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Breeze-Mist Feb 2017
Many have wondered
How the first heirarchy came
Into social life

I'm no expert, but
With my life, I'd say it was
Due to coconuts
A memory from Girl Scout camp. About six of us pretended we were stranded on a deserted island. The only reason we let my friend have an awesome shelter on the beach while we had a few palm fronds was because she was the only one who could open coconuts with rocks.
Nicholas Kurtz Apr 2014
The mirror, mirror lies
Reflecting back at me
All I see is powder
Where could I be?
Numb from the Columbian
A new national war bond
A roman hierarchy
Bang their drums obscenely
To One Right Wing God

The dragon took the towers
But man, it’s happen before
It’s been real hard to ***** all these drugs
To crush all over my mirror
And hide my ugly mug
When did I change?
I think I know who’s behind it completely
Samson’s in my blood
Wrote this in rehab no joke :)

— The End —