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Natalie Mar 4
Baseline fractures
Faults in the earth
Inevitable crevices, unfathomable
Depths, and the-
                              Baseline fractures

Darkest shores
A dozen dead mourners
Grey lights and
A land without corners

Horizons twist bitter
Into themselves
The world descends further
Out of the shelves

From dust a baseline
From dust a hall
From dust to dust
It's just a hall
Simon Aug 2020
Trying to tame that which is within is a counter defect too something even more excruciatingly impossible too seemingly dabble right into! All because nothing truly ever remains the same afterwards...when all limitations are shot clean straight off the market! A market that is ONLY of the making towards what truly is from within, that harms ALL products into a complete stasis of "subjugation". Subjugation is how this thing (from within) is desperately trying too fool you into even trying to reach out from within (first and foremost). Actually, there's NO telling what could happen when you even try to "reach out from within"??? Since nothing is truly trusting when limitations start to burn out! Like a "spark plug" inside a cars engine that burned out because it short-circuited too many times, that it eventually wore it's entire self out cold! Showing that even while trying too tame (that which is within) may seem like just an incredible first.... Only until you are shown you've been left both lost and forgotten, altogether. Until you were to finally discover that nothing ever made sense to begin with. It's because you've been out cold this entire...**** time! WHY?! And why am I just noticing this now...?! Simple... Because a long, long, long...time ago... You tried to control something beyond ALL your wildest dreams of being capable of achieving! Especially while trying to tame that which is within! You can't erase the past! Just like when you are finally discovering that you've been short-circuited one too many times! Conclusion... The end result, is a massive tempting pleasure! Showing that you were obviously right about one thing... The market from within, is now spreading joy too your most wildest dreams about simply trying to merely take on that which is within!
PS... What do you suppose that could mean...?
You can't even (for the very lives of your individualities) try to simply attempt your "tempting" selves into taking on (that which is within)! You will certainly lose! As you were ALWAYS...meant too!!!
EP Robles Mar 2020
IF you follow me bring the dead along for all the children have suffered and all madmen pollute || ~~ IS GAME OVER “? between sun-beating down & STARS beating
psychotic clowns/ the pogo clown has died forever.
If you could you might adjust your eyes against all monsters that follow
…kiss me if you survive \perishing is a buildingGRACE of reSKINNING the Soul
(oh whoa oh whoa oh wow oh no oh hey)
…just say the hardest price to pay //
are the things for free // eat and drink
remain my memory deeply between crimson &
sun-baked lips (music stretches thinner
e a c h & e v e r y d a y
carry on even if the stars extinguish
the very hurt you receive time &
space str e t c h ed pass a threshold of
mortal pain…you see and creation is reversed forward
God have mercy upon our weakened hearts
shame shame it’s the only world we have
and each other — there ain’t no denying (OH mother! No denying LIFE is a THORN against my eyes; as i bend down i try to find my BEING within a deeply yelled moan; i’m dying i’m dying i’m rolling round a desert stream — shambhala come again against trail dust and kasmir
i am waiting i am decaying i am a mote of Poet
t r aveling inside OPEN space considered: static syntax
and congealed moments upon the professional grace of unspoken
words. whoa…whoa…it’s the hardest price to pay when things
so expensive are for free.

:: 03.03.2020 ::
Jade Louise May 2018
She had no idea
What she looked like
Until she found herself on paper

She was no longer
Just a collection
Of cells, skins, and thoughts
Limited by
Where she ended
And the world began

Words on paper
Turned her insides out
And the outside entered in

This is how she entered the world
On paper

It began with a poem, from a stranger
The poet's despair, hope, and bliss
Whispered to her own despair, hope, and bliss
The truth of another
Unlocked the truth of her own

Then she dreamt the dreams
Of her most distant ancestors
Her world stretching bigger

The trees began to inhabit her
The truth of their roots
Rooting within her

Unlocked the secrets of Strangers,
The Secrets of her ancestors
And the Secrets of Mother Nature
And she found herself there
She shared their truths

First she found herself on paper
Then she found herself in the world
krsna Jul 2017
Joys of celebration ringing on your ear
Smiling and happy people in every rear
What was missing?
Happiness, joys, and serenity
Dancing in the floor with crowd
Music and celebration so loud
Mideast of all I was dancing for formality
I was wandering far from the reality
I am dancing with the whole world
Yet a shivering and lonely feeling of cold
Fast and speedy has this dance become
But pain increasing inside me that I have to overcome  
Enjoyed by others this mutual touch of dance
I alone feeling like its dance to call the menace

The touch that will end soon
Feeling will be with moon
Said that everyone will be here
End of happiness
And that will show true and fare
Dance will become a march of dead
And soon no one will even share one crumb of bread
Evil that resides in us as selfishness and greed
Will take over the happiness and will breed

No more dance and mutual touch of attachment
Killing and betrayal will be final and detachment

Soon I will be dancing again
In the pool of vengeance and blood
Question same thing that was here before as a flood
What was missing?
Happiness, joys and serenity
Light House Nov 2017
When days seem to drag...
When the sky only wants to cloud..
When the sun cannot be found...
Without vitamin D ...I do not feel myself;
I feel... inside-(out.)

A star burning within
-- not without --
inward on itself.
Nite Apr 2016
With a word
Poison spreads
Decaying foundations
From inside out
Another attempt at a 10 words poem!
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
what is life???
Life without a music
is just like death without a witness!
but again what is life?Is it the journey
of destiny or ain't it funny to be ha-
ppy go lucky?I don't
wanna  be like a
what is life for those
who care but lose it?
no feeling of pride,
fellowship, loyalty,
lack of enthusiasm,
devotion and honor!
" no man is an island "
according to John Donne.
but for me-WE ARE ONE is what
I ah really want to EMPHASIZE!!!

"we can not talk
peace and have
a gun"

In only one head shot...
the spirit of the body
would probably
travel to the air
just like a bullet.
The same as  this
magazine,,,our life
loaded as it begun
yet gradually gone
everytime we strum
the trigger of rebellion
Pluviophilist Oct 2015
You tear me apart,
From the inside out..
You stab me,
Right at the heart..

You break me,
In a blink of an eye..
In just a second,
You make me feel like,
'There's nothing left of me'

You were the apple of my eye,
The oxygen to my soul,
The love of my life..
But I was never yours

I was only an accessory,
A runaway,
A shadow,
An artificial lover

— The End —