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Marissa Jun 2018
it’s torture
it feels like screaming at the top of your lungs
but you are in an isolation room
white walls, empty echoes
or like you’re gasping for air
but you are being dragged under water
suffocating darkness, deep abyss
i just want to be heard
i just want to be understood
Maria Land Oct 2018
I'm Going On The Run,
Watching silos in the Sun,
Trying to find a place to hide,
From the evil that's inside,
Corn fields in the landscape,
Let's give in more take,
Thoughts they fill my head,
Try to distract them instead,
The woods are dark and baron,
So I just can't stop staring,
4 hours from my home,
I feel so all alone,
Cry myself to sleep,
For the company I keep,
I hope you enjoyed your stay,
I made it through another day!
i'm ready to go -
i can no longer stay
in a place where it's so dark
with such little faith.

my heart and soul
have grown weary,
and i have no
more time to wait.

if i keep
up this routine,
i will surely
waste away.

or literal -
i know it
must be done.

i'll take that leap -
THE leap of faith,
and i will do
so today.
Delia Darling Jul 2018
On the day that I lost my name
I took a nice long walk
To the edge of infinity,
Searching for it

You know, they say the earth is round
And as I leaned to peer over the side of it
There, lay a vast blanket of outer space
No continuous ground— like they said
No path to move on from
Dead-end roads  and deadened feet
Had led me to this edge, where
I cut myself on contemplative thorns

“At what point did he stop loving me?”
“My friends are gone”
“Rehab couldn’t fix me”
“I don’t want to wake up tomorrow”

No, the world isn’t round
My thoughts are round
And so are my vices
Always spinning and falling
Into a perpetual mental cycle

So when I looked beyond the cliffs of my flat Earth
Into the depths of nothingness
I pondered what it would feel like

                         my way over

                  To lose myself forever

If I never wake up tomorrow
Would they remember my name?
clem turner Jul 2018
they told you to ***** the paint off of the walls
and mend.
so you threw his key away again,
like you said you would,
but like promises,
you're barely ever held.
Alice Baker Jul 2018
I’ve hit a point where crashing no longer gives me whiplash.

Collapsing is normal, bruises are common.

I got lost alone in the woods at 3 am and prayed I wouldn't find my way back,

I’ve been swinging on the ropes a little too long.  My arms are tired.

24 years. 24 years. 24 years.
peyton Mar 2018
soft and gentle
hear like silk, thin as thread
eyes like jade
freckles scattered the way you kissed me and pulled away
to see my smile
just to join our lips together again
you were there when you were needed
but now i'm in solitude
and you are too
you, were mine.
This poem is about my ex and I breaking up right before I was sent to rehab.
Audrey Feb 2018
had no one 'till 'leventh grade
abuse it stung like lemonade
on open wounds that would not heal
my heart a tat I could not feel

I didn't see they caused this pain
dealt toxic slurs had no restraints
my worth of self came crashing down
their thoughts turned words in them I drowned

with sugar-coated acid burns
I couldn't tell my world was blurred
the picket fence I could not climb
my feelings dark like what's behind

lemonade a summer treat
will slit your soul and crush your being
its sugar crust will fade away
as sour stings rush through your veins

lemonade sweet like candy yet stung like a bee
I wanted to drink it but I did not see
the buzzing and whirring, the pain it would cause
dragging me down my thoughts in me like claws

blind to my suffering I stayed in that place
death, my companion, would not go away
hope came from death and from love lost came truth
I buried my feelings in hopes I'd end soon

suicide my relief I'd confide to its shadow
my secret obsession I'd be in peace after
my toes in the water I pulled back in fear
to end was my dream yet I could not go near
A dictionary would have been nice while writing this but nope, I was stuck in rehab.
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