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Chelsea Daley  Apr 2014
Chelsea Daley Apr 2014
Sometimes ignorance is bliss
The kind of ignorance that keeps us from knowing how a hospital smells
Or what the person we love the most truly feels about us
Or what it feels like to say goodbye

But sometimes ignorance is a fire
The kind of ignorance that keeps you from accepting someone
Or the ignorance that puts you at war with those that are suffering
The kind of ignorance that preys on vulnerability

Sometimes curiosity kills ignorance
Takes vengeance on the unknown
Curiosity becoming a crossroad
For which most of us take the road traveled most

Killing beautiful ignorance for good.
JayceeJellies Oct 2014
It's funny how you lie, because I know it all.
The things that you say behind these walls,
But I won't let you know this, no I will not throw a fit.
Because he'd spit out lines of ignorance all over me.
And our friendship is more important to me than this,
This sweet ignorance.

The pain you've been causing recently to me hurts,
It burns every curve, every slot, it slurs my mind,
Because I've believed in you from the beginning of time.
And to think that you've been laughing,
Praising hate towards me.
I wish I could just wake up, and tell you about this insane dream.

Or maybe I'm the one to blame?
Have I really been acting out as crazed as you say?
Backdooring you as if you weren't anything new,
I can't recall these events in the album of my memories.
Please start pointing them out to me.

I feel as if we are strangers now.
It's breaking into my mind,
I can no longer sleep right at night.
And if I drift away, I wake up with dried tears on my face.
I don't want you to go,
Please stay by my side.
Weren't we bestfriends?
I never thought you'd be the one to make me feel as if I need to run and hide?

But now you are,
and I have to ignore this,
Because if I don't..
There will be ignorance,
Ignorance in the sweetest.
And neither of us need this.
This sweet ignorance.
Melissa Mhluzi Jun 2015
Ignorance enemy of our lives
Ignorance paves our perception of what life is when our parents are on the picture yet as soon as the picture fades away
Ignorance pushes reality check to sink in and when it does our lives are turned up side down
Ignorance is a state of mind that refuses to know right from wrong
It controls our mind into thinking that it is what it is
It only comes to **** and destroy one's intellectual like the enemy
Yet when it leaves and the friend visits
Questions of sorrow and guilt arise
Why was I so?
Why didn't I?
I could have just
I wish
If only
And only then time will have fled for it has no accomplices,it goes as planned
We are trapped in ignorance so much that we never see the importance of the picture to hang in there
We always walk pass through it as if it will always be there to guide us.
Time and ignorance have trapped the minds of born frees into thinking that is how it is suppose to be living young and free
Chains of ignorance have left uneducated child headed homes
Born frees with no vision
Born frees chasing behind a job instead of a career
Born frees passionate about wages instead of a vision
The unfolding vision of the born frees is yet to be told when the born frees are free from the chains of ignorance the enemy
What is Life, have you ever thought?
It is not just to exist, have you forgot?
Is there a greater purpose for us here on earth?
Is there more to achieve in this human birth?

We humans want to be happy, but why are we sad?
We live in ignorance and feel that Life is bad
When will we stop and go on a quest?
When will we be enlightened and in peace will we rest?

We are all prisoners, we are not free
We all live in cages, suffering is our fee
Because we don’t find out what is the Truth
We live in ignorance and we face the brute!

I too lived in ignorance for 40 long years
I lived with anxiety and I lived with my fears
Until one day I found out what was true
And then my Life changed with happy colours and hues

My Spiritual Master asked me to go on a quest
To put every belief of mine to test
“Wake up,” he said, “and realize the truth
Ask and investigate till you get to the root!”

I found that happiness has 3 little peaks
But man is so petty, just pleasure he seeks
Few of us are lucky, we are content with our need
And don't become prisoners of our lust and our greed

The ego and the mind, they both make us sad
We think these are us, but they are the ones who are bad
They are our biggest enemies, they stop the realization
From ignorance and suffering, our Life’s liberation

When we realize who we are and why we are here
We become free from ignorance and every possible tear
We can then live blissfully with happiness and cheer
Today and tomorrow, and right through the year

Happiness is all about being in the now
Not shuttling in thoughts and losing a Life that’s wow
The past is gone, the future not yet born
But we waste our Life as this shuttling goes on

What is Life, have you ever thought?
“Are you just existing?” this question you forgot
If we are liberated from myth and ignorance
Then our Life will have a new fragrance

There are many beliefs that create unhappiness
We live with superstitions, the truth we miss
But because these are things that we all have been taught
We accept these things which in fact must be forgot

Don't we see that nothing is ours at death?
Life is a journey and lasts till our breath
The fact is that we have just a few years to live
Why hate and regret, why not just forgive?

We all want to be happy and we chase success
We think that success is happiness
But when we look around, we find the rich are sad
If money could create happiness, then the rich should be glad

Fools we are, in ignorance we live
We can be happy if we just learn to give
Instead, we earn and earn and earn
Only for others to burn what we earn

We don’t realize that death is not the end
The body dies but for the mind, it’s just a bend
There is a Universal Law on earth
As per our actions, will be our rebirth

I learned about things that make people cry
We wail in misery without asking questions, “Why?”
Life is a treasure, and this gift we lose
Because we don’t discriminate, because we don’t choose

Our goal is Liberation, to be free from the myth
The purpose of Life is to realize the truth
I learned that if we go on a quest, we will find
Joy, peace, and bliss of a very different kind

But instead, we are building fortunes that will not be ours
Sure, we may be rich and have monetary showers
But what is the use if our heart is full of tears
What is the use of Life if it is filled with fears!

Because we don’t understand the true meaning of Life
We live with misfortune, with misery and strife
Rather we must go on a quest, the Truth to find
And be Enlightened about Ego, Body and Mind

Our goal is just one - to merge with the Divine
Instead, we live chasing wealth, women, and wine
We go on and on like rats in this race
Don’t reach our destination, we get caught in the maze

There are in this world just a lucky fortunate few
Who wake up every morning before the sky turns blue
They meditate, they contemplate the true meaning of Life
They cut through the ignorance with a sharp little knife

They are the ones who live a Life full of bliss
They love all, knowing love is not just a kiss
They overcome the ignorance that envelops most of us
They find true enlightenment in Divinity that surrounds us

What is Life in the final analysis?
It’s about being peaceful and finding happiness
But far more than just living with bliss and Joy
Is to discover Life’s purpose before Life goes by

What is Life, the Truth we must know
It’s Liberation from Ignorance knowing this is just a show
It’s about Realization that gives us Liberation
Finding true Enlightenment and Divine Unification
Fish The Pig  May 2013
Fish The Pig May 2013
I condemn the ignorant.
I persecute and judge
The hapless swagsters
With their pants dragging across the pavement.
Their style,
their style I can judge.
Their ignorance, I have no right.
I took a look at the world.
Wrenching my heart.
Making my head fuzzy
With eyes aching from what they have seen.
My ears throb with the pitched wringing
Of constant technology
And controlled ignorance.
Most of all it is my legs.
My legs move awkwardly
As they struggle to support my weight.
They struggle to keep me standing against the gravity
Of a world that does not seem worth walking through.
Jumbled sentences,
no political views,
no future in mind,
hatred of any and all religion.
Yet they are so open.
So open and accepting to those
Which religion,
And the future have so swiftly rejected.
I look at the lies
And personal gain
Of politics.
It is disgusting.
I look at the future
And see nothing but horror
And the downfall of society.
I look at religion
And am ashamed to be called a Christian.
The world has become ignorant.
It is the blind leading the blind
As those with money and power
Do all in their ability to control everyone else.
I see the beauty of religious faith
Turned into a monstrous topic
People like to avoid
So they don’t have to think
Of the revolting people
Who are full of sin,
Parading around, destroying others
In the name of the Lord.
I look around and it hurts.
I look around and I collapse to the ground.
My legs have spent so long supporting me,
As if walking would bring me somewhere
Where we are literate and confident.
But as I look around and see the horror
And the misshapen beings swaying to and fro
As they themselves begin to realize that they, too
Want to sit down and wallow in their garbage.
Nothing but Fish in an unkempt tank,
Swimming in our own, endless s**t.
I begin to envy those I condemn.
Those who I purse my lips, raise an eyebrow and scoff at.
Those who I dismiss so easily in their ignorance,
For not seeing the world as it is.
Until I realize that I am not so smart.
Until I realize that their ignorance is the greatest genius of all.
Ignorance, as they say, is bliss.
Bliss I could only lie at the feet and kiss
In envy and want as I lose hope
In that I am just as ignorant as the rest.
I try to forget what I have seen,
What I have heard,
And how hard my legs have worked.
But I lay down and kiss.
I accept the bliss that comes with not knowing.
I forget the lies,
And cruelty of the world,
And even if it’s just for a little bit,
I bathe in the glory of ignorance.
Karina Rose Sep 2010
Always on the search for truth
I Hide from it’s Face now and for the first time
Because Ignorance is Bliss

I wouldn’t dream of editing you
And am Glad you Found someone to talk to
But every now and then I wish it wasn’t me

I know you well enough now to see you won’t be falling for me
You won’t be listening for my Heart Beat

The Formers
You’ve divulged these secrets to me

Open as a book
I’ll bend the spine to make my crease clear and visible
There is one who’s left a lurking Impression
I get to see the stains
They won’t wash out

I think it’s too late
I wouldn’t have been enough
Enough to make Taintless the mess they’ve left behind
Lets pretend that I’m ignorant to what You and I both know
Thank you to my Fifth Muse
Sophie Herzing Dec 2012
is beautiful
when it's strung together with metal links
and hung like chains in the candlelight
so the world can see it glisten on the sour part
at just the right time.
My body,
liked to **** up that ignorance
late at night when the moonlight uncovered my hidden despair,
my secret wish that you could be mine,
so that I could pretend like it still didn't hurt that much,
like it still wasn't painful to open my eyes
when the sun came up.

When my future became blurry,
I found clarity in the comfort of the past
because truth is,
I knew it well.
So I opened the lock on the wrecking ball cabinet,
let it explode all over my life
burnt out all the flame remnants
with my fingers,
I let myself love this stencil someone
of everything I told myself I'd never give excuses to
no more,
because that was easier,
pure ignorance was more painless
than admitting
I still needed you,
after all these days.

I mean,
how is it we continue to want those that break us apart?
And why is it we can erasing the memories, tearing and tugging the stitches
but people still remain in our hearts?
I mean,
how is it after this complicated translation
I still want back to you,
I still want

It didn't make sense to me,
and I cruelly didn't want it to make sense to you.
So I fragmentaly kept it covered in my safety guard,
my ignorance
because that's easier than sinking into innocence,
calling out help, tracing out apologies on your skin,
begging you to believe that trust is more than just
some cacophony I've prepared in the back of my soul.
It's easier than trying to get you to believe in me again.

I didn't want to admit that I needed you,
but I do.

is beautiful

when it's strung together with metal links
and hung like chains in the candlelight
so the world can see it glisten on the sour part
at just the right time.
Mafia Princess Dec 2014
I see people...
They are normal people;
But I feel so much more different than them
  My intentions are not to hurt,
   Nor to be noticed for bad things.

I don't talk up things I can't hold myself to
But I see others do it....


It doesn't make sense why one would want to known for ignorance

Ignorance is stupidity..
Ignorance is annoying...
  Ignorance is pointless....

Why does one enjoy it?
Why would one want to be ignorant.

No one wants to be a ******.

But so many are.

It isn't funny
It isn't cute

So there is no point

Arcassin B Jun 2015
By Quinfinn & AB

AB:Freedom Of Speech,
No longer free,
We're all the same (Person)
Different colors,
Come in packs,
There are others,
Judging covers,
Crazy personalities,
Talking in third (Person)
Minus beautiful necessities,
For faithful lovers,
Damaged memories,
Just like the next (Person)
Got it just as bad as you,
What a feeling,
To be high,
Loving life,
Exploring miles,
And not killing a (Person),
Swear its petty,
Keep it steady,
You and me are not the same (Person)
Moving on to better things,
Wedding rings,
Changing things,
Making moves,
But you'd rather be a stupid (Person)
Getting into drugs , royal rugs,
Should be spreading love,
Get to know a familiar (Person)
To lead you on the right path,
Coming back , take another drag,
To know the facts man!
Swear you're not that (Person)
That people use to see you as,
You were a blessing,

♦ Wouldn't look good for your character,
That's why I keep to myself,
Put a barrier around myself,
Would not live to let another human being break my health,
Limits ****,
And so does unfairness,
Not believing your awareness,
I'm aware,
That you'll swing it out of the park,
And into the window of ignorance,♦

WSQF: what cost...freedom?
is it not free?
no...neither are we.
what color is humanity?
are we not all alike?
no....we who judge a man by the skin he wears
care not for the heart within...seeing only projected lies
created by fear and ignorance.
define insanity...
what is real and what is not?
we are the third person
you are the first
i am the first
there is no second except what society dictates
what needs employ hatred, anger , fear? should be all...collectively..we are the one
we are not wild dogs...loving is human and animal,
but not a wild animosity, not a purge of wisdom
loving is dignity, intelligence, fidelity...oneness
too easily, humanity loses its memory
we are obsessed with personal gain, while we lose our souls
unemployed by design, the very few enslaving the many
what hath man's interpretation of god wrought?
all of the same genes, the same skin, the same gene pool
are we, brothers and sisters all....the same living, dying membrane are we
where there are walls and bridges, we lose ourselves,
our collective consciousness
raising our younglings to hate and fear upon the dictates 
of societal and class grudgery and vain apathy....greed.
man's only limits are those he is bred to believe
awareness is light and we are not sheeple....we are people
awake humanity with the light of reason and empathy and education.....of self worth, of dignity, of love
break the stained glass of slavery, ignorance and oligarchy of fear....
arise, humans and embrace the light of love
live together, enrich each other....find one the whole and the one....

♦ Wouldn't look good for your character,
That's why I keep to myself,
Put a barrier around myself,
Would not live to let another human being break my health,
Limits ****,
And so does unfairness,
Not believing your awareness,
I'm aware,
That you'll swing it out of the park,
And into the window of ignorance,♦
I just hope you like this very creative display that me and Quinn has beautifully made for you I hope that you only see positive through all words and take the words and use Them to make the World a very positive and unruined block of love.
Spenser Bennett Apr 2016
It's been said that ignorance is bliss
But I think that phrase took a swing and missed.
Cuz I look around and all the ignorance I see and hear
Seems to stem directly from fear.

Fear of knowledge, change, and what may come next
From both sides of the aisle, right and left

Mother help us we walk along in confusion
Pointing fingers, spewing hate filled abuse and
Forgetting to speak of love for fear of rejection
Father help us we ask your protection

There's more to learn if only we allow it
We should listen to more than just those who shout the loudest

Even jesters garner much attention
And are showered with affection
But their ideas are farcical and dilute
If one but tried they are simple to dispute

Die not with fear in your heart
Remember courage requires fear to start
To defeat our burgeoning ignorance
We must supplant our living indifference
I'm sadden by the ignorance, of those who refuse to move on.  They decided to remain the same, for that they have not grown.
I'm sadden by the ignorance, of those who choose to stand still.   They rather hang out, and get high off the pill.
I'm sadden by the ignorance, of those who refuse to gain knowledge, Yet, they try to hinder those who's trying to make it to college.
I'm sadden by the ignorance, of those who are out to steal.  Yet, when they are caught, they are ready to ****.
I'm sadden by the ignorance, of those who refuse to change.  If you decide to have a better life, I'm sure this can be arranged.
By, Sandra Juanita Nailing
Infinity - The name of the planet where the story takes place.

Eternity - The name of the main Continent where the story takes place.

Darkness - The name of the country where the sins live.

Chaos - The capital city in the country Darkness.

Tranquility - The name of the country where the virtues live.  

Glory - The capital city in the country Tranquility.

Lust - The wife of Greed and the mother of Anger.  Lust is a ******* and a ****.  Her husband Greed is her ****.  Lust has an affair with Hatred and becomes pregnant.  She gives birth to Anger.  Lust and Envy are best friends.  

Greed - The husband of Lust, the older brother of Envy, and the step father of Anger.  Greed is Lust's ****.  Greed is a ****, corrupt politician, gangster, and a ***** businessman.  Greed is Pride's right hand man.

Hatred - The father of Anger and Cruelty.  Hatred has an affair with Lust.  She becomes pregnant and gives birth to Anger.  He also has a fling with Envy.  She becomes pregnant and gives birth to Cruelty.  Hatred rapes Love.  Hatred is a terrorist, an assassin, and a cold calculated killer.

Love - The wife of Loyalty, the mother of Kindness, and the older sister of Truth.  Love is a humanitarian and a healer.  Love is ***** by Hatred.

Loyalty - The husband of Love and the father of Kindness.  Loyalty is a soldier and a warrior.  He gets revenge on Hatred for ****** Love.

Kindness - The daughter of Love and Loyalty.  She is the niece of Truth.

Anger - The son of Lust and Hatred, the stepson of Greed, and the half brother of Cruelty.  Anger is best friends with Ignorance.

Faith - The wife of Truth and the mother of Hope.

Hope - The daughter of Faith and Truth.

Pride - The elected commander who rules over all the sins.

Cruelty - The daughter of Envy and Hatred.  She is the half sister of Anger.

Envy - The younger sister of Greed and the mother of Cruelty.  Envy has a fling with Hatred and becomes pregnant.  She gives birth to Cruelty.  Envy is best friends with Lust.

Truth - The husband of Faith, the father of Hope, and the younger brother of Love.  Truth is the uncle of Kindness.  Truth is a soldier and a warrior.  He gets revenge on Hatred for ****** Love.

D.E.A.T.H. - A terrorist organization created and operated by Hatred.  D.E.A.T.H. stands for Darkness Engulfing All Things Holy.

Knowledge - The younger brother of Understanding and Wisdom.

Understanding - The brother of Wisdom and Knowledge.  Understanding is a teacher.  He and Mercy have a romantic interest in each other.

Wisdom - The oldest brother of Knowledge and Understanding.  Wisdom is the elected commander who rules over all the virtues.

Sloth - The wife of Gluttony and the mother of Ignorance.

Gluttony - The husband of Sloth and the father of Ignorance.

Ignorance - The son of Sloth and Gluttony.  Ignorance is best friends with Anger.

S.O.U.L. -   A humanitarian organization created and operated by Love.  S.O.U.L. stands for sharing our undying love.

Grace - She's a singer, entertainer, and a a performer.

Mercy - She is a member of S.O.U.L.  Mercy is best friends with Love.  She has a romantic interest in Understanding.

Limbo - A country that's in the middle of the two countries Darkness and Tranquility.  Darkness is to the west of Limbo and Tranquility is to the east of Limbo.  The country Limbo has a river of blood running down the middle.  There is a civil war taking place in the country Limbo.

Deceit - Deceit is a master of disguise.   It is a male and and a female.  Deceit is a member of D.E.A.T.H.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum
A story about Sins and Virtues.

— The End —