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Faith Jan 2019
Beating my head like a pounding drum
Not stupid, not dumb
Just numb
Nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs
I'm so done
It's grown to an awful hum
All I am is Numb
So much is going on right now that have worn out my emotions so much I almost can't feel them anymore
Viktoria Jan 2019
I gotta do something against
The pressure I am putting on myself
I can't bear this weight on my chest
I need to break free and to rest.

Of all
Blue Oct 2018
You must,
You just must surround yourself with people who respect you,
Give regard to those who do not
The path down the hill of contempt
Is one not well-kept
You might hear this often
I do,
I guess I know it’s a lot easier to write this
than to do
But once you leave,
you will feel free
Your company should never make
You feel hostile and trapped
You’re worn out and
It’s uneasy and uncomfortable
You don’t need an explanation to leave
Havoc and abhorrence
That’s they’re own doing
There may never be a consolation to these type
Of toxic relationships
But that’s the beauty of free-will
You are in charge of ones discretion
It may be unrequited, unsettling for them
But think about you now
Liberate yourself
Respect yourself

let them go
& now, be free
Ijla May 2018
I remember
When you told me
That you loved
The way I smiled
That my smile lightened up your world
Even when it was shrouded in darkness
So I wonder if my smile
Still lingers in your mind
Even after we parted
Going our separate ways
Or is it fading away
As if on a worn out photograph
Lying in the dirt
Under the strong sun
So everytime I smile, I'm reminded of you. Maybe that's why I don't smile as much.
Marlin Smith Aug 2017
I've tried time & time again ,
Tried making everything right.
Tried fighting the good fight  in myself , thinking it'll all be okay ;thinking that one day you'll love me for me or even love that I'm all about being alone then actually committing to somebody...
I live this dark struggle of life struggling mother, no father , unexplained ailments & falling disorders ; this life will never be easy as I try cry & pretend to be happy when I'm just dying inside hoping to go on one day to world of spirits but I'm not gonna quit until I feel happy
Happy not only for me but those around me & that the right one will find me & Turn these dark struggles into dust lines & calm that rough storm brewing inside of me ...
Taylor Shelton Mar 2016
And I don't know if I can do it anymore
             Water is calling to soak up my body
                             To float and be free
                                   No gravity
                 It would feel like I was floating
                  could be dead in the water
Cristian May 2015
Not a thing matters
when you waste your life in bed
Not a thing matters
when your mental shocks are dead
Not a thing matter
when you've nearly lost your head
Not a thing matters
when there's nothing left to shed

Cristian May 2015
close your eyes
and you'll understand

what i see
and what i am

to be nothing
to see nothing
to feel nothing
JES Nov 2014
life is all about perspective
what have I done?
maintain my sanity.
worn out, burnout
worry about
so different.
I am a daughter
I adjust as needed
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