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A lone wolf on a mountain
A fish falling down a fountain
A butterfly on a flower
A shark about to devour
A man on a tower
About to meet his death
On his last breath
About to fall to the ground
And people crowd around
The man frowned
This was how he ended his life
Death has the feeling of a blunt knife
Yet the wolf, fish, butterfly and shark
Are still living
Outliving the dominant creature on earth
Do we have no self-worth?
Giving life away so quickly
Because it got a little sickly
Laiba Sep 2020
My head
My heart
All says the one thing
Let it go enough is enough
bahulakaji Sep 2020
It’s not death I fear,
I would welcome it with an open arms,
Like an old friend I haven’t seen for forever,
Like you would welcome love.
What I am afraid is dying through suffocation
When you are in a room full of smoke,
And you realize that you only have these fumes
That burns your chest with every inhale, to breathe.
When you are choking on ether,
And you can’t really feel it because
There is nothing to choke on.
When you are in a close space
And the hot air you breathe out
is the air you need to breathe in.
When you are drowning in the sea
And you realize there is nothing you can do about it.
Since a couple of days I am trying to **** myself.
Hannah Aug 2020
Some times I wish this alcohol would end me
So I wouldn't have to worry about that time
That I almost did it myself
And how I wish
I would have followed through
Zan Jun 2020
Your so selfish!
How could you leave me!
Why am I the one being punished?
How dare you do that on that tree...
The one that held your cold body.
The one that witnessed your last exhale.
The one that was in the eyes of somebody.
Somebody that immediately turned pale.
Their stomach dropped,
and tears filled their eyes.
They broke down.
To the ground.
And shivered as the false hope left their body.
Your so selfish.
What about me....
How dare you.
That somebody was me.
NitaAnn Jun 2020
Looking back over the last twelve years
Wondering why I am still here
Unsuccessive at living or ending my life

Have there been good times?
I suppose that depends
On your definition of good

Its an anniversary
Reminders of the pain and grief
That I both endured and gave

Looking back
I am more than that
I survived - I have overcome
Laiba Apr 2020
My silent screams go unnoticed
My darkend days unchecked
I wish they believed me when i said it did happen
The emptiness is all consuming
It stole away my breathe
Self harm is always an option
Sucide is wish
That wouldn't happen to me
Because even death has rejected me
The memories of being suffocated by the man you called dad totures my head every minute
But now....
I got nothin to say
My words ran away with my happiness
Dear life
Let me go
JG Feb 2020
She pictures her death,
The rope hung on a tree.
The words you said,
The lies you've told,
The rumors you spread,
The hurtful thought you put in her head,
They all become the rope.
This is everyone's fault,
the people she asked for help,
And told her "you're fine",
The people who hurt her the most.
It all becomes the rope,
The rope she uses to end her own life.
Coming out of
A nearby hut of mud
A rose bud
Used to mix with
High school
Students’ flood.

On the street
With a bow
Her I used to greet.
Drawing close
And casting an
Affectionate glance
I used to say “Hi”
Often I never
Failed to utter
“Lovely!” “Cute one!” …
In her heart a cherished
Corner to buy.
Though she was shy
Her angelic face
Smiles used to aurify.

When she comes of age
I was sure to propose to her
Though age gap could
Put us asunder
“Does that she too wonder?”
I still ponder.

One sad Saturday morning
A funeral procession
Round the hut
Drew my attention.

To her parents & siblings
And , of course,
To my hidden grief
She opted to be brief
You see
She could not tolerate
“Detained!” on her
Grade 10 certificate.

She found it hard
To reflect
A pitch dark night
Will certainly
Cedes place to
A broad day light.

Had she managed  that
Dark moment to outgrow,
She could have
Long forgotten her sorrow.

Two decades later
Whenever I pass
By that place
I see her younger brother
With sadness stamped face!

“Suicide why?”
Is it not cruel
A harrowing pain
On those we
Will be survived by!

Is it not selfish
Taking our life
In to our hands
Our corporeal existence
To finish?

If we share our sorrow
Moral prop
From our confidants
We could borrow
This way
What is unbearable today
We may forget tomorrow.

Is it not better taking
The bull by the horn,
Circumventing challenges
To stand shoulder high
While many are born?///

(BY Alem Hailu G/Kristos)
Why Suicide? Based on a true story.I was asked by a Facebook group to write a poem aiming at preventing suicide.I penned this down.
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