. Thank you for your time~
The man lays on the side of the road,
Looking raggedy and feeling old,

Bandanna on his head,
And wearing ripped jeans,

His mind thinks back,
to the good times in his teens,

In the heat of the day,
He sits and he sings.

Only his guitar for company,
As he plucks at the strings,

In his hey day, he had lived like a king,
Now he sits alone counting his sins,.

Remembering all the people, who have come and gone,
Sometimes the days can seem so long,

In a blink of an eye life can change,
So be kind to other's, As you bask in your glory,

Don't be so quick to judge,
Because we don't know their story.
As t accidentally posted my draft of this poem a few days ago , I thought I'd post the finished version now. Hope you enjoy.
The uniVerse Jun 5
masters of deception
taste your corruption
you take something perfect
and fill it with hate
tell me I’m wrong
that I don’t belong
that’s what you’re good at
twisting facts
to divide and conquer
fill them with fear
I’m not playing my part
I’m not white by design
I’m white by luck
and so I’m stuck
in a war over skin
where to begin
with stupidity
that stupid grin
can’t hide sin
I smell it on you
you stink
of fear and lies
they all rise
like a single hive
they all white
not with purity
but forcefully
trying to scrub
the world clean
till all that’s left
is what reflects
with a pinch of insanity
Written 29th July 2019
Em MacKenzie Jun 5
There is only so long
you can struggle to make a bed
before you realize,
that it's a futon.
An old note I wrote down months and months ago.
Jace Joseph Jun 4
All of the loss from all the hate,
With so much injustice around
I fail to hold these cries.
As we'll all just grieving
In anyway we can express.
With problems from deep rooted
seeds of Bigotry and ignorance.
That we need to pull quickly
Out from all of this soil,
So our garden may flourish.
A nation in grieving from all these trama's, being together truly means everything.
The concern roams in the alleyway,
A few yards from this garden,
Miles from the synthetic sunshine of the day

It resides now in a place locked away,
And often ponders upon its purpose,
In the fogged splinters of a 𝑜𝑛𝑐𝑒 𝑢𝑝𝑜𝑛 𝑎 𝑡𝑖𝑚𝑒 one-way mirror

A bit hazy from the distance, but I see,
Its come to love the abouts of the abandoned street,
On peaceful days, it jumps off the edge of the cliff,
Immortal as ever, it returns to wander the streets yet still

Perhaps, like the seed, it shall forever live
Perhaps, like the tree, it's meant to root within
Only that its roots, die when watered
When addressed and attended, they succumb.
Do you really think looking away would help?
All of life is dead and the Sun has set.
Wet is the battlefield with blood after the brawl.
Stenches of death and sweat from both sides,
divides and drenches the trenches.
Sounds echo eerily quiet;
quite loud and profound.
All is for naught, as the vultures of the President descend.

The celadon leader smiles as he looks upon his ****** empire.
His vicious hunger is never fulfilled and his smaragdine iniquity smothers.
He wants, no, needs more; a never-sated, rapacious desire.
A broken country built on the backs and deaths of others;
evermore he wants and he wants evermore.
An incessant life drowned in cupidity and submerged in green,
but he is never jaded. He is a ***** emerald without valor.
His unclean desire for money recklessly expands as a deep ravine.

Avarice trumps the morals,
while he spreads a pestilential malignancy through the air.
The sacred blood of innocents binds together his laurels.
But the need for greed is exponential and blinds him to his error.
The mindless masses amass themselves at his mere feet,
but his mere feats only sum to immense ignorance and hate.
As he continues to stand for nothing but hypocrisy,
and his sycophants continue to vacuously prate.
It is a lesson for us all as a warning for our souls.
Covetousness is a viridian plague with no cure.
He corrupts spirits and gains unrighteous power from the polls.
But he is no leader, he’s only a false savior siphoning from the poor.
I first wrote this nearly two years ago but I never released it until now, when things are at a boiling point. It seems like everything takes its course eventually.
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