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“Judge not”

Harsh words

For most of us

Who judge automatically

When each new experience

Brings forth a feeling

Of this is good

Or this is  bad  

Unmuted feelings become

Judgmental thoughts

I judge

So, tell me

How do I “judge not”

Do I cover my emotion

With a shroud

So often that

I become unresponsive

Or do I learn to greet

Each new experience

With openness and compassion

Showing unconditionally

Welcoming acceptance

Ideally, learning such openness

Would come with ease

In reality it seems

To take a lifetime
*One of the three necessary and sufficient condidtions of a helping relationship according to Carl Rogers, author of “On Becoming a Person*. I previously posted a rondeau about another condition, empathy.  The third condition is “unconditional positive regard.”  Irv Yalom an eminent psychotherapist has said, “there’s nothing that’s more empirically validated than Rogers’s assumptions.”
Love is that sweet
which dumb eats
Tastes and enjoys
But cannot say what it is.
Can Anyone Define Love? I think It Is Impossible. What Do You Say?
Bansi Adroja Mar 12
Sometimes its feels like we're talking
through train station speakerphones
muffled by static and noise
screaming our lungs out
to no one at all
while life just rolls on by
disappearing under tracks
with so little regard
A day of feeling like static
Au premier regard
Une photo noir et blanc
Révélée d'une pellicule Kodak Ilford Agfa Fuji 50 asa
Qui flotte dans un bain d'arrêt entre alcalin et câlin.
Au deuxième regard
Un sourire mutin tatin
Mâtin lutin satin
Qui dévoile des fossettes sans retouches.
Au troisième regard
Un film ancien
Hitchkock, Preminguer
Une héroïne, une sainte
Jeanne d'Arc .
Au quatrième regard
Le désir d'en savoir plus
Sur cette Jean Seberg ressuscitée,
Reine de Saba virtuelle.
Regard sur le texte court et concis :
"Cherche homme vrai et honnête
A vingt kilomètres maximum."
Au sixième regard
Regard sur moi même dans le miroir
Vrai? Honnête?
En tout cas pas faux ni malhonnête.
Ni faux nez ni faux profil.
Et une interrogation.
Vrai et honnête égale nu et sincère ?
Au septième regard j'ai eu envie de vous dire
Que j'existais à 20 kilomètres de vous
Et je me suis présenté sur papuer glacé
Et vous m'avez dit tout simplement
A bientôt.
Deux petits mots si simples
Une préposition et un adverbe
Porteurs de tant de sens propres
et figurés.
Ainsi commence notre aventure
Et je nous souhaite bon vent
Mutin satin mâtin lutin tatin
Et des milliers d'autres regards
Nus et sincères
Ou pour utiliser votre syntaxe
Vrais et honnêtes.
She is Blue Oct 2018
You must,
You just must surround yourself with people who respect you,
Give regard to those who do not
The path down the hill of contempt
Is one not well-kept
You might hear this often
I do,
I guess I know it’s a lot easier to write this
than to do
But once you leave,
you will feel free
Your company should never make
You feel hostile and trapped
You’re worn out and
It’s uneasy and uncomfortable
You don’t need an explanation to leave
Havoc and abhorrence
That’s they’re own doing
There may never be a consolation to these type
Of toxic relationships
But that’s the beauty of free-will
You are in charge of ones discretion
It may be unrequited, unsettling for them
But think about you now
Liberate yourself
Respect yourself

let them go
& now, be free
George Krokos Mar 2018
It is just as much a case of mistaken identity
to regard one’s self with too much indemnity.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
AB May 2017
How I
See myself,

Is not how
See me.

Nox Feb 2017
You would hate me if I were like you,

making scars deeper than oceans.

Treating me like I never knew,

with no regard of my emotions.

— The End —