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buangkanlah XTC dalam darahmu
hembuskanlah asap nikotina dari peparu itu
lupakanlah si teruna, dia tidak kisah.

hiaskanlah kembali dirimu dengan warna merah jambu
yang kini diganti hitam.
kembalilah menulis puisi sunyi yang kini diganti kata makian.
lupakanlah si teruna, dia tidak kisah.

kalau dulu itu kamu minat benar bola sepak, sekarang yang bermain itu adalah kamu.
kalau dulu itu gadis dijadikan teman, kini gadis itu sudah jadi pasangan.
kembalilah meratapi teruna, aku tidak kisah.

aku kadang kadang menyalahkan tempat baru mu, cara mereka menjaga kamu hingga jadi begini
aku sedar sekarang, bukan salah mereka tapi aku yang tidak pernah tanyakan khabar kamu.
kembalilah meratapi teruna, aku tidak kisah.

ini rangkap terakhir aku janji.
sudikah kamu bersama aku ke pasir tengkorak
kita bina istana pasir, walaupun tidak setanding aset yang kamu miliki sekarang.
Sekurangnya, waktu dulu lebih cerah, lebih bahagia.
Kembalilah kepada aku, aku rindu.
teju Aug 15
I'm done with it
and it's over,
I moved on
and found a rehab,
I'm relaxed
and searching old me,
I'm happily living my life now!
Lace Jun 25
It's taken time to admit
That I was going under
Drowning in my use

A storm was brewing inside
Bright lights and the thunder
Ready to hang from a noose

Guilt, shame and a racing mind
It was time to choose
Do I want to live

Or am I ready to lose

Little did I know
What I was about to do

Looking in the mirror
I picked up the phone
And called the man who did most of the abuse
He listened and informed me
That there is hope

I'm on day eight in rehab
The dark circles are gone
I'm alive for a reason
It's my choice to choose
Thank you for cutting the noose, Dad.
s Willow Apr 22
Writing when sober is a thing of the past.
My family’s gone and friends going fast.
Brothers turned his back, filled with shame, when looking down.
Sister sits at home wearing her new born crown.
Spent months in the decrepit jailhouse.
Rehab is my only house.
Another druggie behind bars.
I have no retreats for my life in need of repair.
Six more months with good behavior.
This wont make my life any better.
Ive been in and out since I was a teenager.
I’ve brought this onto myself again.
Daniel Ruiz Mar 15
I lay, in my room, feeling nostalgic, Feeling emotions i thought were long lost from times where, i didn't need to think about the gasoline tank walking out on me, and leaving me with a pile of metal to push.

I start to think to myself, will death be significant? will i give out in the middle of the street like the gasoline tank of a person who believes it'll last another day?

if i knew happiness would leave me hanging when i needed it the most, i wouldn't have presented myself those years ago, when i first met it, oblivious of how addicting it is.

And now I'm in rehab, laying on a mattress on top of metal bars, playing dead so my emotions leave me alone, and let me live a life on my own.

But i still open my eyes, let my breathing be visible through my chest, let my arms tremble in fear.

Because deep down,

I'm scared to let go.
Johnny walker Feb 23
Time I have so much of
late day dreaming Is to
where so much of
time Is spent Its not at
all out of character for
me to do this all
Night time turns to day
very often still writing
all hours but much later
I'd emerged from
writing to try and sleep
but the minute I'm awake again On my phone
writing a real addiction
but good one to
My poetry writing a true addiction but one I don't require rehab love every minute writing poems of my wife
Marissa Jun 2018
it’s torture
it feels like screaming at the top of your lungs
but you are in an isolation room
white walls, empty echoes
or like you’re gasping for air
but you are being dragged under water
suffocating darkness, deep abyss
i just want to be heard
i just want to be understood
Maria Land Oct 2018
I'm Going On The Run,
Watching silos in the Sun,
Trying to find a place to hide,
From the evil that's inside,
Corn fields in the landscape,
Let's give in more take,
Thoughts they fill my head,
Try to distract them instead,
The woods are dark and baron,
So I just can't stop staring,
4 hours from my home,
I feel so all alone,
Cry myself to sleep,
For the company I keep,
I hope you enjoyed your stay,
I made it through another day!
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